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Inductotherm Corp.

Inductotherm Corp., based in Rancocas, New Jersey, is the world's leading manufacturer of induction melting systems for foundries and other metal producers. With manufacturing facilities in 13 countries, Inductotherm has built more than 10,000 melting systems. Its systems now account for about half of the induction melting installations in use in the world today outside of China and Russia. And it recently has built a number of systems for those nations as well.

Inductotherm manufactures a complete line of coreless and channel-type induction melting systems with furnace capabilities ranging from troy ounces to 250 tons and power supplies from 15-23,000 kW. Its product line encompasses a full range of melt shop systems, including charging and preheating systems, melting and holding systems, computer control systems and automatic pouring systems.

Inductotherm developed the first commercially-practical, solid-state medium-frequency induction melting system. This solid-state system set the standard for induction melting and continues to do so today.

New Technology

VIP |R~ Dual-Trak |TM~, the induction power supply unit that runs two furnaces simultaneously, was introduced just two years ago. Today Dual-Trak systems are operating in 20 nations around the world.

VIP Melt-Manager |TM~, the induction power supply with the built-in computer, is the first power unit to incorporate melt automation technology and advanced self-diagnostic testing as part of the power unit itself. Melt-Manager was introduced at AFS CastExpo '93 in Chicago last month.

Inductotherm sets the world standard for customer service. To ensure maximum uptime at each customer's installation, Inductotherm has established and maintains a $10 million inventory of spare parts and has created a highly mobile service team organized around a fleet of private aircraft based in the U.S. and Europe. Inductotherm service is available around the clock, seven days a week. There is also a 24-hour, toll-free technical support hot-line, 800/257-9527.


Inductotherm Corp. 10 Indel Ave. Rancocas, New Jersey 08073 800/257-9527; 800/792-8884 (NJ); 609/267-9000 Fax: 609/267-3537

Other U.S. Offices

Inductotherm West, 1450 Industrial Park St., Covina, California 91722, 818/332-6628, fax 818/332-3689

Inductotherm Southwest, 10 Inducto Way, Cullen, Louisiana 71021. 318/994-2278, fax 318/994-2449

Inductotherm Northwest, Crown Offices, 716 NE 99th St., Suite E, Vancouver, Washington 98665. 206/573-8770, fax 206/573-8794

Overseas Offices

Seaford, Australia; Herstal, Belgium; San Paulo, Brazil; Droitwich, England; Paris, France; Simmerath, Germany; Ahmedabad, India; Kobe, Japan; Ansan, Korea; San Juan del Rio, Mexico; Taipei Hsien, Taiwan; Istanbul, Turkey.

Services Provided Worldwide
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:May 1, 1993
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