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India : MoU between India and Iran on visa facilitation.

The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved the signing of the agreement between India and Iran on visa facilitation for Diplomatic, Official/Service and Ordinary passport holders.

Salient features of the agreement are as given below:

(i) Consequent upon this, upon presentation of an official note by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the visa application, the resident Diplomatic Missions in the host country would, within 20 working days, issue a gratis visa valid for 90 days for the holders of valid Diplomatic/Official/Service passports, assigned on long-term missions to the Diplomatic Missions or the Consulates General. Appropriate gratis visas of three months' validity for visiting close family members (blood relations such as parents, siblings, adult children as well as in-laws) and visas for other close relatives of the assignees, on payment of visa fees due would be issued.

(ii) On presentation of an official note by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating the purpose of the visit, a non-extendable gratis entry visa will be issued within three working days, with a validity of up to fifteen days, to political authorities and officials travelling for specific bilateral purposes or to participate in a conference or seminar.

(iii) A multiple-entry gratis visa of three months' validity, for stays up to 20 days during each visit, for the audit/financial and IT/computer officials who travel on stated official business to their respective Diplomatic Missions and Consulates General will be issued within 15 working days.

(iv) Under special administrative exigencies, a single-entry gratis visa of validity up to three months for temporary deployments to the Diplomatic Missions or Consulates General in the host country will also be issued within 15 working days.

(v) Upon presentation of an official note by the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the visa application of the teachers and their dependent spouse and children, a single entry Service/Official gratis visa of three months' validity will be issued, within twenty working days.

(vi) This Agreement will come into force upon signing and exchange of official notes confirming that legal formalities on either side have been fulfilled.

(vii) This Agreement will be valid for an indefinite period. Each Party may, however, terminate this Agreement by giving a written notice for this purpose through diplomatic channels, at least 60 days in advance.

(viii) Either Party reserves the right to prevent the entry, shorten or terminate the stay of the nationals of the other party in accordance with their respective laws and regulations.

(ix) This Agreement can be amended at any time as decided and mutually agreed upon in writing by the Parties. Any dispute arising out of the interpretation, implementation or application of any provision of this Agreement shall be settled amicably through consultation or negotiation between the Parties.

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Date:Dec 3, 2015
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