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Industry gearing up to celebrate Boy Scouts.

Out of the many industry award events that the Boy Scouts of America host, the Construction & Transportation "Good Scout" Award Luncheon comes annually at the start of the year and before all the others for good reason. It almost always establishes the high watermark for the amount of money raised, setting a lofty bar for all the other fundraisers to aspire to.

"It's the biggest event we do," said Roger Gully, development director for the Boy Scouts. "And in some cases, it raises the most amount of funds out of the 57 events we hold yearly. It definitely is one of the events that sets the tone for success every year."

This year's Good Scout Award Luncheon, which will be held at the New York Hilton on April 11, promises to be no different. According to Gully, the fundraising goal is $800K, but given the past support of the construction industry, the luncheon could exceed that amount. One year, the construction luncheon raised a million dollars, an all time high for the Boy Scout's fundraising luncheons. "Construction and transportation have so many people who believe strongly in the Boy Scouts," said John A. Cavanagh, a construction consultant and CEO of Cavanagh/ Stewart International who will be the luncheon's chairman.

Recipients of the Good Scout Award at this year's luncheon are Frank Ross, Jr., senior vice president of HRH Construction; Deborah Wathen Finn, vice president of HNTB; and William R. Abbate, business manager for the Enterprise Association Steamfitters Local No. 638. The Good Scout award is presented to those who best exemplify the Boy Scouts' ideals through their community service and also for their support of Scouting.

Michael Mazzucca, who was vice president of Regional Scaffolding co., will be honored posthumously with the James E. West Award, an honor named for the first chief executive officer of the Boy Scouts of America who established an endowment fund in 1910 to ensure the future of scouting in New York City.

"All of the honorees have been huge supporters with their firms of the Boy Scouts," said Cavanagh, who himself is a past recipient of the Good Scout Award and serves on a panel that decided the honorees. "They've really made a difference, helping to keep Scouting strong in this city, which in turn helps somany underprivileged children stay on the right track."

The construction and transportation industries' support comes at a critical time for Scouting. The New York City Boy Scouts has added nearly 2,000 members in the last year to its already sizable 120K ranks. Construction has helped by providing both money and materials.

"We have a number of camps upstate that needed some materials for renovation," Gully said. "Port Morris Tile was very generous and provided tiles with which we tiled a number of the mess halls. But there have been countless contributors in the industry that have provided all kinds of material assistance to help build and maintain our upstate camps which are often the only real outdoors experience many inner city kids may get growing up."

The industry also helps introduce Scouts participating in the Explorers program to potential future careers.

"Many of the firms including Bovis Lend Lease have been involved with the Explorers," Gully said. "It gives the Scouts a chance to come in and see what a construction office looks like first hand, what it takes to get into the industry and how they can do it."
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