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Indium warning.

Like many of you, my name is on many mailing lists. Recently, I received a small book about a trace mineral called indium. The book claims that indium is a newly discovered substance that will enhance your health.

Maybe it will, but I'd have to see some studies--not just hear testimonials--before I believed any health claims. Unfortunately, there are only a few animal studies on mice conducted in the 1970s. Indium's present benefits are based on theories from these few studies. S0 much for a "newly discovered" wonder supplement.

Indium is a trace mineral that's used to make water-soluble solder paste and transistors. It's a by-product of zinc ore processing. There's much more about indium's use in industry than in health, so be careful about taking it as a supplement. There are too many unknowns about this supplement for me to either take it myself or recommend it to you at this time. Show me the science first. Then I'll read the testimonials.

Lyons, Robert, ND. Indium, the Missing Trace Mineral, New Health Press, Inc, 2001.
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Title Annotation:Nutrition Detective
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Date:Feb 1, 2004
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