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InfiniBand Trade Association Discloses New 5 and 10 Gbps Signaling Rates; Spec Release to Follow Publication of 2nd Integrators List This Week.

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PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 17, 2004

The InfiniBand(R) Trade Association (IBTA) today announced that plans to release a new signaling rate specification annex that will allow InfiniBand devices to work at a signaling rate of either 5 or 10 Gbps on copper and fiber cables. Integrating with the existing InfiniBand specifications, these new signaling rates will deliver a maximum bandwidth of 120 Gbps, the fastest industry standard technology available. The Trade Association is expected to introduce a suite of specification annexes including the next generation signaling rate to members this summer.

"The industry has made strong progress in delivering outstanding performance and price-performance for clustered HPC and data center applications with InfiniBand technology," said Tom Macdonald, Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Advanced Components Division and InfiniBand Trade Association co-chair. "By continuing to enhance the specification for increased signaling rates up to 120 Gbps and other ongoing enhancements, we ensure that InfiniBand technology will continue to deliver industry-leading performance and capabilities with headroom for the future."

The association also announced the release of its second Integrators List following a successful Plugfest held last month. Integrators List results are available on the IBTA website at The Integrators List represents products that have passed a suite of compliance and interoperability tests and is intended to be used by the industry and InfiniBand customers as a guide for planning InfiniBand product deployments.

The announcements came at the Trade Association's Developers Conference, being held at the W Hotel in San Francisco. The event featured technical discussion from all of the association's working groups and outlined a full spectrum of annexes under development. Because the initial InfiniBand specification was designed to address future signaling rate increases the new signaling rate work integrates easily into the existing 1.1 specification.

Started in August 1999, the InfiniBand Trade Association is made up of leading companies from every segment of the industry. The InfiniBand specifications are publicly available for download from the Trade Association website: The InfiniBand Trade Association is comprised of eight special workgroups, each with its own charter and area of expertise. The workgroups include: Marketing, Technical, Applications, Compliance and Interoperability, ElectroMechanical, Link, Management, and Software.

About the InfiniBand Trade Association

The Internet is creating an increased demand for server computer I/O subsystem performance, scalability, reliability and flexibility. A shift to a switched fabric-based I/O architecture will enable industry participants to meet this increased demand. The InfiniBand Trade Association developed a specification for a channel-based, switched fabric architecture that provides a scalable performance range of 500Mbyte/s to 6 Gbyte/s, meeting the needs from entry level to high-end enterprise systems. InfiniBand Trade Association represents the industry's choice for developing I/O technologies that will keep pace with the demands of the Internet age.

InfiniBand(TM/SM) is a trademark and service mark of the InfiniBand Trade Association. Other names and brands are the property of their respective owners.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 17, 2004
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