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India's 1st Comprehensive & Integrated Non-Physical Health Solutions Company LIFEISAWESOME Successfully Launches Its Operations.

Chennai, India, August 06, 2018 --( India's 1st Comprehensive & Integrated Non-Physical Health Solutions company LIFEISAWESOME successfully launches its operations for use by individuals.

Chennai-based non-physical health solutions provider LIFEISAWESOME on Monday announced it has successfully launched services for use by adults (20 to 60 years of age) and children (below 15 years of age) in the country.

Launched today by Co-Founder and CEO Arjunvasan Ambigapathy, LIFEISAWESOME provides free and unique one-of-a-kind comprehensive assessment of an individual's non-physical health. The service is available for individuals across all sectors and strata of the society, which can be easily accessed through the internet.

The company's flagship solution is designed to enable individuals use simplistic technology-enabled tools to identify how to bring under control their non-physical health issues, which are not limited to stress, depression, anxiety, financial health issues, relationship issues, substance use, addiction and physical health. LIFEISAWESOME's core mission is to reduce the non-physical health needs of individuals in India by 80595%, which is to close the gap between the availability of specialists (which LIFEISAWESOME refers as their Care Partners) attending to the non-physical health issues of individuals (who are LIFEISAWESOME's Care Consumers). One of the major tasks in front of the company is to increase the awareness an individual has about safe and effective management of their non-physical health issues. This entails identifying how an individual's non-physical health is comparable to the healthy average comprising of an average score of individual's within the same age group. Our solutions educate how systematic approach to managing one's self can positively impact their growth and development in life. LIFEISAWESOME's positively unique experience is designed to treat what is a must for an individual, so that the value of care served to them is comprehensive and in an integrated manner.

"At LIFEISAWESOME, we believe that most of the physical health issues, especially what we term to be 'chronic lifestyle diseases', such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, migraine, spondylosis, heart diseases, asthma and arthritis to name, are a result of our lack of attention to recognizing and bringing in control our mental, physical and emotional well being," said Arjunvasan.

This is especially true in our country, where estimates show that around 42.5% of our workforce are affected by stress, anxiety or depression due to issues either at the workplace or in their personal life. "While we are in the process of expanding our Care Partners across India, we differentiate ourselves in this industry through our ability to use a wise mix of technology and physical interventions to create an experience that is easily accessible, simple to use, reasonably affordable, identity safe, data secure, therapeutically reliable, totally discrete and positively unique," said Arjunvasan.

Estimates reveal that 38.5% of corporate employees in India sleep less than 6 hours a day due to high stress levels that arise out of tough targets set by their employers (Source: ASSOCHAM Study, Apr 2015). Estimates also show that one out of every two employees in corporate India suffer from anxiety and depression mostly driven by demanding schedules, high stress levels, performance-linked perquisites, general anxiety levels and lack of work-life balance.

LIFEISAWESOME estimates that most of the individuals irrespective of their positions in the society are unaware of how well their non-physical health condition is, especially their awareness of what is considered to be healthy or when they require attention, and when they need to obtain our care. LIFEISAWESOME's Self-Assessments of Non-Physical Health are designed to enable individuals identify, evaluate and keep in reference their condition through understanding their comprehensive scores, while attending to their issues in a more secure and discrete way. Individuals can easily access our self-assessments directly through our website

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Date:Aug 6, 2018
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