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India's rocketing growth; Letters

RE: Sylvia Seeley's letter 'India's priority is not a rocket' (Letters, November 8). The fact that India can even support a space exploration program is an example of its economic growth (five to nine per cent).

India has rates of economic development staggeringly higher than many other emerging powers. Poverty rates by percentage of population have fallen by ten per cent in the last ten years and the country shows a constant upward trend in portable water sources to rural area.

Per capita income in the last ten years has doubled in India. The space program has provided India with some of the starkest reminders for international cooperation and the fragility of our tiny blue planet. A non-trivial portion of this poverty and hunger is due to the colonisation under a power from where you wrote your letter.

T S Pabla, Pembury Avenue, Longford.
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Date:Nov 12, 2013
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