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India 'ready to test nuclear missile'.

INDIA will soon test fire a new missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads across much of Asia and the Middle East, a top defence scientist has claimed.

The first test-firing of the Agni III missile failed in July last year, but it will be test fired again 'very soon' as scientists have fixed a fault in its heat shield, the head of India's state-run Defence Research and Development Organisation said yesterday. The test fire could take place in May or June.

India's current crop of missiles have been largely intended to confront neighbour Pakistan. The Agni III, in contrast, is designed to reach 1,900 miles - putting China's major cities well into range, as well as targets deep in the Middle East. It is thought to be capable of carrying up to a 300-kiloton nuclear warhead.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 15, 2007
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