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Industry Groups Collaborate to Define Hydrogen Fuel Specs.

The Transportation Working Group of the U.S. Fuel Cell Council (USFCC) recently announced it is collaborating with national and international group initiatives to define a fuel specification for hydrogen that will be used in transportation applications.

According to USFCC, it is working with the Department of Energy by providing information to system integrators and vehicle manufacturers concerning the nature and allowable level of hydrogen impurities.

USFCC said that it plans to project fuel cell design operating targets and parameters for transportation applications, define tests required to understand the fundamental impact of hydrogen on fuel cell performance and durability; determine "allowable" levels of impurities based on projections from fundamental test results; define validation tests to confirm that projections are correct; and publish results for use by other organizations.

Contact: Anthony Androsky, USFCC, phone 202-293-5500, e-mail

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Publication:Fuel Cells Today
Date:Mar 5, 2004
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