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Indie artist tells "fantastical" wine story.

The Wild Syrah Rune Wines

Sonoita, Ariz.,

Annual case production: 1,700

Vineyard acreage: 3

Average bottle price: $35

The goal of our branding and label story is to include a sense of place in our packaging that represents the differences in vineyard sites as well as vintages. Since every year is different, and every terroir has its own unique character, I felt the labels should do their part to showcase this. Daniel Heizer is the artist that makes Rune come to life on the bottle. Every year we commission him to create new art to be paired with the wines, continuing the fantastical story that is Rune.

The Wild Syrah is our version of an Arizona Cote-Rotie. The Syrah is picked at phenolic ripeness, destemmed, and then co-fermented with a mixture of Viognier, Roussanne and Malvasia Bianca. These aromatic white varietals help lift the delicate savory aromas from the Syrah and add in a nice floral bouquet that complements the fruit character. It is aged sur lie for around 18 months and then bottled unfined and unfiltered.

--James Callahan

winemaker and owner, Rune Wines

FOIL: No foil naked!

CORK M.A. Silva,

GLASS: M.A. Silva,

BOTTLING: In-house, semi-automatic bottling line from TCW ( The bottling line is custom-made and includes argon sparger, Mori six-spout filler, Enolta Mapan Mini Lux semi-automatic vacuum corker, Tosa Mecc foil spinner (used for clients' wines only) and FX-10 labeler.

LABEL ART: Daniel Heizer,


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Comment:Indie artist tells "fantastical" wine story.(UNPACKING PACKAGING)
Author:Callahan, James
Publication:Wines & Vines
Date:Nov 1, 2018
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