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Indo-Israel nexus.

India has been collaborating with Israel in different fields including defence and security. It has plans to spend huge amounts for purchasing lethal weapons and military hardware from Israel. Regional countries that already feel threatened by India's expansionist designs and its military profile consider the nexus between India and Israel as a threat to the peace.

Two days ago, India and Israel have concluded an agreement to assemble a ballistic missile defense (BMD) system for India. The system would be designed to protect against nuclear warheads fired from China or Pakistan. "This system would integrate Indian and Israeli assets into a layered defense network," a source said.

Israel has long offered a partnership in BMD development, particularly the Arrow system by Israel Aerospace Industries. However, New Dehli began to express strong interest only in 2013 when Israel proposed a program that would integrate and enhance Indian air defense assets. In December 2009, Indian media had published news that India was preparing for a possible 'two-front war' with China and Pakistan. According to newspaper's report, Indian Army was revising its five-year-old doctrine to effectively meet the challenges of war with China and Pakistan, deal with asymmetric and fourth-generation warfare, and enhance strategic reach and joint operations with IAF and Navy.

After more than four years, a senior IAF officer has informed the Parliamentary standing committee on defence that a "collusive threat" from China and Pakistan would be difficult to tackle. It means that after spending billions of dollars on beefing up its defence, Indian civil and military leadership is still scared of China. It has to be mentioned that India as a state is rich but it is a land of appalling poverty where more than 600 million people are living below a meanly defined poverty line. Multi-millions are living in slums and sleeping on the footpaths, because Indian government is diverting a very large part of its resources to become a regional power, world power and what not. After the approval by the Nuclear Suppliers' Group, top leaders of the developed countries visited India to benefit from its prodigious economic growth. India, disregarding the needs of the teeming millions living below the poverty line, is on a shopping spree with more than $100 billion in hand, and entering into defence deals with developed countries. After signing nuclear deal with the US, Nuclear Suppliers Group's countries are now also selling nuclear-related materials and equipment to India. All these measures may make India militarily strong and enable it to defend, but it could implode from within due to immense poverty and separatist movements in at least 11 of its provinces.

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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
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Date:Apr 7, 2014
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