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India,United Kingdom : TUK TUK turns to hydrogen fueled vehicles for INDIA.

An affordable hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, based on the Tuk Tuk design has been unveiled at the Auto Expo Motor Show in India.

It is produced by engineers at Birmingham City University. The new Millenium Tuk Tuk was showcased as a potential clean transport solution for India, to replace the country's fleet of traditional and inefficient auto rickshaws.

The model was produced in response to India's Hydrogen Highway which aims to ensure that at least 1 million hydrogen fuelled vehicles are on the road by 2020.

The fuel cars are too expensive for most, it is claimed that the hydrogen fuelled Tuk Tuk could be an affordable alternative while helping to reduce India's growing transport emissions.

Parmjit Chima, Head of the School of Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Systems at Birmingham City University, said "with the current climate agenda of a low-carbon economy and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, the way vehicles are reliant on fossil fuels needs to change.

An abundance of sunshine in India, it has been developing a 'Hydrogen Tree' with a simple design which would be capable of charging multiple hydride stores to power not only vehicles but other appliances and devices too. This research is extracting and storing hydrogen is a real game-changer.

The Millenium Tuk-Tuk features a hydrogen fuel cell, electric motor and a complex control system. The Hydrogen is stored in low pressure metal hydride cylinders fitted to the vehicle. It also features a thermal compressor which can be used for stored use of the fuel cell to produce electrical charge, to propel the vehicle forward.

The engineers claim they can reduce the cost of the hydrogen powered vehicles and deliver an affordable public transport vehicle.

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Date:Feb 15, 2014
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