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Indiana has recovered, and then some.

Last November's U.S. labor-market data gave indications that the nearly 2-year-old recovery was beginning to gather momentum. Now, the December figures appear to be confirming that trend, though the pace is moderate.

Total U.S. establishment employment rose by 64,000 workers, with some of that gain representing new hires in manufacturing. As modest as those increases might seem, the fact that they were in manufacturing as well as in service and trade reflects the broad-based strength that is spreading through the nation's economy.

Indiana's total employment--after seasonal adjustment--rose to a new high in November, 1.4 percent ahead of the year-ago figure and 0.2 percent greater than in October. The November total was 6,000 workers greater that the previous all-time high, recorded in September 1990 at the beginning of the recession.

Employment in most of the state's major cities has achieved levels at or above pre-recession levels, with Indianapolis and Gary-Hammond combining to show a gain of 23,000 jobs.

Indiana's improvement in total employment began shortly after March 1991, the month officially designated as the bottom of the recession. The U.S. totals, on the other hand, have only begun to gather momentum, and are still showing about 1.5 million fewer jobs than were reported before the recession.

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Title Annotation:economic recovery
Publication:Indiana Business Magazine
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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