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Industry not speaking with one voice.

Someone once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." Could this quotation be more representative of what is happening to the U.S. Foundry Industry? While many in our industry are not at liberty to speak freely, it is crystal clear that many parent companies employing our large foundry brethren no longer share our hymn book. Displacing domestic castings with those from China, India, Turkey and other low-cost foreign countries is becoming standard practice. Obviously these casting consumers are trying to survive, but survival at what price? This "strategy" is systematically leading our industry and the entire American economy to assisted suicide.

While AFS should be commended for its efforts on trade, it is clear that large manufacturers are muffling our cries for help. Those touting free trade are those still employed, yet to be burned by "impossible and subsidized" pricing. Some say free trade will open markets for American goods in China. To them I say: "I have a bridge for sale, bring cash."

If foreign metalcasting operations continue to pay peanuts, ignore health care, safety and environmental responsibility, they will destroy us. Clearly, the time has come for us to take additional action that will insure our survival as an industry and a sovereign nation. Personally, I think it is time to wage war in the form of tariffs and a "Buy American" campaign Like none other in the history of our nation. Perhaps a Civil War within our own domestic manufacturing community is what we need; a campaign of shame.

Most of us that have been in this industry long enough know that seven foundrymen signed the Declaration of Independence. We proudly tout this statistic with plaques in our foundries, but sadly, today we are approaching a Declaration of Dependence. Sir Edmund Burke once said that, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Will this be our legacy, of will we finally say that enough is enough? "Arm" my fellow patriots! It is time for us to unload with both barrels and change our course.


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Title Annotation:Letterbox; foundry industry
Comment:Industry not speaking with one voice.(Letterbox; foundry industry)
Author:Lenahan, Michael A.
Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:Dec 1, 2003
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