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Industrial step feeders.

This newly designed line of step feeders for industry includes an industrial step feeder and a tabletop step feeder. These step feeders are said to include improvements made to the original design, which has over 15 years of factory floor experience. The industrial and tabletop step feeders orient cylindrical or spherical parts and automatically feed them from the hopper to the next step in the process. This frees up the operator to do other operations that do not easily lend themselves to automation, resulting in increased productivity, according to the company. The design for both step feeders is said to be very simple, with few moving parts, which is said to ensure minimal downtime. Step feeders are said to have an advantage over other types of dedicated feeders because they can feed a range of part sizes. This is said to make the company's feeders more universal and easier to redeploy. The industrial step feeder handles spherical parts from 9/23" diameter to 3" in diameter (depending upon the depth of the step) and cylindrical parts the same diameter and range and up to 17-1/2" long. The tabletop step feeder handles spherical parts from .114" in diameter to 1" in diameter, depending upon the depth of the step, and cylindrical parts the same diameter range and up to 11-1/2" long. Larger and smaller diameters are possible with both step feeders.

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jun 22, 2007
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