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Indic Manuscript Cultures Through the Ages: Material, Textual, and Historical Investigations.


Indic Manuscript Cultures Through the Ages: Material, Textual, and Historical Investigations

Edited by Vincenzo Vergiani, Daniele Cuneo, and Camillo Alesso Formigatti

De Gruyter


783 pages



Studies in Manuscript Cultures; Volume 14


Scholars of Indian history and culture explore Indic manuscript culture from the perspectives of collections, codicology (from orality to print), palaeography, textual criticism, and cultural studies. Most of the 21 papers were presentations at workshops in April 2013 and September 2014 in Cambridge. The topics include a tentative history of the Sanskrit grammatical traditions in Nepal through the manuscript collections, teaching and learning Sanskrit through Tamil: evidence from manuscripts of the Amarokosa with Tamil annotations, typology of drawn frames in 16th-century Mang yul Gung thang xylographs, a fragment of the Vajramrtamahatantra: a critical edition of the leaves contained in Cambridge University Library Or.158.1, and towards a critical edition of Sankara's "longer" Aitareyopanisadbhasya: a preliminary report based on two Cambridge manuscripts. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Feb 1, 2018
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