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Indiana's largest private companies.

Indiana's Largest
PRIVATE Companies

Rank   Company                       Revenue     Ranking Executive
       City                                      Title

   1   Do it Best Corp.              $2.9 bil.   Bob Taylor
       Fort Wayne                                President & CEO

   2   American United Life          $2.3 bil.   Dayton H. Molendorp
       Insurance Co.                             President & CEO

   3   OmniSource Corp.              $1.9 bil.   Daniel Rifkin
       Fort Wayne                                President

   4   Hunt Construction Group       $1.6 bil.   Robert Hunt
       Indianapolis                              CEO

   5   Forest River Inc.             $1.3 bil.   Peter Liegl
       Elkhart                                   CEO

   6   Federal Home Loan             $1.2 bil.   Martin L. Heger
       Bank of Indpls.                           President & CEO

   7   Remy International            $1.1 bil.   Tom Snyder
       Anderson                                  President & CEO

   8   Petroleum Traders Corp.       $951 mil.   Michael B. Himes
       Fort Wayne                                President

   9   Atlas World Group             $860 mil.   Mike Shaffer
       Evansville                                Chairman & CEO

  10   Berry Plastics Corp.          $814 mil.   Ira Boots
       Evansville                                President & CEO

  11   Bob Rohrman Dealerships       $657 mil.   Bob Rohrman
       Lafayette                                 President

  12   LDI Ltd.                      $650 mil.   Andre B. Lacy
       Indianapolis                              Chairman & CEO

  13   Koch Enterprises Inc.         $645 mil.   Robert L. Koch II
       Evansville                                President & CEO

  14   Cook Group                    $600 mil.   Steve Ferguson
       Bloomington                               Chairman

       Fairmont Homes/Gulf           $600 mil.   James Shea Jr., Brian
       Stream Coach                              Shea & Daniel Shea
       Nappanee                                  Presidents

       Interlock Industries          $600 mil.   Jeffrey L. Mackin
       Clarksville                               President

  17   National Wine & Spirits       $546 mil.   James E. LaCrosse
       Indianapolis                              Chairman, CEO & CFO

  18   Jayco                         $510 mil.   Wilbur L. Bontrager
       Middlebury                                Chairman & CEO

  19   AM General                    $500 mil.   James A. Armour
       South Bend                                President & CEO

  20   H.H. Gregg                    $480 mil.   Jerry Throgmartin
       Indianapolis                              Chairman & CEO

  21   Swiffy Oil Co.                $469 mil.   Don W. Myers Sr.
       Seymour                                   Chairman & CEO

  22   Herff Jones Inc.              $460 mil.   Robert S. Potts
       Indianapolis                              Chairman & CEO

  23   Newmar Corp.                  $446 mil.   Dick Parks
       Nappanee                                  President

  24   Guide Corp.                   $400 mil.   George Sloan
       Pendleton                                 President

  25   Hoosier Energy                $385 mil.   J. Steven Smith
       Bloomington                               President & CEO

  26   Steel Warehouse Co.           $370 mil.   David Lerman
       South Bend/Burns Harbor                   CEO

  27   Crowe Group                   $364 mil.   Mark Hildebrand
       Indianapolis                              CEO

       The Lafayette Life            $364 mil.   Robert J. Gibbons
       Insurance Co.                             Chairman,
       Lafayette                                 president & CEO

  29   Aearo Co.                     $360 mil.   Michael A. McLain
       Indianapolis                              Chairman, president
                                                 & CEO

  30   F.A. Wilhelm                  $359 mil.   Phillip G. Kenney
       Construction Co.                          President

  31   IS.Group                      $350 mil.   Mike Gentile
       Indianapolis                              President

  32   GasAmerica Services           $343 mil.   Stephanie White
       Greenfield                                President

  33   Rea Magnet Wire Co.           $335 mil.   Larry E. Bagwell
       Fort Wayne                                Chairman & CEO

  34   Stoops-Freightliner-Quality   $316 mil.   Jeffrey E. Stoops
       Trailer                                   President & CEO

  35   Kirby Risk Corp.              $309 mil.   James K. Risk III
       Lafayette                                 President & CEO

  36   MacAllister Machinery Co.     $302 mil.   P.E. MacAllister
       Indianapolis                              Chairman

  37   Buehler Foods                 $300 mil.   Dave Buehler
       Jasper                                    CEO

       Lauth Property Group          $300 mil.   Robert L. Lauth
       Indianapolis                              CEO & Chairman

  39   United Feeds Inc.             $275 mil.   John B. Swisher
       Sheridan                                  Chairman & Founder

  40   Jasper Engines &              $270 mil.   Doug Bowel
       Transmissions                             President

  41   Rieth-Riley                   $250 mil.   Ronald G. Pope
       Construction Co.                          President & CEO

  42   Industrial Contractors        $240 mil.   Alan W. Braun
       Evansville                                Chairman & president

  43   Haynes International          $233 mil.   F.J. Petro
       Kokomo                                    President & CEO

  44   Quality Dining                $232 mil.   Daniel Fitzpatrick
       Mishawaka                                 Chairman, president
                                                 & CEO

  45   Arnett Health System          $231 mil.   Michael Skehan, M.D.
       Lafayette                                 President

  46   Indiana Municipal             $213 mil.   Raj G. Rao
       Power Agency                              President

  47   United Farm Family Life       $212 mil.   Donald Villwock
       Insurance Co.                             President

  48   Palmer Automotive Group       $207 mil.   Eldon D. Palmer
       Indianapolis                              CEO

  49   APG Inc.                      $200 mil.   Satish Shah
       Elkhart                                   CEO & President

       Best Chairs Inc.              $200 mil.   Clement M. Lange
       Ferdinand                                 Chairman

       Fairfield Manufacturing Co.   $200 mil.   Gary Lehman
       Lafayette                                 President & CEO

       Lewis Brothers Bakeries       $200 mil.   R. Jack Lewis Jr.
       Evansville                                President

Rank   Company                       Primary Business           Founded

   1   Do it Best Corp.              Wholesale hardware and        1945
       Fort Wayne                    building materials

   2   American United Life          Insurance and annuities       1877
       Insurance Co.

   3   OmniSource Corp.              Ferrous/non-ferrous           1943
       Fort Wayne                    scrap-metal processing,
                                     brokering & management

   4   Hunt Construction Group       General construction and      1944
       Indianapolis                  construction management

   5   Forest River Inc.             RVs, boats, mobile            1996
       Elkhart                       offices, cargo trailers,
                                     bus and mobility units,
                                     commercial units

   6   Federal Home Loan             Credit and banking            1932
       Bank of Indpls.               services for financial
       Indianapolis                  institutions

   7   Remy International            Starter motors,               1994
       Anderson                      alternators, engines,
                                     transmissions and fuel

   8   Petroleum Traders Corp.       Petroleum wholesaling         1979
       Fort Wayne

   9   Atlas World Group             Transportation of             1948
       Evansville                    household goods and
                                     sensitive commodities

  10   Berry Plastics Corp.          Plastic containers,           1967
       Evansville                    caps, closures, cups,

  11   Bob Rohrman Dealerships       Auto dealerships              1963

  12   LDI Ltd.                      Wholesale distribution        1912

  13   Koch Enterprises Inc.         Manufacturing and             1873
       Evansville                    distribution

  14   Cook Group                    Medical device                1963
       Bloomington                   manufacturing

       Fairmont Homes/Gulf           Recreational vehicles,        1971
       Stream Coach                  mobile homes, modular
       Nappanee                      homes

       Interlock Industries          Manufacturing and             1982
       Clarksville                   transportation

  17   National Wine & Spirits       Beverage distribution         1934

  18   Jayco                         Recreational vehicles         1968

  19   AM General                    Manufacturer of Hummer        1971
       South Bend                    and Humvee vehicles,
                                     diesel engines

  20   H.H. Gregg                    Retail appliances and         1955
       Indianapolis                  electronics

  21   Swiffy Oil Co.                Retail gasoline and food      1963
       Seymour                       sales

  22   Herff Jones Inc.              Recognition & motivation      1920
       Indianapolis                  products for school

  23   Newmar Corp.                  Manufacturer of               1969
       Nappanee                      recreational vehicles

  24   Guide Corp.                   Automotive lighting           1998

  25   Hoosier Energy                Wholesale electricity         1949
       Bloomington                   cooperative

  26   Steel Warehouse Co.           Steel service center          1948
       South Bend/Burns Harbor

  27   Crowe Group                   Public accounting and         1942
       Indianapolis                  consulting

       The Lafayette Life            Insurance                     1905
       Insurance Co.

  29   Aearo Co.                     Protective equipment,         1995
       Indianapolis                  safety eyewear,
                                     specialty composites

  30   F.A. Wilhelm                  General contractor and        1923
       Construction Co.              construction manager

  31   IS.Group                      Office products               1977

  32   GasAmerica Services           Convenience stores and        1984
       Greenfield                    truck stops

  33   Rea Magnet Wire Co.           Insulated magnet wire         1933
       Fort Wayne

  34   Stoops-Freightliner-Quality   New truck and trailer         1987
       Trailer                       dealership

  35   Kirby Risk Corp.              Distribution of               1926
       Lafayette                     electrical supplies &
                                     equipment, manufacturing

  36   MacAllister Machinery Co.     Caterpillar equipment         1945
       Indianapolis                  dealership

  37   Buehler Foods                 Retail grocer                 1940

       Lauth Property Group          Commercial real estate        1977
       Indianapolis                  development

  39   United Feeds Inc.             Livestock feed and            1956
       Sheridan                      nutrition services

  40   Jasper Engines &              Remanufacturing of            1942
       Transmissions                 engines & transmissions,
       Jasper                        differentials, marine

  41   Rieth-Riley                   Highway and heavy             1916
       Construction Co.              construction

  42   Industrial Contractors        Construction,                 1964
       Evansville                    engineering

  43   Haynes International          Superalloys                   1912

  44   Quality Dining                Restaurants                   1981

  45   Arnett Health System          Medical practice and          1922
       Lafayette                     health insurance

  46   Indiana Municipal             Electricity generation        1980
       Power Agency                  & transmission

  47   United Farm Family Life       Life & annuity insurance      1935
       Insurance Co.

  48   Palmer Automotive Group       Automobile and heavy          1956
       Indianapolis                  truck sales and service

  49   APG Inc.                      Contract packaging of         1967
       Elkhart                       aerosols and liquid
                                     products, distribution
                                     services for chemicals
                                     for auto industry

       Best Chairs Inc.              Residential upholstered       1962
       Ferdinand                     seating

       Fairfield Manufacturing Co.   Gears and wheel drives,       1919
       Lafayette                     custom mechanical

       Lewis Brothers Bakeries       Wholesale bakeries            1925

Rank   Company                       Primary Owners

   1   Do it Best Corp.              Independent hardwares, home
       Fort Wayne                    centers and lumberyards

   2   American United Life          Policyholders
       Insurance Co.

   3   OmniSource Corp.              Closely held
       Fort Wayne

   4   Hunt Construction Group       Closely held

   5   Forest River Inc.             Peter Liegl

   6   Federal Home Loan             Financial institutions in
       Bank of Indpls.               Indiana and Michigan

   7   Remy International            Court Square Capital Ltd.

   8   Petroleum Traders Corp.       Michael B. Himes
       Fort Wayne

   9   Atlas World Group             Stockholder Atlas agents

  10   Berry Plastics Corp.          Goldman Sachs Capital Partners,
       Evansville                    J.P. Morgan Partners and

  11   Bob Rohrman Dealerships       Robert V. Rohrman

  12   LDI Ltd.                      Closely held

  13   Koch Enterprises Inc.         Koch family

  14   Cook Group                    William and Gayle Cook

       Fairmont Homes/Gulf           Closely held
       Stream Coach

       Interlock Industries          Mackin family

  17   National Wine & Spirits       James E. LaCrosse,
       Indianapolis                  Norma M. Johnston,
                                     LaCrosse Family Business Trust

  18   Jayco                         Closely held

  19   AM General                    MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings
       South Bend

  20   H.H. Gregg                    Freeman Spogli & Co., management

  21   Swiffy Oil Co.                Myers family

  22   Herff Jones Inc.              Employee-owned

  23   Newmar Corp.                  Closely held

  24   Guide Corp.                   B.N. Bahadur

  25   Hoosier Energy                Rural electric member
       Bloomington                   cooperatives

  26   Steel Warehouse Co.           Lerman family
       South Bend/Burns Harbor

  27   Crowe Group                   Partners of Crowe Group
       Indianapolis                  (holding company)

       The Lafayette Life            Policyholders
       Insurance Co.

  29   Aearo Co.                     Bear Stearns and other investors

  30   F.A. Wilhelm                  Management-owned
       Construction Co.

  31   IS.Group                      Member-owned cooperative

  32   GasAmerica Services           Closely held

  33   Rea Magnet Wire Co.           James M. Vann, William T. Gorman,
       Fort Wayne                    Ronald B. Foster, William J. Wyatt

  34   Stoops-Freightliner-Quality   Jeffrey E. Stoops

  35   Kirby Risk Corp.              James K. Risk III, Risk family

  36   MacAllister Machinery Co.     P.E. MacAllister, Chris
       Indianapolis                  MacAllister

  37   Buehler Foods                 Buehler family

       Lauth Property Group          Robert Lauth, Gregory Gurnik,
       Indianapolis                  Lawrence Palmer, Michael Curless

  39   United Feeds Inc.             Employee stockholders,
       Sheridan                      Swisher family

  40   Jasper Engines &              Bowel-Schwenk families

  41   Rieth-Riley                   ESOP
       Construction Co.

  42   Industrial Contractors        Braun family

  43   Haynes International          The Blackstone Group

  44   Quality Dining                The Fitzpatrick Group

  45   Arnett Health System          Physician-owned

  46   Indiana Municipal             Member municipal utilities
       Power Agency

  47   United Farm Family Life       Indiana Farm Bureau Inc.
       Insurance Co.

  48   Palmer Automotive Group       Eldon Palmer, Donald Palmer

  49   APG Inc.                      Satish Shah

       Best Chairs Inc.              Clement M. Lange family

       Fairfield Manufacturing Co.   Lancer Industries Inc.

       Lewis Brothers Bakeries       Lewis family
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