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Developed countries to raise $100bn annually in climate finance to support developing countries. Sep 8, 2021 723
Tobiko urges developed countries to support climate change programmes. Sep 7, 2021 317
Malaysia's Covid-19 stimulus packages on par with those in developed countries, says Finance Ministry report. Jul 18, 2021 600
'Do more': PM Imran asks developed countries to help poor nations with 'unutilised IMF quota'. Jul 13, 2021 872
Pakistani Diaspora in developed countries can vitally contribute in country's economy: Shibli Faraz. Jun 5, 2021 326
Fight vaccine nationalism with global solidarity. Farmer, Paul; Campbell, Simone Viewpoint essay May 14, 2021 884
MI6 'green spying' on world's biggest polluters to ensure climate pledges met; Secret service agents are monitoring big industrial countries to make sure they uphold green commitments, the MI6 chief says. By, Lizzy Buchan Apr 25, 2021 561
Experts urge developed countries to support clean, green recovery for better future. Apr 24, 2021 446
Experts urge developed countries to support clean and green recovery for better future. Apr 24, 2021 460
Qatar's education system 'remains high and at par' with developed nations: Alpen Capital. Mar 16, 2021 407
COVID-19: How PCI Helps Developed Countries Build Economic Resilience - UNCTAD. Feb 15, 2021 407
APC 'll teach USA, developed nations how to win non-rancorous election-Gov Bello. Jan 12, 2021 907
WHO urges rich countries to stop jumping vaccine queue. Jan 9, 2021 582
Don't destroy the West. Daoud, Kamel Jan 1, 2021 955
Healthcare Sector facing constraints of funds even in developed countries: Imran Iqbal. Dec 26, 2020 304
Loren urges developed nations to honor 1.5[degrees]C climate goal in Paris Agreement. Dec 12, 2020 423
Rich industrial countries, transnational companies should be made responsible for carbon footprint, says labor group. Nov 17, 2020 256
Developed countries achieve success through education and research: Speaker National Assembly. Nov 16, 2020 335
Developed countries achieve success through education and research: Speaker National Assembly. Nov 16, 2020 335
Developed countries achieve success through education and research: Speaker NA. Nov 16, 2020 332
Duterte: Developed countries morally bound to cut emissions. Nov 12, 2020 385
Duterte demands climate justice from developed nations as PH suffers brunt of climate change. Nov 12, 2020 562
U.S. Far Exceeds Other Developed Nations. Oct 5, 2020 224
COVID-19 Crisis, Impacts on Catholic Schools, and Potential Responses Part I: Developed Countries with Focus on the United States. Wodon, Quentin Sep 1, 2020 14870
A Prioritization Model of Strategies for Small and Medium Firms in Less-Developed Countries: A Tanzania Case. Ye, Kunhui; Tekka, Ramadhani Said Aug 31, 2020 17580
Country on path to prosperity Abdul Aleem Khan says Pakistan will join developed countries soon. Aug 16, 2020 361
Country on path to prosperity Abdul Aleem Khan says Pakistan will join developed countries soon. Aug 15, 2020 362
Planetary health diet meal plan: the new environment-saving diet explained; Developed countries would have to cut meat consumption by up to 80 per cent to protect the environment, says non-profit EAT. Sarah Wilson Jul 17, 2020 496
Treat Covid-19 as a global problem, Imran urges developed nations. May 28, 2020 680
Developed nations urged to support poor countries during pandemic. May 19, 2020 390
Physical Activity among Adults with Low Socioeconomic Status Living in Industrialized Countries: A Meta- Ethnographic Approach to Understanding Socioecological Complexities. Rawal, Lal B.; Smith, Ben J.; Quach, Henry; Renzaho, Andre M.N. Report Apr 30, 2020 8946
Developed countries must realize corona situation in developing, under-developed countries: Engr. Ahmad Hassan. Apr 15, 2020 433
Assessing the Role of Host Country Human Rights Protection on Multinational Enterprises' Choice of Investment Strategy. Rao-Nicholson, Rekha; Svystunova, Liudmyla Report Apr 1, 2020 15456
Combining the characteristics of sustainability, frugal innovations and washing machines in the industrial nations--: A literature-based analysis of the common features for future sustainable developments. Schneider, Sandra Apr 1, 2020 3705
When Is Growth at Risk? Plagborg-Moller, Mikkel; Reichlin, Lucrezia; Ricco, Giovanni; Hasenzagl, Thomas Report Mar 22, 2020 14108
PM Imran predicts coronavirus will destroy economy of developed countries. Mar 17, 2020 181
Pakistan to soon join comity of developed nations: PTI Leader. Mar 9, 2020 425
'All developed countries use drugs to manufacture medicines': Shehryar Afridi. Feb 6, 2020 320
Shehryar Afridi reiterates all developed countries use drugs to manufacture medicines. Feb 6, 2020 293
'All developed countries use drugs to manufacture medicines': Shehryar Afridi stands by statement. Tahir Naseer Feb 5, 2020 330
Emerging and developed countries divided on China's global rise: Report. Report Jan 22, 2020 336
Scotland has one of the biggest falls in 'wellbeing index' among developed countries. Jan 21, 2020 515
No place among developed nations without education: Fakhar Imam. Dec 7, 2019 297
Dr. Al-Zahrani: The Kingdom is one of the developed countries in the field of archaeological researches and discoveries. Dec 3, 2019 247
Developed nations want to fight climate change at cost of developing countries: Gajendra Shekhawat. ANI Nov 16, 2019 476
Azerbaijan leaves developed countries behind in efficiency of air transport services. Nov 5, 2019 230
Bank of Korea official says developed nations might not need central bank issued digital currency. Nov 1, 2019 138
Bank of Korea official says developed nations might not need central bank issued digital currency. Nov 1, 2019 136
Under developed countries. ALIA RAMZAN - Kech Oct 12, 2019 360
GREEN GDP: AN ANALYSES FOR DEVELOPING AND DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. Stjepanovic, Sasa; Tomic, Daniel; Skare, Marinko Oct 1, 2019 8745
UNITED NATIONS-ST. KITTS-POLITICS-ST. Kitts-Nevis PM blames developed countries for climate change. Sep 27, 2019 887
Leadership and Business Wisdom-Society of Performing Organization - "By their fruits ye shall know them.". Sep 22, 2019 206
In New York, Muhyiddin calls for developed countries to help bear refugee management costs. Sep 22, 2019 653
Taking Tablet Learning Global: Can learning technology eradicate illiteracy in less-developed countries? Horn, Michael B. Sep 22, 2019 1346
Insanity's Quiet Side: Poverty's Impact on Women in Developed Countries. Sep 22, 2019 180
Asylum Requests Down In Developed Countries: OECD. Sep 18, 2019 639
Colon Cancer Rates Rising Among the Young in Wealthy Nations. Report Sep 5, 2019 339
Pak fast gaining access to markets of developed nations. Sep 1, 2019 451
Pakistan fast gaining access to markets of developed nations. Aug 24, 2019 854
Civilised? Developed countries still engaging in war, says Dr M. Jun 25, 2019 300
Army Chief Of Staff: The Committee on Contracts Will Choose The Deals Of Arming And Equipping Iraqi Forces From Developed Countries. May 26, 2019 110
Generosity: A field where we compete developed countries. May 9, 2019 910
'Nigeria'll Continue To Seek Aid From Developed Countries Except...'. Mar 25, 2019 763
Literary activities healthy sign of intellectually developed nations: President. Feb 25, 2019 170
Literary activities healthy sign of intellectually developed nations: Arif Alvi. Feb 25, 2019 163
Majority of Pakistanis believe developed countries should give assistance to poor countries: Gallup survey. Feb 9, 2019 176
The Economic Field and the End of Mass Incarceration. Ruggiero, Vincenzo Essay Dec 22, 2018 4723
Offshoring Innovation to Emerging Countries: The Effects of IP Protection and Cultural Differences on Firms' Decision to Augment Versus Exploit Home-Base-Knowledge. Pisani, Niccolo; Ricart, Joan Enric Report Dec 1, 2018 19816
Is the Strategic Asset Seeking Investment Proclivity of Chinese MNEs Different to that of Developed Market MNEs? A Comparative Analysis of Location Choice and Orientation. Sutherland, Dylan; Anderson, John; Hertenstein, Peter Report Dec 1, 2018 10146
Duterte to industrialized nations: Help developing countries fight climate change. Nov 22, 2018 479
We'll pressure developed countries on Lake Chad revival a Buhari. Nov 9, 2018 524
Facebook growth slows as Zuckerberg says developed countries are saturated. Nov 6, 2018 1117
The Evolution of the Labor Share across Developed Countries. Pinheiro, Roberto; Yang, Meifeng Aug 30, 2018 2226
Kyrgyzstan falls behind developed countries in education level for 18-20 years u lawmaker. Aug 13, 2018 157
Time to leave, our landlord is unwell. Serumaga, Kalundi Column Jun 1, 2018 1255
PH appeals to developed nations to cut back on fossil fuel use. May 7, 2018 556
Pakistan to emerge as top-10 developed nations by 2050: Masood. May 3, 2018 479
In the Red: The Politics of Public Debt Accumulation in Developed Countries. Book review May 1, 2018 145
Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Significant Increase in Cancer Risk: People in developed countries worldwide are increasing their consumption of ultra processed foods. Casey, Alani May 1, 2018 1160
The Determinants of Services Sector Growth: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Developed and Developing Economies. Salam, Muhammad; Iqbal, Javed; Hussain, Anwar; Iqbal, Hamid Report Mar 22, 2018 8201
Pakistan among developed countries in medical field: Prof Ghais. Feb 26, 2018 660
'Rajwana wants to see youth at par with developed countries'. Feb 13, 2018 195
Rise of robots in developed countries. Jan 11, 2018 316
Abadi: Iraq Is Able To Rise And Become In The Ranks Of Developed Countries. Jan 5, 2018 291
Public Spending and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Developed Nations. Khan, Ather Azim; Shakir, Abaid Ullah; Kareem, Abdul; Haider, Syed Razwan Case study Jan 1, 2018 5781
Developed countries admire role of SMEs in Taiwan: Tsai - SMEs helped with income quality, social mobility and employment. Dec 19, 2017 247
Kuwait's medic services to cancer patients similar to those of developed countries. Dec 12, 2017 281
Kuwait's medic services to cancer patients similar to those of developed countries. Dec 12, 2017 281
UAE stands with developed countries in maritime field. Nov 27, 2017 529
Industrial Production and Consumer Prices--Major Industrial Countries. Statistical table Nov 1, 2017 892
Women in developed countries 'more educated than men, earn less'. Oct 4, 2017 411
Industrial Production and Consumer Prices--Major Industrial Countries. Report Oct 1, 2017 881
PM vows to take Pakistan amongst top developed countries. Jul 20, 2017 1186
Pakistan to join developed countries due to CPEC: Murtaza Abbasi. May 1, 2017 389
Pakistan to join group of developed countries soon: Murtaza. May 1, 2017 112
Pakistan to join group of developed countries soon: Murtaza. May 1, 2017 112
Delving into the secular stagnation hypothesis: a firm-level analysis of the private sector's excess savings in advanced economies. Artica, Rodrigo Perez; Brufman, Leandro; Martinez, Lisana Belen Report Mar 1, 2017 11801
Developed nations advancing in space sciences. Oct 10, 2016 244
Human resource management applications in the developing world: Empowering employees. Burke, Ronald J. Report Sep 22, 2016 1380
Reading rainbow. Slater, Dashka Sep 1, 2016 1493
High out-of-pocket medical spending among the poor and elderly in nine developed countries. Baird, Katherine Aug 1, 2016 7533
The impact of improved population life expectancy in survival trend analyses of specific diseases. van Walraven, Carl Aug 1, 2016 3220
PM vows to make Pakistan at par with developed nations. Apr 29, 2016 381
Abadi Meets Ambassadors Of The Major Industrialized Countries (G7). Apr 28, 2016 191
Media in Pakistan free even more than developed countries: PM. Apr 23, 2016 332
Development and dissemination of clean lighting: model law on lighting for developed countries. Guruswamy, Lakshman; Aamodt, Jason; Aguirre, Anne; Fattaleh, Yazan; Fitzsimmons, Gianna; Milligan, T Mar 22, 2016 8957
Donald Trump, Viktor Orban And The West's Great Walls. Brief article Mar 4, 2016 190
Study: Guns, Drugs & Crashes Cause Life Expectancy Gap between US, Other Developed Nations. Feb 11, 2016 407
Recovery rate from insolvency proceedings in developed countries. Arltova, Marketa; Smreka, Lubos; Strouhal, Jiri Author abstract Feb 1, 2016 713
Hidden Truths Behind China's Smokescreen. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 238
Bolivia to demand serious commitment from developed countries. Nov 28, 2015 197
Al-Kandari stresses need to cope with education institutions in developed countries. Oct 29, 2015 292
Effective policy making can be triggered by optimum community involvement. Minhas, Badar Oct 18, 2015 493
Capitalism makes you cleaner: the underrated environmental qualities of the Kuznets Curve. Welch, Matt Editorial Oct 1, 2015 1294
Baccouche calls developed countries to support emerging ones. Sep 28, 2015 221
Developed nations give respect to traffic system: DPO. Sep 22, 2015 113
Military support of citizens' challenge in the Asian industrialized countries. Yap, O. Fiona; Chu, Hoang Long Sep 1, 2015 12623
Debt due us part. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 170
Coordinated and integrated efforts can certify SandT advancement. Jamil, Ahsan Aug 23, 2015 555
GCC states offered their peoples more than those in developed countries -- PM. Jul 26, 2015 248
Developed countries should play role to check global warming: Minister. Jul 2, 2015 209
Breaking News .. al-Abadi headed to Berlin to participate in the summit of the seven major industrialized countries. Jun 7, 2015 129
UK's Risky Obsession With US Decline. Brief article Apr 7, 2015 222
Developed countries urged to take lead in climate change actions. Mar 7, 2015 130
Governmental incentive instruments for developing energy efficient building: a comparative study between Malaysia and some developed countries. Samari, Milad; Ghodrati, Nariman; Shafiei, Wira Mohd Report Mar 1, 2015 1881
Wage growth stagnant in developed countries, slow worldwide: UN labour agency. Dec 8, 2014 521
"Wages are still below pre-crisis levels in developed countries" report says. Dec 5, 2014 906
Developed countries invest in health, education sector: Imran. Nov 28, 2014 235
Obesity-related cancers on the rise, especially in developed countries -- UN report. Nov 27, 2014 750
The China Syndrome. Nov 24, 2014 981
The G-20 Summit: Brisbane, November 15-16, 2014. Nelson, Rebecca M. Conference news Nov 1, 2014 1020
The G-20 Summit: Brisbane, November 15-16, 2014. Nelson, Rebecca M. Conference news Nov 1, 2014 962
Industrialized countries seeing rise in refugee numbers -- UN report. Sep 26, 2014 488
Developed countries aACAyenvious' of GCC economies. Sep 9, 2014 698
Minister of Commerce: The Integrated Framework Programme helps less developed countries to integrate their national economies into global economy. Sep 1, 2014 280
' Developed nations must lead climate change war'. Aug 11, 2014 249
50 years of standing still. Masina, Lameck Aug 1, 2014 1304
India, China among top 'e-waste' dumping grounds amongst developed countries. Jul 24, 2014 197
Universal health trumps user pays: study: Australia's health care system has been ranked the fourth best in the world by an international panel of experts. Jul 1, 2014 1199
Iranian VP Calls on Developed Countries to Observe Environmental Obligations. Jun 28, 2014 152
Hydatid cyst in the past and the present. Kamble, Mayuri A.; Thawait, Anand P.; Kamble, Ashok T. Report May 5, 2014 5565
Fundamental basis of slackening of the rates of economic growth in developed countries of the world. Galanov, Vladimir Alekseyevich; Magomedaliyevich, Asaliyev Asali; Galanova, Aleksandra Vladimirovna Report May 1, 2014 4025
Coal Politics In An Unequal World. Apr 22, 2014 1149
Why the Infrastructure Investment Opportunities in Latin America Beat Those of Developed Countries. Apr 17, 2014 839
Dear EarthTalk: What's behind the rise in public transit in the U.S. in the last few years, and how does our transit use compare with that of other developed countries? Apr 13, 2014 593
Kazakhstan to become one of economically developed countries, says Russian expert. Mar 25, 2014 162
Developed vs. developing countries and international trade liberalization: a comparative analysis. Tarzi, Shah M.; Emami, Aristotle Report Mar 22, 2014 9467
Developed countries look in good shape for 2014 says RBS world economy barometer. Jan 16, 2014 124
Developed countries look in good shape for 2014 says RBS world economy barometer. Jan 16, 2014 122
Developed countries face pension reform challenges. Jan 14, 2014 1014
Energy Subsidies Don't Work, But Don't Try Telling The Poor. Kwa, Tion Dec 4, 2013 1152
Learning from developed nations. Nov 6, 2013 891
Risky business: an investment climate in flux. Haraldsen, Tom Nov 1, 2013 928
Before the natural resource boon: state-civil society relations and democracy in resource rich societies. Friedson, Michael; Bolden, Leslie-Ann; Corradi, Juan E. Report Sep 22, 2013 9595
Gender pay equity in advanced countries: the role of parenthood and policies. Misra, Joya; Strader, Eiko Essay Sep 22, 2013 6039
Recent Christian interpretations of material poverty and inequality in the developed world. Beed, Clive; Beed, Cara Essay Sep 22, 2013 8763
Developing nations headed for faster growth than developed countries: UNCTAD. Sep 13, 2013 263
International statistics. Statistical table Sep 1, 2013 3995
Over 30 thousand Kyrgyz citizens stay in developed countries -- Ministry of Labor. Aug 15, 2013 105
Disaster relief drivers: China and the US in comparative perspective. Wei, Jiuchang; Zhao, Dingtao; Marinova, Dora Report Aug 1, 2013 11329
The impact of globalization on economies of developed countries. Pelegrinova, Lenka; Lacny, Martin Jul 1, 2013 4034
Empowerment: what others did: Zimbabwe is not the first country to implement an indigenisation and economic empowerment programme. Almost all the rich nations of the world have done it in various forms at one time or other. Jul 1, 2013 1998
Mission and interests: the strategic formation and function of North-South NGO campaigns. Pallas, Christopher L.; Urpelainen, Johannes Essay Jul 1, 2013 9648
Developed nations drag down businesses with higher corporation taxes than BRICs. May 14, 2013 959
Dr. Mirza: Bahrain Ranks among Developed Countries in Institutional Culture. May 14, 2013 191
US Could Be World's Most Populous Country. Apr 15, 2013 1488
MENA Saga and Lady Gaga (Same dilemma from the MENA). Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Mar 31, 2013 1354
Foreign direct investment inflows and determinants in selected developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries with limited resources. Sawalha, Nabeel; Mazouz, Abdelkader; Pellet, Pedro Report Mar 22, 2013 6376
Technology adopted in atomic power sector not costlier vis-a-vis other developed countries: Narayanasamy. Mar 13, 2013 150
Two Years After Japan's Fukushima Meltdown, Developed Nations Still As Dependent On Nuclear Power As Ever. Mar 11, 2013 446
Turkey lags far behind developed countries when it comes to generating wind energy. Feb 27, 2013 373
Turkey lags far behind developed countries when it comes to generating wind energy. Feb 27, 2013 376
Is The US Ready To Be Number Two? Feb 11, 2013 1404
Argentina blames developed nations for emissions. Jan 16, 2013 514
Eldering: aging with resilience: as populations grow older in developed countries, societies are meeting the challenges of aging with newfound resilience. By tapping the maturity and improved vitality of their seniors, families may grow stronger, economies more sustainable, and nations more peaceful. Lee, James H. Jan 1, 2013 4153
Cross-temporal and cross-national poverty and mortality rates among developed countries. Fritzell, Johan; Kangas, Olli; Hertzman, Jennie Bacchus; Blomgren, Jenni; Hiilamo, Heikki Report Jan 1, 2013 9516
International outlook for 2013. Mafi-Kreft, Elham Statistical data Dec 22, 2012 1361
Developed Countries Suffer Wage Squeeze, Minimum Wages Key To Cutting Working Poverty: ILO. Dec 7, 2012 678
Developed nations' stand at COP18 raises heat. Dec 6, 2012 510
Ashok Kantha on the importance of innovation in bridging vast gap between developing and developed countries. Dec 4, 2012 493
India for developed nations' promise to cut emissions. Nov 30, 2012 378
India asks developed countries to speed up commitments. Nov 29, 2012 571
Climate change and food security: health impacts in developed countries. Lake, Iain R.; Hooper, Lee; Abdelhamid, Asmaa; Bentham, Graham; Boxall, Alistair B.A.; Draper, Alizo Report Nov 1, 2012 8343
Fruits of technology should be shared with under developed countries. Conference notes Oct 12, 2012 388
Fruits of technology should be shared with under developed countries. Conference notes Oct 12, 2012 388
Mission of Kyrgyzstan to UN calls developed countries to assist developing countries in rule of law. Oct 11, 2012 135
The ethics of accepting a bribe: an empirical study of opinion in the USA, Brazil, Germany, and China. Hernandez, Teresa; McGee, Robert W. Report Sep 22, 2012 6386
Who cares? Mark, Jason Sep 20, 2012 440
Figuratively speaking. MacIntyre, John Brief article Sep 1, 2012 104
Evaluation of immigrant tuberculosis screening in industrialized countries. Pareek, Manish; Baussano, Iacopo; Abubakar, Ibrahim; Dye, Christopher; Lalvani, Ajit Sep 1, 2012 6038
Forthcoming: development success: historical accounts from more advanced countries. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 117
Developed countries rely on innovation to compete with emerging economies in electronic polymers market. Aug 1, 2012 347
Brazil: World's Next Economic Superpower. Asif, Farhat Jul 31, 2012 1523
E3+3 HOLDS TECHNICAL MEETING WITH IRAN. Brief article Jul 3, 2012 133
Are rich countries more future oriented? Brief article Jul 1, 2012 198
Money, output, and inflation in the longer term: major industrial countries, 1880-2001. Haug, Alfred A.; Dewald, William G. Report Jul 1, 2012 8940
Developments in intercountry adoption: from humanitarian aid to market-driven policy and beyond. Young, Alexandra Report Jun 22, 2012 7182
Rio+20 Summit: PM slams developed nations over carbon emissions. Jun 22, 2012 537
International comparisons data. Statistical table Jun 1, 2012 6348
10 no longer no. 2. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 122
New Zealanders'income on par with developed nations: official. May 9, 2012 431
International comparisons data. Statistical table May 1, 2012 6469
NGOs regret developed countries'' attempts to curb UNCTAD. Apr 25, 2012 270
Developed nations face flak over free market policies. Apr 23, 2012 824
Developed countries out to sabotage Unctad mission: NGOs, activists. Apr 22, 2012 476
Help Wanted: The Future Of Work In Advanced Economies. Manyika, James; Auguste, Byron; Ramaswamy, Sreenivas; Lund, Susand Brief article Apr 5, 2012 179
International comparisons data. Statistical table Apr 1, 2012 6475
System equilibrium, transitions, and demands of the excluded. Bariagaber, Assefaw Essay Mar 22, 2012 5809
SDPK faction supports bill on introduction of visa-free regime for developed countries for 90 days. Mar 16, 2012 176
Respublika faction approves bill on visa-free regime for developed countries up to 90 days of stay. Mar 16, 2012 124
International comparison data. Statistical table Mar 1, 2012 6475
Labour market institutions and policies in developed and emerging market countries. Brixiova, Zuzana; Egert, Balazs Report Mar 1, 2012 791
Social Support Linked to Health Satisfaction Worldwide; Findings highlight risks of isolation in rich and poor countries alike. Crabtree, Steve Survey Feb 17, 2012 579
International comparisons data. Statistical table Feb 1, 2012 6307
Pakistan welcomes technological support from developed countries: Asim. Jan 20, 2012 262
Pakistan welcomes technological support from developed countries: Asim. Jan 19, 2012 262
Developed countries technological support for economic development welcomed. Jan 19, 2012 262
International comparisons data. Statistical table Jan 1, 2012 6475
Green growth: an environmental technology approach. Samad, Ghulam; Manzoor, Rabia Report Dec 22, 2011 8631
When the best is mediocre: developed countries our most affluent suburbs. Greene, Jay P.; McGee, Josh B. Dec 17, 2011 4112
China: collapse or threat? Xu Jianguo discusses where China is heading. Jianguo, Xu Report Nov 1, 2011 2677
Developed nations that require the most vaccines for babies tend to have the highest infant death rates. Nov 1, 2011 396
Inflation in developed countries. Jacobson, Margaret; Pasaogullari, Mehmet Nov 1, 2011 613
Tax competition and inequality: the case for global tax governance. Rixen, Thomas Essay Oct 1, 2011 10250
Demography at the edge; remote human populations in developed nations. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 243
TURKEY-ECONOMY -Turkish deputy pm: developed countries should announce a mid-term economic program. Sep 19, 2011 337
Digital humanities in developed and emerging markets. Laschinger, Verena Essay Sep 1, 2011 6018
C[O.sub.2] emissions and economic growth in some developed countries. Nademi, Younes Report Aug 1, 2011 1091
Environmental performance and GDP: a cross section analysis for developed countries and a granger causality test for 130 countries. Nademi, Younes Report Aug 1, 2011 1341
Co2 emissions and international tourism in some developed countries. Nademi, Younes Report Aug 1, 2011 1229
Developed countries show moderate recovery, developing countries: lower recovery. Conference news Apr 29, 2011 734
Collaboration tourism: tourism development in least developed countries--economic significance and policy priorities. Schiedermair, Tobias Conference news Apr 1, 2011 765
Blueprint for new tourism: a partnership model: in its blueprint for new tourism, the World Travel & Tourism Council promotes the importance of partnerships for sustainable tourism development. Rugglesbrise, Olivia Apr 1, 2011 431
I. The housing finance market--like other US industries and housing finance systems in most other developed countries--can and should principally function without any government financial support. Mar 24, 2011 5871
Financially fragile households: evidence and implications. Lusardi, Annamaria; Schneider, Daniel; Tufano, Peter Report Mar 22, 2011 28256
Rethinking third world relations with developed countries: does lobbying Washington D.C. reward sub-Saharan African governments? Batty, Fodei; Wambuii, Kiragu; Ebsch, Christopher Mar 22, 2011 6722
LEADERS OF CHANGE SUMMIT -WB's Turkey director says developed countries are taking lesson from developing countries. Mar 16, 2011 173
LEADERS OF CHANGE SUMMIT -WB's Turkey director says developed countries are taking lesson from developing countries. Mar 15, 2011 173
Report: U.S. life expectancy lagging because of smoking. Tucker, Charlotte Mar 1, 2011 849
The party's over-maybe for good. Marsh, Gerald E. Mar 1, 2011 3076
The breakthrough that wasn't: at a climate change conference in Cancun, negotiators agreed to meet again. That's pretty much all they agreed on. Bailey, Ronald Column Feb 24, 2011 1137
Factor returns and circular causality. Zhou, Haiwen Jan 1, 2011 5801
Currency wars: disturbances in currency markets have seen increasing calls for a de-pegging of Gulf currencies from the US dollar. But, with inconclusive results from the G20 conference in South Korea, the elusive 'basket of currencies' remains in the balance. Seymour, Richard Jan 1, 2011 1091
Gap widens between least developed countries and others. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 131
Education and inequality: introduction. Green, Andy; Mason, Geoff; Unwin, Lorna Statistical data Jan 1, 2011 2469
China leads green energy race. Brief article Dec 21, 2010 182
PISA 2009. Survey Dec 10, 2010 588
Australia lags behind developed countries in gender equality. Dec 3, 2010 250
INIC Head: Iran to Compete with Developed Countries in Nanotechnology. Oct 26, 2010 244
Industrialized nations risk court actions over climate change effects. Oct 5, 2010 504
Laos: from landlocked to 'land-linked': a case study in the benefits of South-South trade for least developed countries. Vorachith, Sirisamphanh Oct 1, 2010 810
What is the relationship between large deficits and inflation in industrialized countries? Bassetto, Marco; Butters, R. Andrew Sep 22, 2010 9024
IMF report ranks leading G20 economies. Brief article Sep 20, 2010 102
China Is Close To Becoming The World's No. 1 Energy Consumer & No. 2 Economy. Aug 23, 2010 1049
Older workers in a globalizing world; an international comparison of retirement and late-career patterns in Western industrialized countries. Book review Aug 1, 2010 219
U.S. health care system ranks last among industrialized countries. Miller, Naseem S. Aug 1, 2010 276
Kyrgyzstan should be brave enough to declare visa-free regime for developed countries - Economic Regulation Minister. Jul 26, 2010 121
Industrial countries'' commitment ensures development objectives''. Jul 22, 2010 271
E-waste warning. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Jul 1, 2010 223
Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries on healthcare, but get lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system, according to a report released last week. Jun 28, 2010 408
Healthcare in US ranks last among developed countries: report. Jun 23, 2010 407
Turkey and the changing dynamics of world energy: towards cleaner and smarter energy. Ogutcu, Mehmet Report Jun 22, 2010 10915
Awaiting the watershed: women in Canada's parliament. Godwin, Matthew K. Column Jun 22, 2010 4555
DEBT CURSE'. Brief article May 20, 2010 220
Comparing public policies; issues and choices in industrialized countries, 2d ed. Brief article May 1, 2010 156
IMF hails Australia as 8th richest country. Brief article Apr 22, 2010 230
ITC Trade Map Factsheet highlights impact of global crisis on LDCs. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 157
West African farmers go organic. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 208
India to pressurise developed nations on carbon emission cuts: Shyam Saran. Mar 21, 2010 268
10 China Myths for the New Decade. Sylvester, John Mar 15, 2010 359
Precast concrete systems in developing vs. industrialized countries/Surenkamojo gelzbetonio sistemos besivystanciose ir industrializuotose salyse. Polat, Gul Report Mar 1, 2010 8080
Germany's economic engine: why the German model has held up even as so many other major economies have collapsed. Fingleton, Eamonn Mar 1, 2010 3409
Oil in a Week- Peak Oil Demand in Industrialized Countries. Feb 21, 2010 710
The Best of a Bargain in Copenhagen: Diplomacy, Power Contest and Global Governance. Smolnikov, Sergey Feb 15, 2010 9357
Jordan owes half of its debt to industrial nations. Jan 24, 2010 211
Rising tigers, Sleeping Giant. Jan 1, 2010 1473
Developed nations should deliver on Kyoto Protocol, says Manmohan Singh. Dec 18, 2009 425
Al-Daya: Developed Countries have to Lead the Battle against Climate ChangeAa. Dec 17, 2009 224
African countries expect binding agreement on developed countries, Environment Minister. Dec 16, 2009 165
Livestock beneficial for developing nations, harmful for developed countries. Dec 12, 2009 233
The G-20 and international economic cooperation: background and implications for congress. Nelson, Rebecca M. Report Dec 1, 2009 12334
OECD reports renewed growth in most industrialized nations. Nov 23, 2009 223
US becomes top country brand under Obama. Nov 17, 2009 446
Reducing global warming primary responsibility of developed nations: Ramesh. Nov 1, 2009 264
Here Be Dragons: Is China a Military Threat? Sempa, Francis P. Brief article Oct 26, 2009 322
Manmohan Singh says developed nations must cut emissions to tolerable levels. Oct 22, 2009 303
Indian emissions would never exceed those of developed nations. Oct 22, 2009 405
Climate change: India, Argentina call on developed nations to do their bit. Oct 21, 2009 280

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