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Indiana trucking: Indiana's major trucking companies.

Due to Indiana's central location (and no doubt its great business climate), many major trucking firms are headquartered in the state. We have attempted to compile a list of Indiana's 20 largest trucking companies based on information published in the 1989-90 edition of the National Motor Carrier Directory. We included common carriers that transport general commodities. Indiana is also notable for its large household goods carriers. In the November 1987 issue, Indiana Business profiled some of the state's largest household movers, including: North America Van Lines; Mayflower Group, Inc.; Atlas Van Lines; Wheaton Van Lines; and American Red Ball Transit Corp.

Circle Express Inc.Indianapolis

Arthur L. Belford founded Circle Express, Inc., in 1983 when he acquired Rockport-based ECK Miller Transportation Corp. Circle Express is a holding company whose operating subsidiaries are truckload common carriers that transport general commodities throughout the 48 contiguous states under authority granted by the Interstate Commerce Commission. They are irregular-route carriers, which means they have no fixed itinerary as bus and air lines have.

Based in Rockport, ECK Miller Transportation Corp. is primarily an irregular-route truckload carrier. Current shipments range from iron and steel, aluminum, machinery and building materials to freight of all kinds.

Columbus-headquartered Mid-Western Transport, Inc., is a transcontinental produce and temperature-sensitive freight carrier that had been operating for 10 years when Circle Express acquired it in 1986.

Circle's out-of-state carriers include Roadrunner Trucking, Inc., based in Albuquerque, N.M., which has one of the largest flatbed fleets in the western United States. Circle Express acquired Huntington, W.V.-based C.I. Whitten Co. last year. It has grown to be one of the largest explosives carriers in the nation. The other out-of-state firms are Advanced Distribution System, Inc., of Dublin, Ohio, and Rainbow Express of Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Stoops Express, Inc.-Daleville

Stoops Express, a Daleville-based trucking firm, is the largest of four subsidiary motor carriers owned by Burlington Motor Carriers of Hurst, Texas.

Burlington's 2,000-truck fleet is designed to run nationwide. Each marketing region is responsible for the daily reloading of all trucks that arrive in its area. Not only do they reload their own trucks but trucks belonging to the other three carriers as well.

Jack Gray Transportation, Inc.Gary

It was 1956, and the railroads dominated the transportation of bulk commodities nationwide. To compete with the railroads, lack Gray bought a dump truck and began delivering sand and gravel to industries on a regional basis. The railroads had difficulty competing with a short-haul trucker. lack Gray's plan paid off, and a brand new company came into being-Jack Gray Transport, Inc.

Today, Jack Gray Transport is the largest hauler servicing the scrap industry nationwide, hauling more than 1.5 million tons a year. With environmental permits to operate in all 48 states, Jack Gray is also one of the largest transporters of hazardous materials and hazardous waste in the nation.

Whiteford Systems-South Bend

Whiteford Systems was born in 1929 when David Whiteford bought a slightly used REO truck and began hauling goods from Detroit to various destinations in Michigan, Ohio, indiana and Illinois.

Since Ron Whiteford, the founder's son, took charge of the business in 1962, the company has doubled in size every two and a half years, living up to its motto: Momentum to Carry You.

As a carrier serving the Midwest, Whiteford has designed an operation geared to the needs of today's truckload shipper. it ships both fragile and perishable items with special care to assure safe arrival.

Whiteford pledges overnight service to and from any point within its terminals in St. Louis, Chicago, South Bend, Indianapolis, Evansville, Gary, Fort Wayne, Cincinnati and Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus and Youngstown in Ohio and Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green in Kentucky.

Overland Transportation System, Inc.-Indianapolis

Overland Transportation System, Inc., is privately held and headquartered in Indianapolis. Overland Transportation is a less-than-truckload carrier, meaning it accepts small shipments and consolidates them to fill a truck bound for a particular city. It has terminals in Springfield, Ill., Toledo and Dayton, Ohio, Nashville, Tenn., Louisville, Ky., and in Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Evansville, FortWayne, South Bend and Indianapolis.

Schilli Transportation Services, Inc.-Remington

Remington-headquartered Schilli Transportation Services, Inc., is the owner of three motor carriers that operate out of Indiana. The major products that these motor carriers haul are building materials, steel and paper products.

Schilli Specialized also is located in Remington. This carrier services liquid and dry bulk for shipments originating from or destined to Indiana, Ohio, northern Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan and southern Wisconsin.

Wabash Valley Transportation, a Wolcott-based motor carrier in the Schilli stable, specializes in flatbed truckload service to all points in the continental United States. It is authorized to operate as a motor-vehicle, common-contract carrier over irregular routes in both interstate and foreign commerce.

Atlantic Inland Carriers, Inc., is a nationwide general-commodity dry-van truckload service. Located in Indianapolis, Atlantic is authorized to operate as a common-contract carrier over irregular routes.


NSL, headquartered in Portage, is a general-commodity truckload motor carrier operating with 48-state common and contract authority. It also holds various intrastate operating rights. NSL's services include:truckload transportation, heavy hauling, oversized (high and wide) transport and bulk-commodity transport.

KAT, Inc.-Chesterton

The KAT company started shortly after enactment of the motor carrier act of 1981. At the time, it had 24 tractors, no trailers and no authority. By July 1982, the company had acquired 30 refrigerated trucks.

The company experienced a dramatic growth that year with the purchase of Sam Young, Inc., in Remington. Sam Young consisted of a fleet of dry-van carriers, which augmented KAT's refrigerated carriers.

The company primarily is a shipper of meat products and other foods. The company has a terminal in Jasper, and a driver-recruiting terminal in Indianapolis.

R.L. Jefferies-Evansville

R.L. Jefferies Trucking Company, Inc., is a privately owned, specialized carrier headquartered in Evansville. The R.L. Jefferies company of the '80s functioned primarily as an owner-operator business.

Jefferies has a fleet of more than 500 trucks. Its van division hauls general commodities. Steel, aluminum, building materials, heavy machinery and equipment, military freight of all kinds, along with general commodities, make up the freight base for its flatbed and modified-trailer division.

R.L. Jefferies has operated as a truckload carrier for nearly 60 years. Nationwide coverage and service are coordinated from a central communications center in Evansville.

Oliver Trucking CorporationIndianapolis

Indianapolis-based Oliver Trucking Corporation became a regulated common carrier in 1980. Oliver was established in 1978 as a private carrier by Queens Group Indiana, Inc., then Rutgers Packaging, to deliver its printed products to its customers in the recording industry. Today, less than 10 percent of the goods Oliver hauls originates from Queens.

Oliver Trucking basically has stayed with its shipments of records, compact discs, cassettes and other materials for the recording industry. In 1988, 65 percent of the company's business was related to the record business. The company operates 106 tractors and 152 trailers.
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