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Infant feeding made easier.

NEW YORK -- Because infants need to be fed frequently and sometimes in a variety of venues, suppliers have been introducing items that make that activity more convenient to perform.

"Women are oftentimes challenged and need a Product that is convenient and that they can trust," notes a spokeswoman for The Boppy Co. To respond to those needs, the company developed the Boppy infant support and nursing pillow, and it has proved to be very popular. It was the recipient of American Baby magazine's "Best of the Year Awards" in 2002 and 2003 and also is the No. 1 item on many retailers' baby gift registries, adds the spokeswoman.

Since many moms want to take the pillow with them when they are outside the home, the company is now offering the Boppy On-The-Go. This bag can hold the pillow as well as many other items, notes Susan Matthews Brown, president.

Another item that makes feeding easier is offered by Munchkin Inc. Its Tri-Flow Nipple System provides for three different flow rates--slow, medium and fast--enabling feeding to be made more natural for babies and more convenient for their mothers.

"The system allows moms to adjust flow rates to babies with just a single nipple," notes vice president Andy Keimach. "This means separate nipples don't have to be bought. That could benefit retailers by freeing up space in stores, providing more room for other items."

The system is ideal for moms who want to add bottle feeding to their breast feeding, notes Wendy Haldeman, executive vice president of the Pump Station--a private lactation consulting practice. "The nipple's soft, rounded tip helps a baby latch on, while also conforming to a baby's mouth to help reduce air intake and gas."

The company also has a device that was developed for babies who need to be fed while traveling in cars. The Car Bottle Warmer fits regular, angled and wide mouth bottles and can be plugged into car lighter outlets, the company points out.

Meanwhile, several suppliers have been coming out with drinking cups that are specially designed for toddlers. Avent America Inc.'s new offering in this segment is the 12 ounce Magic Super Sport Cup that features a nonspill Sport Spout with a flip top and clip for attaching the product to clothing or other items.

Other special cups are also available from Gerber Products Co. and Playtex Products Inc. Gerber's selections include an insulated spill-proof cup that has a no-sweat surface, facilitating gripping by youngsters. Playtex says its First Sipster Spill-Proof Cup was designed by a feeding specialist and a pediatrician to help children develop good drinking skills as early as possible.

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Title Annotation:Merchandising; Gerber and Playtex are among the companies offering new products
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Date:Nov 17, 2003
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