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Articles from Indian Journal of Medical Research (September 1, 2008)

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A preliminary study on chromosome aneuploidy & mosaicism in early pre-implantation human embryo by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Fauzdar, Aashish; Sharma, R.K.; Kumar, Anand; Halder, Ashutosh 3188
Association of ovarian proteins with transovarial transmission of dengue viruses by Aedes mosquitoes in Rajasthan, India. Angel, Bennet; Sharma, Keerti; Joshi, Vinod 2170
Control measures for malaria in pregnancy in India. Brooks, M.I.; Singh, N.; Hamer, D.H. 5695
Detection of shiga-toxigenic Escherichia coli (STEC) in diarrhoeagenic stool & meat samples in Mangalore, India. Dhanashree, B.; Mallya, P. Shrikar Clinical report 4466
Effect of emotional stress on sperm quality. Collodel, Giulia; Moretti, Elena; Fontani, Vania; Rinaldi, Salvatore; Aravagli, Lucia; Sarago, Giorg Clinical report 4775
Emotional stress & male infertility. Said, Tamer M. 1557
Evaluation of WHO haemoglobin colour scale & palmar pallor for screening of anaemia among children (6-35 months) in rural Wardha, India. Sinha, N.; Deshmukh, P.R.; Garg, B.S. 2668
Global surveillance, prevention and control of chronic respiratory diseases: a comprehensive approach. Vijayan, V.K. Book review 1042
High prevalence of carbapenem resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa at a tertiary care centre of north India. Are we under-reporting? Behera, Bijayini; Das, Anupam; Mathur, Purva; Kapil, Arti 1109
HIV/AIDS in dental practice: a handbook for dental practitioners in India. Ranganathan, K. Book review 460
Impact of lambdacyhalothrin capsule suspension treated bed nets on malaria in tribal villages of Malkangiri district, Orissa, India. Sahu, S.S.; Vijayakumar, T.; Kalyanasundaram, M.; Subramanian, S.; Jambulingam, P. Report 6644
Insecticide treated nets--technological & operational challenges. Dash, A.P.; Yadav, R.S. Report 1448
Know your risk: but how? Gaziano, Thomas A. Editorial 2395
Leptospirosis in a midland rural area of Kerala State. Kuriakose, Mariamma; Paul, Regi; Joseph, M.R.; Sugathan, Sheela; Sudha, T.N. 3798
Metabolic syndrome & psychiatric disorders. Singh, S.M.; Mattoo, S.K. Clinical report 6878
Multiplex PCR for [bla.sub.CTX-M] & [bla.sub.SHV] in the extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) producing Gram-negative isolates. Jemima, S.A.; Verghese, Susan Report 3236
Pathogenesis of senile diabetes. Motta, Massimo; Bennatti, Ettore; Cardillo, Elisabeth; Ferlito, Laura; Malaguarnera, Mariano Editorial 1697
Prevalence & risk factors of anaemia among women of reproductive age in Bursa, Turkey. Pala, Kayihan; Dundar, Nilgun 3594
Prevalence of multidrug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Jain, Amita; Mondal, Rajesh; Prasad, Rajendra; Singh, Kamlesh; Ahuja, R.C. Clinical report 4382
Rational use of glucocorticoid during pituitary surgery--a pilot study. Bhansali, Anil; Dutta, Pinaki; Bhat, M.H.; Mukherjee, K.K.; Rajput, Rajesh; Bhadada, Sanjay Clinical report 4110
Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC): the bug in our backyard. Ramamurthy, T. 2654
Some forthcoming scientific events. Calendar 221
Tobacco related cancer risk in north eastern region of India. Satyanarayana, L.; Asthana, Smita; Sharma, K.C. 1532

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