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India: A proposed agreement with the US promises to increase the availability of micro-organisms and biological materials in India. Indian researchers complain that requests sent to the American Type Tissue Collection public database are often delayed or unanswered. The impact has been especially acute on vaccine development. The new agreement discussed by India's Science Minister, Kapil Sibal, and US Deputy Secretary of Commerce, David A. Sampson, would enable India's Department of Biotechnology to obtain biological materials and guarantee they will not be used for terrorism. It also includes export provisions similar to those for nuclear technology. However, India's researchers will still have to contend with the high price of biological materials, such as yeast, viruses, expression systems, and a lack of documentation for source materials, which could jeopardize patents on products developed using them_

Source: Nature Biotechnology
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Title Annotation:agreement with United States to increase the availability of biological materials
Comment:India.(agreement with United States to increase the availability of biological materials)
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Date:Sep 30, 2005
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