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Indra completes NATO's Portuguese air surveillance network.

The Portuguese Ministry of Defence has awarded Indra with the contract to extend the country's air surveillance network to the Madeira Islands, as well as its integration into the command and control line within NATO's sphere. The contract, initially for [euro]18 M, is for the implementation of a Lanza 3D radar system in Pico do Arriero, in Madeira, to cover the air surveillance of the archipelago and supply of the tactical communications systems between aircraft, ships and the national command and control centre.

As part of the same contract, the Portuguese Ministry of Defence has included a purchase option of three additional radar systems for the Azores Islands as well as its integration into the command and control network. This option can be executed at any time during the 30-month duration of the contract.

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Author:Mumford, Richard
Publication:Microwave Journal
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Geographic Code:4EUPR
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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