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Indian Association of Greater Chicago organizes community day in Schaumburg.

Byline: Suresh Bodiwala

Chicago, IL Indian Association Of Greater Chicago, IAGC as it is more popularly known in the city, organized a Community Day on April 13,2019, at Play N Thrive,81 Remington Road in Schaumburg, Greater Chicago Illinois.

The President and Founder Member of IAGC says in an interview, "IAGC is one of the leading organizations in Chicago land area to work with community and work for community to bringing all variety of programs with free of charge." So all the beneficial activities that ladened that day was free of charge to all the community members and visitors who participated in the event.

Starting in the early morning at 8.30 am and continuing till 8 pm at night this event was one of a kind as the whole day was packed up with innumerable activities for the benefit of the community members and the visitors who participated in the event, all for free.

The event programs were chalked out on different areas comprising of 1) Will / Trust with multiple seminars which negotiated on prices to complete Will and Trust and free IAGC lifetime membership; 2) Life Insurance with multiple seminars negotiating on prices for term policies and giving participants free lifetime IAGC membership; 3) Business Seminars; 4) Health Camp; 5) Membership Drive;6) Job Fair;7) Eye & Ear Care;8) Blood Donation Drive; 9) Seminars on immigration; 10) Painting Exhibitions;11) Live Music; 12) Cultural Programs;13) Community Awards; 14) DJ and Dance and many more.

The President thanked the participant doctors who worked relentlessly for the Health Fair to make it successful. The participating doctors were : Dr. Bhargavi Nettam (Family Medicine), Dr. Mehul Vora (Endocrinologist), Dr. Surekha Sakala ( Dentist), Dr. Viji Susarala ( Psychologist), Dr. Jyothi Gogineni (Endocrinologist), Dr. Hetal Patel (Pediatrician), Dr. Hemal Patel (Gastroenterologist).

In the Art Exhibition more than hundred plus arts were exhibited throughout the day and was conducted by Piyas from Paisley Arts and Fabrics.

The Emcees Mukti Saptarshi, Reena Nadakudithi and Priti Kamat did a fabulous job in introducing every category of the event and the speakers.

The event was coordinated well by Shilpa paidimarry, Usha kabra, Ujwala Pawar, Garima Singh, Aparna Deshmukh.

Malla Reddy, The President & Founder of the organization, who is also a very successful entrepreneur and consultant, says in an interview that in spite of being successful in America he over seared that the IAGC mission "preserves, perpetuates and propagates the heritage of the people of Indian origin, to assist and promote cultural, educational, religious, social, economic, health and community activities of the people of Indian origin."

Reddy thanked all the special guests, sponsors, coordinators, doctors, volunteers, and all the other participants who worked hard in making this event a very successful one.

The 12 hr long day event had free breakfast, lunch and dinner to all who participated in the event. In between the main course snacks and Indian Chai was served to all the coordinators, guests, volunteers and community members so that the participants were charged up the whole day to make it very commemorable and successful event.

President special thanked Satish Macha, KK (BidShore), Narendra Kadiyala , Keerthi and Rajesh for outstanding work and volunteering their precious personal time.

Reddy Thanked his team and IAGC BODs Hina Trivedi, Sanjay Shah, Narendra, Naveen Ankem, Rajesh, Manoj Singamsetti, Satish Macha, Harindar Puliyala and KK.

Reddy said one of his statements our sponsors are the best and they really care for community and here are the event sponsors and media partners: HR Pundit, Financial Services Mania by Thiru, PMS Mortgage inc, VR Chinni, Meghana Jewelers, Krishna K Rangaraju from New York Life, Radhika's Kitchen, BidShore,, India Videos, Atlantic Travels, Masala Restaurant, Universal Accounting Services, Rivaz Indian Food, Arlington Rental, Hot Breads, Arvy Foods, Usmania Restaurant, Asian Media

USA, Hello NRI, Desi Talk, Desi Junction and Admark Solutions.

No other community day event was ever as large as this one as the impeccable arrangements didn't make it seem like a long day to anyone but even after a long 12 hours event people left with all smiles across their faces.
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Date:Apr 27, 2019
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