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India comes to California and the Northwest.

The second most populous nation in the world, it gave geometry students pi and all of us the zero. Its film industry rivals Hollywood's; some says its cuisine rivals that of China and France.

This month, the culture of the Indian subcontinent arrives in the West in performances, exhibits, and symposiums collectively titled "A Festival of India." The 18-month-long celebration was initiated at the behest of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in hopes of strengthening ties between her nation and ours.

Indian science, now in L.A., moves to

Portland and Seattle in 1986

A highlight of the festival is "India--A Festival of Science," a show that explores India's long scientific tradition with exhibits such as one re-creating a 10th-century alchemist's laboratory. Craftsmen will demonstrate woodcarving, silver filigree work, bronze casting, silk and cotton embroidery, and gemstone cutting.

Now through January 15, it's at the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles; for details, call (213)744-7400. It then moves to Portland in March and Seattle in July.

Films, dances, and art...coming up

Here are key events scheduled in the next few months. One of the most impressive aspects of the celebration, a show of 5,000 years of Indian art entitled "Essence of India," is tentatively set to open in August at San Francisco's Asian Art Museaum.


Oakland. Now through November 15. Prieto Gallery, Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Boulevard; (415)430-2164. "The Image of Women in India Art" is an exhibition ranging from 1000 B.C. terra cotta through paintings of the Muslim Mogul and Hindu Rajput courts to contemporary folk art. Hours: 10 to 4 daily; free.

Berkeley. November and February-March. Pacific Film Archive, 2625 Durant Avenue. "Film-utsav India" is a two-part, 49-film survey of classic and contemporary Indian cinema. Screenings include documentaries on Nehru, Gandhi, and director Satyajit Ray. Tickets cost $3.75; (415)642-1412.

San Francisco. Saturdays November 9 through December 7 at 1 P.M. California Academy of Sciences, The Wattis Hall of Man, Golden Gate Park; (415)221-5100. "Indian Traditional Arts Presentations" offers these free events: folk dancing from Gujurat state (November 9), a costume presentation (16), a food demonstration (23), South Indian classical dance (30), and North Indian classical dance (December 7). Academy admission: $3 adults, $1.50 youths, 75 cents children.

November 15 through March. San Francisco International Airport, North Terminal. Display of ancient Indian sculpture from the Asian Art Museum.

Through December 8. California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park; (415)221-4811. "Indian Miniatures from the Ehrenfeld Collection" contains 127 seldomseen miniatures from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Museum admission: $3 adults, $1 children. Hours: 10 to 5 Wednesdays through Sundays.

Hayward. November 20. California State University Theater, Campus Drive. Langas, a vocal and instrumental ensemble from the desert region of Rajasthan, will perform at 8 P.M. Tickets cost $5; (415)881-3919.


Springfield. December 1 to January 31. The Springfield Museum, 550 Main Street; (503)726-6838. "Women Painters of Mithila" is a folk art exhibition of paintings by women of northeast India. Free. Hours: 11 to 5 Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Portland. March 1 to May 31. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, 4015 S.W. Canyon Road; (503)228-6674. "India--A Festival of Science." Admission: $3.50 adults, $2 children. Hours: 9 to 8 Fridays, 9 to 5 other days; closed Mondays.


Seattle. May 8 to July 13. Seattle Museum Pavilion at Seattle Center; (206)443-4710. "Kushan Sculpture: Images from Early India" presents over 100 sculptures from the first and third centuries--in the first show of Kushan Dynasty art. Hours: Tuesdays through Sturdays 10 to 5 (Thursdays to 9); Sundays noon to 5; closed Mondays. Admission: $2 adults, $1 students; under 6 free; all free on Thursdays.

July 1 to October 31. Pacific Science Center, 200 Second Avenue N.; (206)443-2001. "India--A Festival of Science." Hours: 10 to 5 weekdays, 10 to 6 weekends. Admission: $3.50 adults, $2 ages 6 to 17, $1 ages 3 to 5.
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Title Annotation:A Festival of India
Date:Nov 1, 1985
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