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Indonesia worried by Thai shrimp policy.

Indonesia was concerned with Thai cutting the prices of its shrimps causing a decline in the prices of that commodity in the world market. The prices have dropped since end of July by around 6.6%, rendering a big blow to Indonesia and other shrimp exporting countries, chairman of the Indonesian Shrimp Commission Shidiq Moeslim said. Shidiq said with the prevailing price of around USS 3.2 per pound or USS 71. per kg, Indonesia shrimp suppliers could reached only the break even point. Thailand is the world's largest exporter of shrimps and it is one of six major suppliers punished by the United States with surcharge for alleged dumping. Shidiq said Indonesia has to improve efficiency if it is to remain competitive in the world market. He said Thailand could offer lower prices as it has reached high efficiency in shrimp production and exports.
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Publication:Indonesian Commercial Newsletter
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:9INDO
Date:Aug 9, 2005
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