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Indexing Stack Mold Speeds Overmolding Jobs.

A new rotary indexing stack mold promises higher outputs in two-component molding. The new mold technology was developed in Germany by Ferromatik Milacron Maschinenbau and toolmaker Foboha GmbH. It is offered here by Ferromatik Milacron Europe, Batavia, Ohio. The design replaces the center platen of a conventional stack mold with a rotating cube that has four mold faces. Each time the clamp opens, the hydraulic-powered cube turns 90[degrees] on its center vertical axis in 1.3 sec. One material is injected in the first station. The second station can be used for additional cooling or insert loading, At the third station, the second color or material is injected by a barrel mounted perpendicular to the machine axis. The fourth station permits part removal while the clamp is closed.

Compared with conventional overmolding using a cavity plate that turns 180[degrees] between two injection positions, the stack-mold technique cuts clamp-force requirements by almost 50% and accommodates twice as many cavities. The two extra stations can also reduce total cycle times. Foboha has built 30 indexing molds for automotive parts and containers.
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Title Annotation:Ferromatik Milacron product information
Comment:Indexing Stack Mold Speeds Overmolding Jobs.(Ferromatik Milacron product information)
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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