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Infants with food protein allergy tolerate soy milk earlier than cow's.

Hwang J-B, Sohn S, Kim A. Prospective follow-up oral food challenge in food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 2009; 94(6): 425-8.

Infants with food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) lose intolerance more readily to soy milk than to cow's milk, a study has found. Food allergies are most prevalent in the first two years of life, affecting 6% to 8% of infants. FPIES is very rare and infrequently described, and when the first follow-up oral food challenge (FU-OFC) should be performed, and with which food protein, has not been determined. To determine tolerance rates to each milk and suggest FU-OFC guidelines, Korean researchers analysed data from 23 infants with FPIES who underwent two or more FU-OFCs and were followed up until over two years of age. The first FU-OFCs were performed at age six months and patients randomly allocated to cow's milk or soy challenge starting groups. Second and third FU-OFCs were performed at two-month intervals in a crossed and switched-over manner. Tolerance rates to cow's milk and soy milk were 27.3% and 75.0% respectively at six months, 41.7% and 90.9% at eight months and 63.6% and 91.7% at 10 months, and patients outgrew cow's milk and soy milk intolerance at 20 and 14 months. The researchers suggest that for infants with FPIES, the first FU-OFC should be performed with soy milk at six to eight months, and a cow's milk FU-OFC at over 12 months.
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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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