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InfiniCon Systems Announces Low-Profile HCA and Embedded Fabric Management for its InfiniBand-based Shared I/O and Clustering Systems.

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Enhancements to InfinIO Family Create Industry's Most Complete

Plug-and-Play, 10 Gbps Networking Solution for HPC and Database

Clustering Applications

InfiniCon Systems, the premier provider of shared I/O and switching solutions for next-generation server networks, today announced strategic management and networking additions to its InfinIO product family.

Available immediately are InfiniView(TM) Fabric Manager (FM) - a GUI-based management application which can be embedded into InfiniCon's enterprise-class, InfinIO(TM) 7000 Shared I/O & Clustering System and into its entry-level InfinIO 2000 Switching System; and the InfiniServ 7000 Low Profile HCA - the first dual-port HCA to comply with the PCI-X low-profile form factor.

In addition, the world-class InfiniView Management System, used for systems management of the flagship InfinIO 7000 Shared I/O and Clustering System, is also now supported in the InfinIO 2000 Switching System.

With the enhancements to its award-winning InfinIO line, InfiniCon is delivering the most complete, feature-rich InfiniBand switching solution - one that enables IT environments on any scale to quickly deploy and reap the benefits of affordable, 10 Gbps networking technology.

"InfiniCon Systems' new low profile HCA and fabric manager will help position InfiniCon for the next stage of customer deployments of high-performance computing and database clustering environments," said Jamie Gruener, Senior Analyst, The Yankee Group. "Customers will be able to take greater advantage of InfiniCon's advanced shared I/O and switching platform to deploy high-performance clustering environments."

InfiniView Fabric Manager provides comprehensive control and monitoring of all components operating in an InfiniBand fabric through its subnet management capabilities and associated management functions. It executes and tracks all essential tasks for optimizing an InfiniBand network, including device discovery and mapping, path/route management, and performance management. The InfiniServ 7000 Low Profile HCA, with its small footprint advantage, enables the widest variety of current and next-generation servers to exploit the high-bandwidth and low-latency performance advantages of InfiniBand, which has gained considerable traction as an interconnect for database clustering and high-performance computing applications.

"By combining enterprise-class hardware and software into one integrated, easy to manage solution, InfiniCon lowers the risk and removes any entry barrier for those end-users who have wanted to embrace InfiniBand's distinct performance advantages but did not want to deal with being the integrator between a group of vendors," stated InfiniCon CEO Charles Foley. "The plug-and-play simplicity of our enhanced InfinIO family reduces the time needed to deploy and manage an InfiniBand fabric so that users can focus on what matters most to them - supercharging core business applications and provisioning server resources to tackle greater and greater computational tasks."

The Foundation for Next-Generation Data Centers

The InfinIO family of products was launched in September 2002 to provide enterprise data centers with superior levels of I/O performance and a dynamic, intelligent infrastructure on which to deploy, scale, and manage servers. The family includes the 60-port InfinIO 7000 Shared I/O and Clustering System, which supports InfiniBand-based switching and I/O gateways that connect servers to Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks; the 8-port InfinIO 2000 Switch, an entry-level InfiniBand switch for small to medium clustered server configurations; and the InfiniServ 7000 Host Channel Adapter, which connects PCI and PCI-X servers seamlessly to InfiniBand fabrics at 10 Gbps.

About InfiniCon Systems

With its award-winning InfinIO(TM) Architecture - the first systems solution based on InfiniBand to deliver affordable 10Gbps networking to commodity servers while integrating seamlessly with existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks - InfiniCon Systems provides the high-performance, low-latency infrastructure required to enable next-generation data centers.

Leveraging the switching and shared I/O capabilities of the InfinIO platform, IT organizations can cluster server resources together to create larger, more powerful computing environments; provision resources to match business demands; and slash operational costs for server deployments through greatly simplified connectivity to distributed storage and networking applications.

InfiniCon, headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is a member of the InfiniBand Trade Association, the Storage Network Industry Association, the Direct Access File System (DAFS) Collaborative, and the Server Blade Trade Association. For additional information, visit

This press release includes forward-looking statements, which include, but are not limited to, statements regarding InfiniCon Systems' product offerings, market position, customer base and growth in demand for InfiniBand-based products. These statements involve risks and uncertainty, and actual results could differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. Although the Company believes its expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, no assurances can be given that such expectations will prove correct.

InfiniBand/SM is both a trademark and a service mark. It is used as a trademark to designate the technology and products incorporating the technology being developed by the InfiniBand Trade Association; and it is also used as a service mark to designate the association services of the InfiniBand Trade Association.
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