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India appeals in 'eye for an eye' ruling.

India has asked Saudi Arabia to sympathetically review the case of an Indian worker after a court ordered that his eye be gouged out for accidentally blinding a Saudi national in one eye during a scuffle.

E. Ahamed, India's junior foreign minister, told Parliament that a Saudi court had ordered that the worker, Abdul Lateef Naushad's right eye be gouged out after the Saudi citizen, Naif Al-Otaibi, lost his right eye during a fight.

Naushad was arrested in Saudi Arabia soon after the incident in April 2003.

A court ruled that under Sharia law Naushad's right eye be removed.

Ahamed told MPs that a mercy petition was submitted to Saudi King Abdullah earlier this week
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Dec 10, 2005
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