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LOCATION: Kyoto, Japan



To redesign Indulgi, a clothing shop in Kyoto's Nakakyo district, the Tokyo-based studio Nendo faced an unusual challenge. The 1,776-square-foot space had good sight-lines, but was extremely narrow. To break up the visual monotony of the space, principal Oki Sato added a total of 35 doors, giving a surreal illusion of width. "We set the doors open and closed at different angles to control the degree of visibility," he says. The studio had used doors as an organizing conceit before; in 2010, it designed a mental health clinic in which none of the doors opened at all. Not all of Indulgi's doors are fake, though, and even those can still be used as storage for hangers, shelving, and mirrors.


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Author:Gaddy, James
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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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