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Infection Prompts Recall of Donor Tissue.

The nation's largest tissue bank has asked 750 hospitals around the country to return 2,400 tendons and other body parts as a precaution after it learned that a Minnesota patient had been infected with an unusual germ from cadaver tissue used during routine knee surgery.

A hospital reported the bacterial infection in September to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which launched an intense, nationwide effort to search for more cases. So far, none have been found, the Associated Press reported. The new case involves a company that many health officials and tissue company executives regard as an industry leader and standard-bearer: Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, or MTF, of Edison, N.J. In more than 20 years of supplying 2.7 million pieces of bone, skin and other tissues, this is the company's first reported infection.

In April, MTF noticed an increase in the number of tissues rejected for not passing sterility tests at one of its two processing plants. Tissues were quarantined and about 150 that failed tests were destroyed. In September, the CDC notified the company that an unusual infection had been reported in a Minnesota patient who received MTF-supplied tissue during surgery to fix a torn ligament. Fluid from the patient's knee joint grew Chryseobacterium meningosepticum -- a germ never previously linked to tissue or organ transplants. Five other people had received tissue from the same donor and none developed infections. MTF retrieved a sixth sample, and tests at CDC revealed it had the same bacteria as the Minnesota patient.

As a precaution, MTF decided to go back six months before the Minnesota case to try to retrieve as many of the 4,700 tissues supplied by their processing facility as possible. About 2,300 had already been implanted, and no other infections have been reported. Hospitals have been asked to send back the remaining 2,400. The Minnesota patient made a full recovery after antibiotic treatment and still has the cadaver tendon.

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Comment:Infection Prompts Recall of Donor Tissue.(organ rejection)
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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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