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Infection "out of" control.

On August 11th the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health Office of Public Health Informatics & Epidemiology (OPHIE) in collaboration with The Nevada Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (NVASP) and HealthInsight presented the 2016 HAI Caucus: INFECTION "out of" CONTROl. The conference, facilitated by the Nevada Public Health Foundation, recognizes that we all share the same problems and together we can be the solution.

This annual 8 hour infection prevention symposium was synchronized between three prime locations by a simulcast that was moderated by Kimisha Causey in Las Vegas and Chris Marchand in Reno. Over 120 of Nevada's physicians, pharmacists and infection Prevention nurses in attendance were educated about the latest infection concerns and tactics to prevent infections and Antibiotic Resistance.

Sessions included an Update on Antimicrobial Stewardship Regulations presented by Diane Rhee, PharmD; Clostridium difficile infection concerns presented by Kimberly Leuthner, PharmD; Drug Resistance Intelligence presented by James M. Wilson, MD/Linda Verchick, MS from the Southern Nevada Health District; A Patient's Personal Story presented by Ellen DePrat, RN, MSN; Healthcare-Associated infections impact in the US presented by Elena Mnatsakanyan, MD; Review of Antibiogram Utilization presented by Becky Jayakumar, PharmD; Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock presented by Oyshik Banerjee, PharmD; Overcoming Barriers to Antimicrobial Stewardship presented by Norman Wright, RN, MS; --Marissa Brown, MHA, BSN, RN--Director of the Nevada Hospital Association and others also spoke.

The program's objective was designed to cover a variety of topics related to infection control concerns across the continuum of care. The goal was to present the most current information and treatment methodologies and to emphasize implementation at a facility level.

While numerous infection issues that Nevada has were reviewed, the prime focus was to address the ever expanding Antibiotic Resistance (AR) challenges that Nevada faces in our three chief geographical areas, Reno/Carson City, Las Vegas/ Henderson and rural Nevada. Each of these distinctive areas have their own unique issues when dealing with Multiple Resistant Drug Organisms (MDRO) and the NVASP collaborative recognizes that we must act locally in our specific hospital, long term care, home health agency, and physician office. But we must also think globally to address our emergent AR alarm. Unchecked AR will become a horror that not only impacts Nevada residents, but potentially could cause a pandemic on the population of our entire world.

Norman Wright, RN, BSN, MS and Kimisha Causey, MPH

Kimisha Causey & Norman Wright are the Community Outreach Coordinators working to educate about NVASP, its missions, visions and goals.

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Author:Wright, Norman; Causey, Kimisha
Publication:Nevada RNformation
Date:Nov 1, 2016
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