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Index 2014 preview part II: the second of a two-part look at what some exhibitors will be exhibiting in Geneva this month.

GKD Process Belt Solutions

Booth 4131

Due to their highly versatile properties, nonwovens rank among the world's most wanted materials. By 2017, an annual growth in demand of 5.4% to a production volume of about nine million tons is anticipated. Because the trend is for high-performance nonwovens to become thinner and lighter, the square meterage of processed nonwoven fabrics can be expected to increase by a much greater factor. As this demand grows, so do the challenges facing manufacturing and processing companies. Rising energy and processing costs call for innovative and customized solutions to ensure a sustainable increase in efficiency. At Index, GKD will be presenting tomorrow's woven process belt solutions for the manufacture of nonwovens. At the GKD stand, the focus will be on innovative belt coatings that prolong cleaning cycles and on ultra-flexible, self-tracking woven metal V-crimp type belts for high-speed applications in the hygiene sector.

Light, flexible and highly durable, nonwovens are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-saving alternative to conventional materials. Depending on the specific requirements of the application, raw materials and manufacturing processes are adapted to the product. This is where the custom-configured, high-performance process belts made by GKD offer potential for optimization in demanding production processes. However, the woven technical mesh specialists from Dueren, Germany, provide more than just market-relevant innovations. Their customers also benefit consistently from GKD's decades of expertise in providing qualified and competent consultancy and service also regarding third-party products. Individual calculations, engineering and customized belt designs through to efficient commissioning all make this expert for process belts one of the world's most sought-after partners for reliable solutions.

GKD responds to demands for smooth-running processes and prolonged cleaning cycles with innovative belt coatings. Adhesion and fouling, even with extremely sticky products, can be reduced or even completely prevented by using custom-coated woven metal process belts. This prolongs the cleaning cycle by up to 150%. The benefit is a substantial increase in consistency of quality and in the productivity of manufacturing processes running at temperatures up to 240[degrees]C.

GKD is also setting new standards for the growing market for hygiene products with its self-tracking woven metal belts for high-speed applications running at up to 800 meters per minute. V-crimp type belts with ultra-stable special plastic cables woven in parallel to the running direction are particularly suitable for coping with the extreme forces involved in embossing processes. These belts can be relied on to handle high speeds and tight bending radii. The V-crimps on the underside of the mesh are what give this type of belt its name. They ensure optimal and reliable self-tracking, so additional belt tracking is no longer needed.

With regard to aerodynamic nonwovens forming, GKD has a new weaving technology that allows it to create process belts with graded air permeability across the complete width of the belt. This makes it possible to positively influence the aerodynamics in the air-laid fiber deposition process. For optimization of belt routing, GKD now also offers forming belts like the Conductive 7700 with tracking profiles along their edges. These ensure that the belt's run is stable and consistent throughout the plant, and thus also help to increase process reliability.

In addition to its process belt solutions, the Dueren-based technical mesh specialist will also be showcasing filter discs specially made by its business unit Solid Weave for polymer melt filtration in plastics extrusion lines of high-speed spuribond applications.



Booth 1464

imeco, an established German manufacturer of nonwoven products with 30 years of experience, introduces a new cleaning wipe into the market. This new nonwoven wipe called Powerclozz is ideal to use for wiping or dish washing and it is made from a mixture of viscose and PLA with a basis weight of 250 g/m2.

The Powerdozz has two strong sides--a smooth one and an abrasive one--and it removes stubborn dirt with one side and cleans smooth surfaces striation free and almost dry with the other side. With a user-friendly format of 20 x 20 cm, a huge suction power up to 1000% of the own weight and best cleaning properties, this wipe is a multitalent in the kitchen. It can clean smooth surfaces and dishes such as those made from porcelain or ceramic, and also stainless steel and silver, as well as cutlery and glasses.

A further advantage is the odor-reduction property of Poweclozz. Unpleasant odors, as often noticed from commercial dishcloths, are reduced to a minimum with this new wipe. In addition the durable Powerclozz is tear-resistant, of high tensile strength and on top washable. The abrasive coating itself maintains stability even during machine washing.

But the imeco Powerclozz is not only satisfying because of its application features. The material itself has been selected because of its sustainability characteristics. The chosen basis-materials for the wipe--viscose and PLA--meet high cleaning features as well as the requirements regarding sustainability, because this nonwoven material is made from 100% natural raw materials.

The wipe is available in a trendy apple green color with orange abrasive dots in tubular bags with three or four wipes.


Booth 4221

Imerys Carbonates' booth will show visitors how to achieve a soft cotton feel using its range of FiberLink products. FiberLink is the latest development in nonwoven and mineral technology. This product has been specifically designed to enable the amount of resin used in nonwoven production to be substantially reduced. This brings about cost savings to the producer, while also reducing the overall carbon footprint of the final product. Benefits of FiberLink include increased softness, improved matte and opacity, better filtration performance, high hydrostatic head, high air permeability and higher process ability. FiberLink products are manufactured in Europe and the U.S. based on an engineered calcium carbonate that is specifically treated for use in nonwoven applications. FiberLink also complements Imerys' wide range of film and plastic additives, covering various applications from polyolefin, to PVC, to engineering thermoplastics, to thermosets and other polymer bases.


Booth 4035

As integrated suppliers, Indevco Group member companies serve every stage of the hygiene disposables nonwovens industry in Europe with converting machinery and parts, raw materials, hygiene packaging and private label products.

With warehousing and logistics gateways in England and the U.S., as well as manufacturing plants located worldwide, Indevco Group offers reliable and secure supply, combined shipments, and just-in-time delivery to Europe and North America.

The group of manufacturing companies establishes and leverages on preferred partnerships with polymer suppliers in close proximity to offer competitive pricing on raw materials and packaging.

Indevco member companies Phoenix Machinery, Napco United Plastic Products Company, and Sanita Persona, as well as Indevco Paper Containers Division serve European branded diaper and feminine napkin converters, as well as private label manufacturers with: hygiene converting machinery and parts; baby diaper converting machine; adult incontinence diaper converting machine; feminine napkin converting machine; forming drums; vacuum drums; and CNC parts.

The raw materials portfolio includes PE backsheet film, adhesive diaper tapes, mechanical hook tapes, and mini hook tapes.

For overwrap for diapers, feminine napkins and tissue, the company offers PE outer bags, tissue and towel overwrap, and wet wipe overwrap.

For corrugated displays and boxes Indevco offers regular slotted containers (RSCs), shelf-ready packaging (SRP), promotional boxes, as well as counter stand displays.

Its private label products portfolio includes high-quality private label wet wipes, hand sanitizers, and antibacterial liquid soap for brand extension.

Established in 1955, Indevco's international manufacturing plants produce paper and plastic flexible packaging, corrugated containers and displays, consumer and institutional tissue and disposables, converting machinery, as well as automation-and-drive and energy solutions.

JiangSu YingYang Nonwoven Machinery

Booth 4209

JiangSu YingYang Nonwoven Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional supplier of nonwoven machinery based in ChangShu, China. The company says it is the largest company, by market share and size, in China and one of the biggest in the world. Over the past 20+ years the philosophy and focus of YingYang has been to provide a professional approach to the supply of high quality products, supported by excellent service. Add to this, an ongoing design and development program combined with first class engineering and the result is the premier supplier of nonwoven machinery, not only in China, but worldwide. It's a focus and philosophy that president and chairman, Mr. Fan, ensures is kept and developed everyday. The company's machinery are operations are located in Russia, Germany, Poland, the U.S., South America, the Middle East, India and many Asian countries.

The product range of YingYang is ever broadening and includes the following areas. Needled nonwovens, full production lines, including pre tacking and finishing needle looms, for the manufacture of synthetic leather base cloth, shoe materials, automotive interior trim, floor and wall coverings using patterned and random velour finishing, roofing felts, filtration materials and geo-textiles up to 10 meters wide; high loft nonwovens, a full range of thermal and resin bonded machinery for the manufacture of polyester/cotton high loft, soft and hard handle nonwovens for the furniture and mattress industry, as well as complete pillow filling lines; spunbond nonwovens, polyester and polypropylene spun bond and melt blown production lines; natural and synthetic fiber waste, a full range of machinery to handle all reclaim and recycling needs; and complimentary technology, a full range of machinery for calendars, sizing machines, slitting, winding and reclaiming machinery.

Professionalism is a driving force at YingYang and the company employs the newest technology in CNC manufacture, plasma welding, and the latest European laser checking systems to ensure consistent and repeatable manufacture of components and machinery. The company's quality system is registered to IS09000-2000, and implemented throughout the plant.

YingYang, with a workforce of over 400 highly skilled and dedicated engineers and associates, is located in ChangShu City, just 45 minutes from Shanghai HongQiao Airport and 90 minutes from PuDong International Airport.

Luwa Air Engineering

Booth 2359

Luwa Air Engineering AG of Switzerland is one of the leading suppliers of air engineering products and system solutions for technical textile and nonwoven applications. Today's high production machines, quality requirements, increasing energy costs and price sensibility need precise knowledge of the production processes of each customer to find the best solution. Due to its know-how combined with long experience, Luwa offers tailor-made and efficient answers for increasing the productivity and reducing the operating costs.

Luwa Air Systems offers sophisticated and innovative equipment include air-filtration, fiber-recycling, waste-disposal and air-conditioning systems for all nonwoven processes. Air handling components are developed to optimize the production process by increasing operating hours, keeping hygienic requirements, reducing maintenance cycles and consumption of raw material. Overall solutions include the complete air conditioning and filtration plant with components such as pre-filter, fine-particle filter, separators, compactors, high-pressure humidifier, fans, controls and special air-distribution elements (direct process or spot conditioning).

With our worldwide network, Luwa knows the local requirements wherever plants are built. We have extensive expertise, work reliably, and are solution-and goal-oriented. Luwa service does not end with the commissioning of a system. Quite the contrary: We provide and maintain guaranteed performance.

Made Nonwovens

Booth 1268

Mada Nonwovens is in a strong expansion phase. A new Reicofil 4 line is in its startup phase and Mada is more than doubling its current production capacity. This capacity will be sold mainly to the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA). This area has a population of around 300 million people with a high birth rate and a favorable age pyramid. Rising income and a rapid ongoing urbanization will ensure that the growth figure will be well above the global average growth for nonwovens. Around 70% of the total nonwovens market in the MENA region is estimated to be different hygiene applications. Mada is well placed in Jubail, Saudi Arabia to serve this fast growing market. Jubail is a global center for production for chemicals and bulk plastics and Mada hopes to capitalize on its position in the middle of the huge PP production sites in Jubait, as PP is by far the biggest cost element in the production of nonwovens.

The new investment in a six beam SSMMMS will ensure that local diaper manufacturers have access to world-class quality non wovens material.This is also an advantage for the global players in the regional diapers business. Nonwovens can be sourced locally and the Mada offering is both competitively priced and of excellent quality.

Mada is now in a very strong position with the new line running. Although the MENA region is the main focus, customers outside this region will also be served with specialty nonwovens including bicomponent (PE/PP) material. Due to its softness this material is an excellent choice for example in adult incontinence products and medical applications. Several other differentiated nonwoven materials are currently in the development pipeline and will be commercialized in the near future.

Marketing Technology Service

Booth 2510

Marketing Technology Service (MTS) is exhibiting new airlaid composites produced with its airlaid machinery, which can be rented for R&D and short commercial runs to create absorbent and composite nonwoven materials for new products. With over 35 years of consulting and product design expertise, MTS provides complete resources for product development, including on-site laboratories featuring the complete line of advanced MTS product development and testing equipment for diapers, adult and feminirie hygiene products, and materials. See M'TS's testing equipment at Booth 2510, including video of a crucial testing device: the MTS Nit Counter for quantifying dry defibration efficiency of hammermills and for quantifying dusting in wipes and other fabrics.

MTS also is announcing the INSIGHT 2014 International Conference. Always a key event for the nonwovens and high-performance fabrics industries, the 36th annual INSIGHT Conference will be held in Indianapolis, IN, U.S. on Oct. 19-23, 2014. Over 350 high-level industry professionals typically attend this premiere event. Find out about group registration discounts for 2014.


Booth 4321

MBS Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH from Germany is offering primary and secondary packaging for hygiene products. The company's focus is engineering and manufacturing highly reliable packaging equipment with full vertical integration. Since MBS began operations 5 years ago more than 30 projects in hygiene packaging were delivered worldwide and completed successfully.

First tier packaging machinery including stackers and baggers for products such as baby diapers, adult incontinence and ferncare products, underpads and sanitary napkins are available from MBS. Second tier packaging completes the range with the MBS W108 and MBS W115, which bundle pre-packed baby diapers or adult incontinence products with cost effective PE film, replacing the expensive corrugated boxes.

The Multipac BMP160 is the ideal solution for wet wipes packaging for multiple packages in pre-made bags, known in the market such as value packs, economy or family packs. The MBS Bagger Series is the result of benchmarking the best in the market, striving to make it second to none. The innovative platform concept allows for modular design and is offering speed options of 25, 45, 60 and 70 bags per minute.

At INDEX MBS will present for the first time its revolutionary and patented stacker ST1200, which is a breakthrough in stacking products of different thickness or size. With almost zero changeover time the high speed stacking wheel concept is extremely flexible and is taking only up to 50% of floor space of conventional stacking systems.

Delivering reliable and solidly built equipment with the lowest possible initial investment and life cycle cost is MBS's duty. German Quality Solutions is not only an MBS claim but rather a certificate given to each and every one of their customers. MBS is distributing its products with the support of Alexander Herzog (HERZOG Services GrribH&Co.KG), who has 15 years experience in the field of nonwovens and disposable products.


Booth 4216

Mecatex srl from Terranuova, Bracciolini, Italy, builds machines for the nonwoven industry from fiber preparation to web forming, thermo-bonding, cutting, winding and packaging. Its machines are designed for the opening, weighing, blending and feeding of fibers to web-forming units. Mecatex also provides airlay cards; vertical lappers as standalone units or together with other web-forming units to diversify and increase the line productivity; various kinds of band ovens; heat bonding units; hot and cold calenders; embossing units; a wide range of cutting units including non-stop crosscutting; various winding units; and complete fiber ball productions lines.


Booth 1440

Mogul will introduce its new range of Buffalo Pet/copet bicomponent Pet spunbond products and fabrics from new mono pet spunbond line. Mogul's product range is composed of spunlace, PP spunbond nonwovens, Pet spunbond nonwovens (Mono Pet, Bicomponent (Pet/Copet), Flat, Point, Trilobal), meltblown nonwovens, SM-SMS-MMM grades, extrusion coated/laminated fabrics, PEVA film and converted products made from nonwovens and composites. MI-IV fluorescent hi-visible fabrics, Row-apro sms roofing fabrics, Integrale coated/laminated fabrics, Spill control range (socks-booms-pillows-kits), Allucoat range allu-minium coated fabrics, Multiplex wide width crop covers, Duotex abrasive wipes, Q-wick special emboss wipes, Asterion pulp/mb grades are some specialties beside basic products. Main markets served include wipes, building industry, spill control, filtration, coating substrates, bedding/furniture, packaging, automotive, agriculture, medical hygiene, cable wrapping, vacuum cleaner dust bags and fabric softener sheets.


Booth 4371

Nanoval process is a new method of spinning continuous filaments from melts or solutions by a split-swinging motion given to the extruded liquid filaments by an air-flow in a Laval nozzle. Energy consumption and filament diameters are lower than at ordinary meltblown systems. Capacities up to 200 kg/h.m, energy consumption below 1 kWh/kg, at Nanovlisz (below 1.2 micron) 2 to 3 kWh/kg. Due to this special bursting effect the mixed micro-nano filaments in nonwoven fabrics are intermingled.

All standard synthetic polymers, such as PP, PE, PA, PET, PA, PPS, PBT, PLA, and PC can be processed. Much attention has been given to cellulose webs spun from Lyocell solutions. In this case the feedstock pulp, or even waste paper and wood is cheaper than synthetic polymers--all of fossil origin--but recovery of the solvent by evaporation is needed. A first pilot plant for Lyocell spun bond webs is operated at the institute TIM near Jena and can be visited. A spin beam section will be displacyed at the stand at Index.

Spinneret orifices are larger in diameter at Nanoval due to the splitting effect so that functional additives can be spun with the melt or solution, like super-absorbents in cellulose filaments by which up to 25 times water absorbtion ref. web weight can be reached. Nan oval's other activity is the atomizing of metal melts into powders, which may be used as additives in filaments of nonwovens.

NDC Infrared Engineering

Booth 4457

NDC's web gauging systems provide valuable measurements to optimize the diverse nonwovens, textiles and fabrics manufacturing processes. NDC are able to offer the widest range of gauges to these businesses and provide accurate, repeatable measurement performance that is required for these high value-added products.

NDC's NW710 non-nuclear sensor can simultaneously measure both basis weight and residual moisture of Polypropylene Spunbond and SMS Nonwoven fabrics. It can measure a range of basis weights from 8 gsm Spunbond to 90 gsm SMS. In addition, the NW710 precisely measures residual moisture levels, making it a highly efficient and essential tool in maintaining product parameters at specification.

The NW710 takes advantage of proprietary light filtration and detection techniques to provide precise, concurrent measurement of product basis weight and residual moisture level. Integrated air-purge systems and sensor status monitors assure optimized sensor performance over the long term regardless of ambient conditions. Since the NW710 sensor is non-nuclear, it requires no special licensing and is user-serviceable.

As product quality and material usage are important aspects of the spunbond nonwoven process, the NW710 is invaluable in controlling the basis weight variation for optimal web formation and quality. The N1AT710 builds on NDC's industry-leading expertise in NIR measurement technology to provide unique capabilities for the nonwovens producer. This sensor is designed to a performance standard that meets or exceeds the exacting requirements for the measurement of basis weight and trace moisture levels in spunbond nonwoven applications.

NDC provides no-compromise solutions for these applications. NDC's measurement experience includes a broad range of materials and structures. Its family of intelligent basis weight and infrared moisture gauges ensure that product quality, process yield and profitability are maximized. In addition, NDC's HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides a detailed insight into nonwovens products that supports process optimization for further product quality enhancements.


Neos Italia

Booth 1114

At Neos, hygiene market understanding and knowledge of disposable absorbent product technology are matters of daily involvement and improvement for the past 20 years. As a roll goods manufacturer, compliance with the most demanding quality, safety, environmental and ethic standards are core values that drive all business activities, procedures arid communication.

Core competences include co-extrusion, lamination, printing, embossing, perforation, surface finishing, general converting, development and customization of a wide range of flexible materials such as nonwovens, films and composites are at the base of our offering. Products include perforated nonwovens, printed nonwovens and films, laminates and apertured/perforated films for selected territories and applications. Markets and applications include hygiene disposables, hospital, medical, industrial, food processing, pet care, household care and packaging.

Ongoing supply relation with a variety of market players implies the need for design, look and technical properties differentiation according to what converters or end users demand in specific regions of the world. To this extent our capabilities give freedom to make each material unique, by choosing from a range of web forming technologies, finishing surface and calibrating masking level, liquid acquisition time, retention and wetback for optimal combination with other components in finished product. Also, sensorial appeal can be customized by color printing, or adding fragrances and cosmetic treatments (i.e.: vitamins , Aloe Vera, chamomile), adapting touch feel and other features to an endless variety of designs and applications, improving end users perception and experience.

At Neos, product range expansion and evolution is considered part of core business; functional effectiveness and consumer notice-ability are key market requirements that we fulfill on daily basis.

Index provides the ideal stage to share the following latest evolutions in our portfolio: Extended range of flexo-printed nonwovens and films, where discrete, elegant or sophisticated look enables to contrast passive whiteness of most hygiene articles; water-based inks are all dermatologically tested, approved and certified by independent labs; N-Veil perforated nonwoven top-sheet range, upgraded by new perforation patterns--in full web width or in lanes--and increased open area, softness and dimensional stability, and in a broad range of surface finishing and grammages; N-I-lance perforated nonwoven ADL, granting the performance of a conventional high loft acquisition-distribution nonwoven layer at half basis weight. Due to resilient and calibrated funnel-shaped apertures working like one-way valves this new generation of ADL quickly wicks fluids away from product surface, minimizing wetback and improving strike-thru even after multiple insults.

Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute (NIRI)

Booth 4287

The Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute (N l.Rl) is a British company that specializes in helping clients develop novel and enhanced nonwoven products. Formed as a University of Leeds spin-out company in 2005, the NIRI team consists of leading nonwovens specialists providing a unique knowledge of nonwoven materials, technology, products and business, and their global network of contacts enables them to put together a supply chain to meet client requirements.

NIRI will be formally launching its commercial scale-up service. It has an extensive range of nonwoven pilot equipment including: Blending and mixing plant; fiber and fabric pulling facilities; 1 meter wide nonwoven carding line with cross-lapper and needle loom--10 kg/day capacity; 0.5 meter wide multi-headed hydroentanglement line; meltblown line; electrospinning line; and comprehensive analytical facilities for quality control.

All NIR1's equipment operates to fully commercial specifications, enabling prototype fabrication, product enhancement and small-scale production with small volumes of material. This versatility allows for production of material that fits in between very small pilot-scale trials and large-scale production, enabling evaluation for commercial scale-up without the costs associated with traditional commercial trials. NIRI has experience of developing medical products for stability trials and initial launch stock, and can operate to QC requirements, allowing validation studies to be conducted when required.

NIRI will also be presenting a number of its in-house technology developments. These include the revolutionary 'wear2', a technology that enables rapid disassembly of fabric products with a low-cost, low-energy, electomagnetic treatment process, a number of applications involving its patented HydroSpace technology (which allows active materials to be stored inside voids inside the structure of hydroentangled nonwoven fabrics), and a new development in flushable nonwoven fabrics that can facilitate the easy disposal of a wide range of products.

NK Paper

Booth 4211 Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier GmbH, one of Europe's leading paper manufacturing technology companies, will present its inclined wire process pilot paper machine with double layer head box. The company also offers nonwoven application consulting services.


Booth 1601

Norafin, an innovative provider of solutions in the field of technical nonwovens, will be presenting its expanded range of products for industrial applications, as well as for use in the hygiene and medical field.

New items in the company's range of products include materials with an area density starting at 16 g/m2, increasing the span of the assortment to 16-800 g/m2. The nonwovens are available in different colors and are made from various polymers and natural fibers. Norafin Komanda, the company's range of heat-resistant nonwovens for protective wear, has been completed with materials for work wear. For hygiene and medical use, nonwovens with varying patterns, which allow improved absorbency, are available.

In collaboration with its industrial partners, Norafin has furthermore developed electrically conductive nonwovens. The electrically heatable and drapable materials with a good resin capacity were especially designed for panel heater elements and electrodes. The conductive materials can be used as molding tools or for antistatic applications in the composite sector.


Booth 2161

Nordson continues introducing new OptiBond solutions focusing on variation management to optimize material delivery, dispensing and placement. Variation management programs help disposable hygiene product manufacturers improve production efficiency, decrease maintenance and enhance product quality with the simple but effective Nordson methodology: Measure, Understand, Improve.

"OptiBond solutions address both machine direction and cross-web variation, two primary causes of production inconsistency," says Alan Ramspeck, Nordson nonwovens global marketing manager. "At the most basic level, simply adding a flow meter to an existing disposable hygiene production line to measure and verify material flow can be the beginning of a variation management program. Accurate measurement allows understanding of flow across the entire machine speed range, even during the demanding ramp-up phase. Once actual flow rates are understood, solutions can be implemented to reduce variation and optimize applications."

Nordson's broad and expanding range of OptiBond solutions includes: passive or active metering point of application or intermediate system components; and melter-integrated or standalone control.

Nordson is expanding OptiBond solutions to include Nord-son's proven pattern control and needle stroke detection technology to provide cutting-edge visibility and control of actual material dispensing. This allows disposable hygiene product manufacturers to produce higher-quality products faster, more efficiently and at lower cost.

VersaBlue Plus melters now offer optional integrated closed-loop pattern control for up to eight (8) channels for continuous or intermittent dispensing applications. This functionality compensates for possible pattern drift over time, particularly in demanding intermittent applications. Additionally, module response monitoring of up to thirty-two (32) channels verifies correct adhesive placement while enabling predictive maintenance and extending service life.

This new functionality complements the optional melter-inte-grated flow monitoring and control for up to four (4) channels that was introduced last year to the established full-feature set ofVersaBlue melters. Integrated closed-loop control continuously measures and compares material flow rate to the application's flow requirement, automatically adjusting material delivery in real-time to minimize any difference between the actual and required flow rates.

The VersaBlue melter's intuitive, easy-to-use graphical touch screen interface simplifies set-up and operation of pattern and flow control, and also provides system status for various melter functions. Basic pattern and flow monitoring and control reporting are available on the melter display, or more detailed pattern and flow information can be exported to a laptop or via field bus.


Booth 2053

Novita S.A. is an export company from Poland and a nonwovens manufacturer with 40 years of experience offering spu_nlace (crosslapped) and needle-punched nonwovens in rolls made from viscose, polyester, polypropylene, micro-fibers and others. Our nonwovens applications include: household and industrial wipes (for wet & thy cleaning and with the use of detergents; retail packaging), automotive, medical and hygiene, civil engineering (geotextiles), footwear and apparel. High quality products are available in wide range of colors and apertures. Our services include worldwide delivery, short lead times, customized product development and all-in-one plant products integration.

Oerlikon Neumag

Booth 2314

Oerlikon Neumag will be presenting plants and technologies for the production of high quality nonwovens for hygiene and technical applications. For the first time, the new staple fiber plant Staple FORCE S 1000 will be introduced. This new, compact plant is specially laid out for the economical production of staple fibers in small lots up to 15 tons per day, as necessary for the production of carded nonwovens. The Staple FORCE not only impresses with its low initial investment and compact construction, but also the energy costs are significantly reduced by replacing steam and water baths through a dry drawing process.

"The Staple FORCE S 1000 is directed at downstream integrators, who in future want to produce the fibers for their products in-house, enabling the nonwovens producer to produce and further develop his end products without disclosing know-how and without quality fluctuations," says Rainer Straub, vice president product management Oerlikon Manmade Fibers.

Beyond the Staple Force, Oerlikon Neumag has a comprehensive portfolio of nonwoven technologies, from melt-spun spun bond (spunbond and meltblown) to airlaid nonwovens. Application areas are for example special technical uses such as filtration, roofing, geotextiles and automotive, as well as hygiene applications.

Oerlikon Neumag offers the complete process from polymer chips up to roll goods for the production of substrate for bitumen roofing membranes, sarking membranes and also geotextiles. The one-step spunbond technology convinces with a combination of effectiveness and productivity, thus lowering production costs by up to 20%. More than 3 million tons of technical nonwovens were produced last year and the demand is still increasing, especially in emerging countries. Thinner, lighter, efficient materials, as produced with the spunbond technology, now specify the trend.

Oerlikon Neumag's meltblown technology enables the cost-efficient production of high-quality meltblown and SMS (spun-bond-meltblown-sp-unbond) products. Stand-alone mono and bico meltblown plants produce nonwovens for a variety of filtration, insulation and sorbent applications. The meltblown technology is applied for a multitude of medical and hygiene products as "Plug & Product" installations in already existing and in new external SXS plants. This solution enables a cost-efficient upgrading of new or existing spunbond plants and offers nonwoven producers access to markets with very high quality demands.

The core of the OerEkon Neumag airlaid technology, the forming head, sets standards for the production of extremely thin airlaid nonwovens. A high uniformity and homogeneous web formation, today enable the production of high-quality, light airlaid nonwovens with economically attractive production speeds and plant throughputs. With the new forming head, we can not only produce very light airlaid materials, but also combination nonwovens with full utilization of the plant capacity, at the same time savingraw material.

Otto Stuber

Booth 4355

Otto Stuber GmbH and Co. KG in Germany produces electronic sensors to control Elastanes during the process of diaper production. For more than 25 years we've been supplying our well-proven sensors Type SENSOSTOP to diaper manufacturers all over the world. The touchless monitoring, especially of elastic yarns and similar material, has been realized by us through continuous development of our devices. Our switches are successfully applied by well known diaper producers and on diaper-machines all over the world. All yarn breaks or run outs of the cones can be detected without any problem even at low delivery speeds. In addition to our sensor types for 1, 4 or 6 positions, our modular system S1CF is offering individual solutions for special applications, e.g. small pitches starting from 6.5 mm.


Booth 4348

P2i's hydro- and oleo-phobic nano-coating enhances the performance of filtration media and technical textiles by reducing the problems acquired through moisture, liquid and/or oil exposure. This environmental process is unique as the ultrathin coating is molecularly bonded to the substrate surface using the patented P2i pulsed-plasma process. By pulsing the plasma during the polymerization phase, P2i is able to maintain tight control over the orientation, thickness and composition of the functional groups. This control gives P2i the highest levels of water AND oil repellency for filtration and technical textiles. P2i improves the performance of materials by providing superior levels of water and oil repellency through the patented pulsed-plasma deposition process. The patented P2i pulsed-plasma process is production proven in commercial operations worldwide. The nano-coating systems give added benefits to a wide range of materials. The precision winding and tension control systems provide outstanding roll quality across a wide range of material types.


Booth 2041

Index will be a special event for Pan tex International because of a series of important facts that are contributing to the company's success story. With reference to history; Pantex is still enjoying last year's commemorations of the 25th Anniversary of its presence on the market. The event was celebrated with an Open Day, which involved families and local authorities.

The key to more than 26 years of success in the hygiene market is based on solid pillars including long term expertise, proprietary technologies, continuous investments in R&D, good understanding of market's and customers' needs, strong financial position and short time to market.

From a product point of view, Pantex will introduce a wide range of new products confirming and consolidating the well-known innovative attitude of the company. As a result of the intensive work and experience built in the last six years with elastic laminates, Pantex has doubled its production capacity by installing a brand new fully integrated extrusion and lamination line, based on its modular proprietary technology. As a result, the company is well positioned on the market and recognized as one of the leading producers.

Pantex will show its wide range of products for baby and adult incontinence, including the newly developed 3D and MD elastic laminates. Pantex will also introduce the most recent upstream grades of cloth-like perforated laminated topsheets, designed to grant converting stability and distinctive dryness, while the new Cotton Dry perforated laminated topsheet are aimed to give comfort to sensitive skins. Made with high softness, these products are offered with several different pattern designs, all with unique visual appearance and premium performance levels as far as acquisition, rewet and masking concerns. Special attention is being given to the new bulky and extra-white soft Covers.

The company is also embracing a new sustainability program with a pragmatic approach to develop new environmentally friendly products. Special attention is also placed on waste management, with total waste reduction targets and complete recycling. The company strongly pursues strategic partnership for the overall optimization of its carbon footprint, throughout the entire supply chain, involving raw material suppliers, customers and forwarders.

For many years, Pantex is proudly committed to social responsibility with several projects engaged in international solidarity. In particular, with the warm involvement of all employees, Pan-tex family has significantly grown by adopting a wide number of children from less privileged countries.

With headquarters in Italy, and with an additional production site in the UAE, the company's long-term strategy focuses on organic growth and further geographic expansion. To accomplish this strategy, a number of investments in both production capacity and new technologies has already been planned to support the market increasing demand for comfort and fit, dryness and softness with a touch of Italian fashion design.

Paper Converting Machine Company

Booth 1579

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMQ, a leading manufacturer of crossfolders and flat pack folding machines, has launched a new advanced crossfolder specifically for nonwovens converting applications. The new Marlin-Flex dossfolder is designed to respond to the demands of short run, high-speed jobs, offering a lower cost per folded clip than any other crossfolcler in its dass. Key to its success is the flexibility it offers converters, combining high production speeds with top quality crossfolding across a variety of substrates and lotions.

Driven by the successful introduction of the industry's fastest two-bladed rotary saw cutter, MAKO, at Index11, PCMC continues its commitment to the technology advancement of the nonwovens industry and is proud to introduce its latest crossfolding innovation, Marlin-Flex.

Marlin-Flex is the result of merging well-proven crossfolding expertise and the innovative engineering designs, offering converters flexibility and improved productivity. Claiming to set a new benchmark in quick start-ups, more through-put and high quality finished product, the Marlin-Flex offers unprecedented levels of affordability. The primary objectives of Marlin-Flex are to provide a machine that can impact productivity, flexibility and quality, and more importantly, generate increased revenue and profits for the consumer.

Built around an extremely rugged frame, the Marlin-Rex is both durable and a consistent performer. In operation, the design allows for faster changeover, higher quality and improved efficiency. Servo motors offer fine tuning of controls with easy-to-use operator interfaces. This effectively gives the Marlin-Flex ebuilt-in intelligence' that monitors and manages all job parameters, giving maximum quality at maximum speed, for minimum cost.

For converters looking to manufacture high quality crossfolded products at low unit cost, the new Marlin-Flex offers unique features that support many applications. It is capable of handling a variety of substrates and lotions for flexible crossfolding, precision cutting and meticulous stacking.


Booth 4119

Porometer is a Belgian-German membrane and filter characterization equipment manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in capillary flow porornetry. The Porolux porometers are widely used to measure maximum (or first bubble point), minimum and mean flow pore sizes, and pore size distribution of through pores in non-woven, membranes, papers, filter media, hollow fibers and ceramics.

The Porolux 100NW is specially designed for the rapid measurement of large through-pores (90nm-5001.1m) in materials such as nonwovens. Based on the pressure scan method, which is fast and typically generates very reproducible results, the Porolux 100NW is very suited for quality control work.



Booth 2531

Reiferthauser Reicofil will present its up-to-date technology and newest developments. Together with its sister company Reifen-hauser Cast Sheet Coating, an expert for cast film lines, sheet lines and coating lines, the machine manufacturer will launch an innovative combination product made of nonwoven and film.

Bernd Kliinter, sales manager at Reicofil says, "We will create a completely new business field with the new product that offers great market potential for our existing customers. In the realization of this project, we have benefited a lot from the synergies within the Reifenhauser Group. For that reason, the Group members Reifenhauser Cast Sheet Coating and Reifenhauser Kiefel Extrusion will also be represented at the booth with their line technology."

Furthermore, Reicofil will show at Index the new lightweight material initially presented to the public at the K 2013 plastics show in October last year: a rollable fiber-reinforced plastic from nonwovens. In addition, a number of calendered, hydroentan-gled, needled and thermobonded nonwovens, meltblown fabrics and composites for hygiene, medical and industrial applications will be demonstrated.


S. Fazalllahl & Sons

Booth 4103

The company came into existence in 1947 and has now established itself as world class exporter and manufacturer of cotton products. S Fazalilahi & Sons (Pvt) Ltd. located in Pakistan is engaged in manufacturing and exporting Surgical Bleached Absorbent cotton of International Pharmacopeias Standards. The company is

ISO 9001:2008 certified and is also a member of BSCI. With an annual production capacity of 7,500 tons, the products are shipped to various regions of the world, including Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East etc. Our bleaching plant is setup as a purpose built unit with special attention to efficiency, economy and quality of production. The facility includes a modern laboratory with the latest equipments to conduct all tests and procedures to maintain the hygiene and quality of the products. Recently, we have developed a project which uses biomass fuel for steam generation thus reducing carbon emissions in the environment. The SFS team continuously strives to optimize an environmental friendly culture within the organization as well as socially.


Booth 2431

Building materials that render our home warm, quiet and cosy; acoustically efficient absorbers in the automobile that dampen driving noise and ensure a pleasant trip; hygiene products that help us feel secure and comfortable in any situation; wipes that help quickly remove little mishaps--nonwovens are in use all around, making our life easier and more pleasant. At the 2014 INDEX, Bavarian nonwoven maker Sandler invites you to experience the fascination with nonwovens for yourself. Apart from hygiene products, the company also puts a focus on nonwovens for technical applications in its trade fair presentation.

A modern, light-filled house, clear lines, an elegant minimalist design, a terrace fitted with lounge furniture and a large garden: A description of your dream home? Well, in any case this is Sandler's new booth at the INDEX. Have a seat and experience the fascination with nonwovens first hand.

Inside the house, nonwoven insulation materials on walls and ceiling create a comfortable indoor climate and provide quiet rooms for productive talks despite the hustle and bustle of the trade fair. A patchwork picture made of different nonwoven qualities, equipped with print and embossed motifs, showcase acoustic efficiency combined with a host of design opportunities. Have a first glimpse into the world of Sandler nonwovens with our new image trailer screened in the showroom or plan the implementation of the next innovation in nonwovens in our meeting room.

Nonwoven wall paper for exterior application commends itself as a textile alternative for renovation and design on the facade of the house. Visit the Sandler booth and be inspired. Your Sandler team is looking forward to develop nonwoven innovations with you and for you..

In the garden you are invited to "feel the difference." Sample collections showcase Sandler's latest developments for automotive applications, filtration, technical insulation, hygiene and wipes.

Nonwovens in hygiene articles are our daily companions. They lend support to little explorers and further an active lifestyle through discrete protection. Thus, softness providing for a high level of comfort and reliable performance ensuring confidence in use are the paramount objectives in product development. In this respect, the latest Sandler innovations for hygiene products leave nothing to be desired.

New materials for topsheet applications provide increased comfort in feminine hygiene with a silky touch. A special combination of fiber blend and manufacturing technology makes these nonwovens even smoother--silk touch for softness, a high level of comfort in use and a recognisable "nothing there" feeling.

In all applications, nonwoven distribution layers providing excellent fluid management are becoming a talking point. They reliably absorb fluid and quickly transport it to the absorbent core. Reliable protection allowing us to simply enjoy whatever the day may bring, no matter whether we are using a product ourselves or are able to get a good night's sleep knowing the baby diaper keeps our child thy and comfortable as well.

In baby diapers and incontinence products extensible sawa-bond and sawasoft nonwovens as well as elastic sawaflex composites create room to move. In diaper ears and other closure systems these air-permeable nonwovens combine a textile feel and facilitate optimum fit. With these nonwovens hygiene products adapt to any situation--whether your child is learning to walk or you are hying a new type of sport.

Sandler wipe substrates are the friend in need from baby care to industrial cleaning: They may be lightweight, conserving resources, and they are soft to gently care for sensitive skin in baby care or cosmetics. Or they may be particularly sturdy and bulky to easily remove even stubborn dirt. The nonwoven substrates are characterised by excellent lotion handling.

Partnership and sustainability are Sandler's watchwords regarding Eurocel--a fiber developed by Lenzing AG, manufactured in Europe from base materials of European origin. Using the "European fiber", delivery distances for raw materials are shorter, carbon dioxide emissions during transport are reduced and the nonwovens' carbon footprint is improved. With Eurocel wipes become more bulky, more stable when wet and dry out less quickly. This fiber also reduces elongation.

And since care is also supposed to be fun, Sandler brings life to nonwovens with application-oriented print and embossed designs. The latest embossed design for baby wipes invites you to just dive in. sea dwellers introduces a lively underwater world with seahorses, fish, turtles and clams.


Booth 4281

Located near Pescara in Italy, we are celebrating 15 years of excellence in supplying the disposable goods industries worldwide. Our equipment is strong, accurate, efficient, energy saving and long lasting. Due to the experience and trust acquired during these years, today Sani-Group gathers all our domains of excellence, which include: Cellulose mill for disc or hammer mills 10", 20" or other customized mills upon request; drum forming, pad forming and for core processors; RDC, for rotary die cutters and embossers; Sanimac, for machines, prototypes and reconditioning; and Sanipro for industry services spare parts service division and ultra-violet sterilizers.

Lately, we have developed a multi-purpose drop sealer starseal, ideal for promotional arid an obese side panel machine for adult diapers. Recently, Sanimac has concentrated its efforts on the development of new forming technology, combining the best expertise, the latest technology and know-how of our specialized sister companies.

For the near Future, we have in progress the construction of an economic underpad and incontinence products machine, the construction of prototype machines for new disposabl.e products and the development of a new recycling system for cellulose and SAE

Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI)

Booth 1369

The processing of reclaimed long fibers from carbon fiber waste to nonwovens has been a research topic at the Saxon Textile Research Institute (S114) since 2005. Carbon fiber nonwovens made of primary carbon fibers and bonded by stitch-bonding technology were developed and tested in CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics).

Based on these scientific findings, the actual goal soon was the processing of carbon fiber, recycled by means of suitable procedures, to nonwovens by carding technology.

First of all, the web formation of nonwovens was proved by recycled fibers obtained via pyrolysis process. It could be figured out early that not only stitch-bonding technology, but also the needling of carbon fiber nonwovens was possible to achieve sufficiently strong, easy to transport and drapable nonwovens with mass per unit areas from 40 gsm up to 700 gsm. Higher values can be generated by doubling of prefabricated nonwovens.

The fundamental examination of the recycling process for dry carbon filament waste and pyrolysis final products is the focus of a current research project.

A recycling process, which was modified in reference to the material feeding and energy conditions, was able to produce longer fibers and a significantly lower percentage of short fibers with a high economic efficiency in comparison to technologies used so far.

The nonwovens made of those recycled fibers, created in the described manner, provide characteristics for the use in Cl-RP structures with average structural requirements.

As an appreciation of this work, the STFI was awarded with the Deutscher Rohstoffeffizienz-Preis 2013, from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWi). On this occasion, outstanding examples for material-efficient products, processes or services and application-oriented research work were honored.

The modified recycling technology together with the appropriate web formation technique is the basis for all processing trials carried out in the technical laboratory of the STFI. For this, the STFI owns a complete system with 1 meter working width, which is specifically designed for the processing of carbon fibers in neat form or as blend with other fibers. Needling and stitch-bonding are integrated as bonding methods. The existing technical laboratory for the fabrication of fiber reinforced plastics and related testing equipment top off the corn-petencies of the STFI.

Schmits Chemical Solutions

Booth 4380

On a day-to-day basis, Schmits Chemical Solutions develops new and improved products to enhance us and our customers to enforce the mutual competitive strength. Allow us to introduce to you, a selection of promising developments: C6 based repellency compound with excellent performance on the 'Bundesmann' test; a flame retardant coating with high scratch resistance; and an outstanding high-heat resistant coating.

More and more substances are added to the list of substances of very high concern "SVHC" and become less available as a result of REACH. Due to years of focus on environmentally friendly materials like for instance waterborne, Antimony and Bromide free flame retardants, Schmits Chemical Solutions is the strategic partner that can help you react to these developments accordingly.

Schmits Chemical Solutions develops and supplies waterborne solutions for the international textile and nonwoven industry. These chemical solutions are developed to give various materials one or more distinguishing characteristics, adding value to your product or process.

Our list of products consists of the following six product-groups: Adhesives including pressure sensitive adhesives, wet lamination and thermoplastic lamination; polymer solutions including acetates, acrylics and polyurethanes; flame retardancy including antimony and bromide free; repellency including high performance C6 formulations; specialty coating including antislip, printable and protective coatings; and additives including dispersing agents, lubricants, thickeners, wetting agents, foaming and de-foaming agents.

As a flexible organized formulator we are able to develop, produce and deliver products that are customized to meet your specific demands. In addition to tailor made products, we offer technical assistance using our own pilot plant coating line, or technical assistance on location.

Schwing Fluid Technik GmbH

Booth 4257

With over 40 years of experience, Schwing Fluid Technik GmbH is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers all advanced thermal cleaning technologies for the removal of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools and machine parts of any type and size. Whether using pyrolysis, hydrolysis, thermal decomposition under vacuum conditions or a thermal conversion process in a fluidized bed, Schwing masters all methods to clean components without any residues.

Shandong Xinguang

Booth 4187

Shandong Xinguang Stock Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 and has registered capital of more than RMB 210 million yuan. Operations cover an area of 68,000 square meters for spunlace nonwoven projects. Our company is specialized in producing spunlace nonwoven fabrics from 30-150gsm, with different patterns like plain pattern, embossed small dot pattern, embossed diamond pattern, 22mesh, etc. The processing technique can be parallel laying or cross lapping. Special types or patterns can be customized. The annual production is 15,000tons. Insisting on technical innovation and management innovation, our company has introduced advanced equipment worldwide and represent state of the art technologies all over the world.

Shanghai Tominaga

Booth 4007

Shanghai Tominaga was established in 2004 and manufacturers auto and semi-auto packing machines mainly for toilet, kitchen roll tissue, facial tissue, sanitary napkin, panty liner, baby or adult diaper and pants, and household papers. With a senior engineer team with decades of experience, we have the capacity to offer professional packaging solutions, customized packing line, and considerable service. Upholding the principles of casting precision and pursuing quality, we keep developing and innovating to offer our customers a better packing solution.

Shanp Deng Enterprise (Asia)

Booth 4381

The expertise of Shanp Deng Enterprise (Asia) Sdn Bhd in making superior quality and innovative nonwoven fabric is originated and revolutionized from 26 years' experience in making nonwoven machineries. Shanp Deng was first established in 1900 and located in Tao-Yuan, Taiwan. Ten years later the first oversea facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia opened. This plant concentrated in mass production nonwoven fabric supplying the world's leading baby diapers and sanitary napkin makers. In 2006, Shanp Deng established its second overseas facility at Chonburi, Thailand named Hua Yi Co Ltd to support its hygiene customer's growth. In total there are 3 production facilities in Shanp Deng Group.

The quality of hot air through high-loft nonwoven, the acquisition distribution layer (ADL), the specialty two layers nonwoven and the point-bonded nonwoven manufactured by Shanp Deng Group of Companies are widely recognized and accepted by market places in Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Central and Southern America, and Northern Africa.

The production capacity of Shanp Deng Group of Companies exceeds 16,000 metric tons annually, the largest hot air through production capacity in its field (Asia region). This huge capacity allows Shanp Deng Group of Companies to share its resource to support each other's customers as the contingency plan.

Shanp Deng Group of companies in cooperation with a professional nonwoven machine maker has embarked on continuous product research and development programs in order to be competitive and stay ahead of competitors. It is the ultimate aim and goal of Shanp Deng Group to supply innovative and quality stable products to its customers. Shanp Deng Group always emphasizes on the Kaizen (efficiency of production) to be in search of high quality products with a reasonable price. In fact, all the new 3D or specialty nonwoven are online one time production.

In conjunction with new market trend requirements, Shanp Deng Group R&D has developed various 3D coverstock (top sheet) for both baby diapers and sanitary napkins. For instance the 3D "Honeycombed" designed top sheet minimizes contact

with a baby's skin. Besides, soft surface gently cushions the delicate skin of a baby's bottom. This reduces humidity in a diaper and a baby's bottom stays dry and comfortable all night. All the new products have undertaken a pattern registration.

In conjunction of growth in hygiene industry demand, Shanp Deng Group is aiming for an additional manufacturing plant in South Asia region for fulfilling this requirement. Furthermore, Shanp Deng Group will be developing more environmentally friendly products utilizing biodegradable fibers and specialty non-woven fabrics with 3 dimensional patterns.

Shemesh Automation

Booth 4329

Shemesh Automation Ltd. is showcasing for the first time its automatic high-speed vertical round wipes canisters stuffer, the SAS120. It is the world's first machine to establish an empirical success in automating the process of stuffing nonwoven rolls of wipes into canisters at high speeds and accuracy levels.

The SAS series, offered by Shemesh Automation in speeds of 60,120 or 200 products per minute, feeds the rolled product through a smart synching conveyors system vertically into a 90[degrees] chute that feeds the rolls to the main servo-driven rotary turret where each roll is stuffed by a pneumatic piston pusher into its designated canister. To reduce downtime, the SAS is designed as a no-tool product change machine with ultra low sub 30 minutes changeover time. The SAS is fully synchronized with the converting machine installed before and the wetting machine installed next in the production line and has the technological edge making it possible to stuff canisters with rolls that don't have to be lighter, but may actually be wider by up to 3mm than the canister outside diameter, a big plus.

Officially rolled out at 2013 with over 8 machines already successfully sold world wide, the SAS120 is not only the first such machine introduced to the market but also the only one empirically proven to date, reinventing operations and efficiency.

"Making the decision to develop such

a machine was not an easy one," says Eli Shemesh, founder and CEO. "On the one hand, the demand for such a machine was evident and came to us from several big market players as part of an effort to increase production efficiency and operating margins. On the other hand however, we knew that venturing into this relatively complex project where several other respectable machinery builders have failed before might prove risky. After all the product, rolls of nonwoven sheets, is very elastic and automating the insertion process of those rolls into canisters in such speeds and accuracy would be challenging."

Shemesh Automation offers through its wet wipes arm top-notch turnkey rolled wipes lineup technology especially designed for the specific needs of producing high quality rolls of nonwoven wipes in canisters. It's wet wipes portfolio includes canisters feeders, round rolls stuffers, dozers and fillers, foil cutters and canisters sealers, cappers, continuous labelers, and canisters case packers. It has operated for over 30 years and traditionally has been focused mainly in core fillers, cappers, sealers and labellers for various industries.

Over the last fifteen years, Shemesh Automation, with offices in the UK and Israel, a nonwovens powerhouse onto itself, shifted much of its focus and resources to developing unique round wipes downstream solutions catering to some of the world's top players, thereby achieving unprecedented experience in providing one-stop shop downstream turnkey production lines for the round wipes market.

Sheng Hung Industrial

Booth 4381

Sheng Hung Industrial Company was established in 1957. It is a nonwoven manufacturer with ISO-9002 and ISO-14001 certification. Sheng Hung produces various kinds of nonwovens for different applications including: Stretchable (elastic) nonwovens for making medical plaster and bandages; stretchable (elastic) nonwovens for trouser waistbands and garment interlinings; stretchable nonwoven for racket grips; nonwovens for adhesive medical tape; water soluble nonwovens as backing for schiffli embroidery and multi-head embroidery; nonwoven imitation leather for shoes counter lining, leather bag liner and belt liner; nonwovens for making honeycomb curtains and blinds; nonwoven with high resolution treatment for digital printing, offset printing and heat-transfer printing; nonwovens for garment interlining; low lint nonwovens for clean room wipes; spunlace nonwovens for PU and PVC leather backing and microfiber nonwoven for cleaning.

Simec Group

Booth 4331

Leading company with 50 years experience in the manufacturing of engraved rollers for calandering and embossing of tissue, nonwoven, cast film, foils and more. Simec can supply complete rollers or re-engraving service also on hardened material. The company can use all the engraving technologies available investing year by year in R&D and state of the art technology with a production capacity up to 22 tons and 7000 mm face length. Dedicated engraving processes have been developed for the ultrasonic bonding rollers also on hardened material. Simec manufactures micro engraved chill roller for the embossing of film also with re-engraving service. A specific technology for the engraving on nickel surface has been developed and new engraving patterns for thin film are available. Other products include engraved rollers for printing, coating and lamination. Foulard rollers and chemical bonding rollers in stainless steel are also available. Simec can support the customer in the development of engraving patterns with a wide collection of decorative and technical models.

Smart Safetech

Booth 4335

Smart Saietech Limited is an independent privately owned company that specializes in helping existing producers of wet wipe products to expand their business in a profitable and cost effective manner and in assisting new entrants into this business at minimum risk..

Our prime business is the supply of a wide range of competitively priced, high quality impregnated fluids in concentrate form based on our own unique formulations, which when diluted are used to produce a wide range of wet wipe products. Recently we launched a new range of impregnating fluids in concentrate form that enable wet wipe producers to offer a range of niche wet wipe products such as nail varnish remover wipes without acetone or incontinence wipes with skin barrier properties or paint remover wipes. With the aid of our know-how we seek to help wet wipe producers reduce their product costs by at least 10% without loss of quality.

We are launching at Index a range of cleaning lotions in innovative, cost saving and environmentally friendly packaging that will make the use of refills for the supply of impregnated wipes be of great benefit to institutions such as hospitals and other medical establishments.

With our links to well established machine manufacturers we are in the process of developing a robot operated packing system to remove the pressure on relying on human beings to pack products into cartons. The system will be highly effective offering good returns on investment in a short period of time.

SML Maschinengesellschaft

Booth 2280

SML has designed a new extrusion line for the direct production of vacuum-perforated topsheet film for the hygiene industry and other areas of application such as packaging.

To date, the standard production process for perforated topsheet film was offline. This meant that the film was first produced on a blown- or cast film line and then vacuum perforated in a second step. However now, the new SMLTopSheet line allows inline film production in a single step.

The obvious advantage of such inline production is lower energy consumption. In addition to the higher production speed of up to 100 m/m in, which results in increased output, the grammage range of the film is greater and amounts to 14--40 g/m2. Other benefits of SML's new TopSheet line include improved thickness profiles, full edge trim recovery and inline slitting.

The inline production process begins with the casting of the melt curtain emerging from the die on a perforation sleeve. Upon contact with the sleeve, the vacuum inside the roller immediately creates the required perforations and the film is then cooled with a further cooling roller. An additional sleeve cooling system cools the perforation sleeve.

The whole vacuum perforation unit can be adjusted vertically or horizontally, thus allowing different casting positions. Moreover, an integrated quick-exchange system for the perforation sleeves means that switches, e.g. from a pentagonal to a hexagonal pattern, are completed easily within an hour.

The vacuum perforation unit is installed in a sound insulating cabinet fitted with an exterior-mounted thickness measuring system, which has a Kr85 sensor for controlling film weight and adjusting the automatic die. The system guarantees very even film grammage distribution over the whole film width.

Due to the tunnelled surface, the film is very lightweight and is wound into perfect rolls onto a W2000 Aerofilm horizontal sliding winder. This model facilitates a maximum winding diameter of 1,500mm and integrated edge trim cutting.

Trim is fed back to the extruder via a vertical scraptruder system and on the winder it is possible to produce up to 20 inline slit rolls. The maxim= end film width is 1,600mm.

With the new TopSheet line, SML has rounded off its range of film lines for the hygiene film industry. SML also supplies BackSheet lines for the production of breathable film, breathable laminate, melt embossed film and cloth-like laminate.

Interested customers can see a TopSheet demonstration line in operation at our premises in Lenzing.

Snowflakes Hygiene and Medical Textiles

Booth 4194

Snowflakes Hygiene and Medical Textiles is one of the biggest manufacturers of bleached cotton from India, with a production capacity of 400 tons monthly. We have expanded our product portfolio from bleached cotton in bales to cotton strips/sliver and bleached cotton carded rolls. We are also starting production of 100% cotton pads and cotton swabs.

Our bleached cotton strips/sliver can be used for production of cotton balls, swabs, applicators etc. Our bleached cotton carded rolls can be used for production of cotton pads, cotton wool, dressing pads or other wadding applications. These rolls can also be used as a layer in gauze swabs and 3 & 5 layer cotton pads.

Our division has successfully completed 5 years of operations. We have expanded our operations from 4 countries in 2010 to now over 25 countries. Our products strictly complies with the Pharmacopeia Standards of all the countries i.e. E.P, U.S.P, B.P, J.P etc. Every consignment is validated by Standard Compliance Reports released after product testing in fully functional, internationally certified laboratory. Each and every batch manufactured is lot controlled and coded for full traceability. Our close association with Cotton Incorporated has helped in gaining the confidence of customers worldwide. Apart from ISO 9001:2008, we are certified producers for organic and fair trade.


Booth 2459

In hygiene applications, with more than 200 spooling heads in 20 lines operations all over the world, Spoolex, through its Calemard brand and its 30-year experience in spooling, is recognized by the major players as the world leader to follow. Due to a specialized engineering department and a test room equipped notably with all its latest spooling technologies, Spoolex offers standard, customized or turnkey solutions. From simple winding stand to complete spooling lines, the perfect control and management of the parameters guarantee the famous Spoolex traverse winding quality, even on machines fitted with 10 spooling units (and even more under installation).

For its customers, Spoolex means "Quality and Support". Certified ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001, the French manufacturer fully takes on this liability. Thirty-years of experience, the guaranteed quality of its machines and specialized sales and technical teams able to manage a complete project, are the success keys. All these factors allow the company to insure permanence, growth and customers' trust, and the current orders for 4 lines on the 2014 budget confirms this.

Spoolex owes its leadership to its pioneering spirit combined with close relationship with material producers and converters. This drives the company to develop more and more sophisticated machines to meet customer's demanding need for higher productivity. Spoolex has been working for several months now on a new concept and is pleased to release during Index 2014 the PEGASE III.

Engineered as a global concept, this state of the art complete line is fully automated, with new technical development for higher productivity, reduces labor contents in production, reduces downtimes, optimizes the cycle time and reduces wastes.


Booth 2501

Starlinger, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, will be showcasing its specialized recycling equipment for the nonwovens industy. Waste occurs all along the entire process in nonwovens manufacturing, the company says, but can often consist of different polymers and polymer mixtures with different viscosities, and the type and amount of contamination (and hence the required filtration fineness) can also vary considerably.

Suominen Nonwovens

Booth 1522

Suominen Nonwovens will be featuring an array of new products at this year's Index exhibition. The Novolina nonwoven range for tabletop products such as napkins, table covers, cutlery packs and guest towels will be introduced. These nonwoven materials display quality presentation, non-linting printability and enhance the dining experience of all users. At the same time, they offer a truly cost-effective alternative to launderable linens. Suominen will also introduce other products and new ideas in Hydraspun Dispersible Substrates and in the personal care and medical market segments. Also, find out about how, Suom-inen's consumer communication innovation has led to interesting product ideas and involved thousands of interested wipes consumers around the world.


Booth 4125

TechAdhesion develops and builds hot melt equipment and coating machines for applications of nonwovens, packaging, paper converting and products assembly.

TechAdhesion's global network covers America, Europe and Asia. Service technicians can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Maintenance advice is offered throughout the life of the systems at free of charge. TechAdhesion persists in 'High Quality Control with High Specification' and self-developed technology to create ethnic science brand.

Our goal is to provide hot melt adhesive systems that are simple to operate, easy to maintain and have durable long-lasting components, without compromising flexibility or performance. TechAdhesion has two types of fiber spray heads for different markets. One is the non-isolated preheater head which glue and air are controlled at one heating zone. Another is the isolated preheater head which glue and air are controlled separately. It can catch the high-speed application without heat loss and external effects.

The two fiber spray heads are designed for different requirements and specification. Non-isolated preheater head is for the line speed below 200 m/min. with less accuracy +/- 5% in coated weight. Isolated preheater head is for high line speed application and high accuracy +/- -3% in coated weight. It is to suit the market needs and application requirement.

Spiral spray is not new but this highspeed mini spiral nozzle TSM with easy maintainence is an innovative nozzle to reduce down time and the cleaning process. Most nozzle clogging issues occur not only at the glue orifices but the air spray orifices. Dust and contamination are accumated on the nozzle during production. It will affect the quality of swirl/ran-dom fiber pattern to make bonding an issue. This is the fact all the hot melt system suppliers is facing this issue. TechAdhe-sion's design of the TSM nozzle provides an access to clean the nozzle completely.

Slot die module TSD & TPD which valve are air open air close design. TA Die module cTSD) is our standard module with a traditional design for all the continuous applications and most of intermittent applications blow 800 cycles per minute. TechAdhesion Pull Back Module (TPD) is patented by TA in China. The design has reverse action to pull the glue back to the Die Nozzle which performs a sharp clean adhesive cut-off pattern. TPB makes an excellent intermittent application up to 1800 cycles per minute. TechAdhesion slot die head is installed a hardened steel die lip, it has a good wear resistance and no distortion.

Technical Absorbents Limited

Booth 2569

Technical Absorbents Limited (TAL) is looking forward to meeting with both well-established and prospective customers and discussing new and innovative opportunities for its SAF technology. TAL is proud to offer world-class levels of innovation, development and supply of SAF and converted SAF nonwoven, wovens, yarns and tapes. The SAF fibrous technology is used in a wide range of applications, which demand versatility, consistency and exacting levels of absorption performance.

From advanced wound care and filtration, to agrotextiles, coolant and sweat management apparel, TAL has a portfolio of solutions to meet a wide array of requirements across a diverse range of markets. TAL will have different SAF grades on display and a complete portfolio of converted products for visitors to view. This will include a number of exciting new fabrics that have been developed over the past three years.

"Index is an extremely important date in our calendar," says technical sales manager Dave Hill. "It provides an intense four days to showcase our unique technology in both fibrous and converted forms to a diverse audience and, in addition, offers an opportunity to meet and engage with business contacts that might otherwise prove difficult to reach.

"Events like Index provide a catalyst for ongoing development and so great for a solutions provider such as ourselves. TAL is constantly uncovering new potential for SAF and finding new application/markets for its use. We would like to meet with anyone that might have a requirement for a super absorbent and explore with them the potential for using our technology."


Booth 4326

Technoplants has produced machines for nonwovens since 1985. In addition to its production of cross lappers, ovens, vertical lappers and all types of winding, stacking and packaging units, in 2013 Technoplants introduced its new concept for air laid products. This machine expands the forming unit range of products, with a flexible and high precision unit. Technoplants' air-lay system is made of a pneumatic feeder (PF) and an air layd card (ALC), which allow it to produce on the same production line a variety of products and weights, from 80 gsm to 3000 gsm.

The system can produce low grammage and high precision webs by the combination of a high performance pneumatic feeder and an air laid card machine. In case of recycled materials or anyway irregular fibers, the system can bypass the air lay card and produce the air laid web with a strict tolerance in cross direction.

The machine can manage a wide range of fibers like cotton, wool and all the synthetic fibers and produce finished webs starting from approximate weights of 80 gsm. Due to the pneumatic feeder, the machine is able to manage coil fibers, glass fibers, recycled foam, wood and many other materials coming from recycling processes. The system is available in a range of working widths from 1000 mm to 4000 mm.

Technoplants has also developed a new technology to apply low melt powder in fiberglass mats for high temperature purposes. Technoplants is integrating the pneumatic feeder and air lay card in its own pilot line in Pistoia facility, where customers can -see trials and make their own samples and discover all the alternative solutions, which can be accomplished with our air-forming technology. The completion of the system and the first trials are scheduled for the beginning of April 2014. Technoplants has also a variety of bonding, winding and packaging technologies to complete this production line.


Booth 1150

ISO .9001:2008 certified Tefisa produces nonwoven roll goods and its chemical bonded technology covers diverse industrial applications including automotive, fabrics for medical devices, construction, filtration and agriculture. To interpret and resolve the concerns of our customers, we are committed with the most demanding levels of safety and productivity required by our sector.


Booth 2369

Teknomelt was established in the last quarter of 2009 and started production in 2010 with a nonwoven Inch-blown fabric production line. Since then every year there have been new additions to production and product range every year according to product research and development and market demands. Teknomelt aimed to serve filter and sorbent markets with meltblown fabrics at their first year and had a very fast impact especially in sorbent market with the 100% polypropylene products.

In 2011 Teknomelt invested in nonwoven spunbond fabric production line and started production in same year with the aim of new composite products that can be produced together with meltblown fabrics and serving new markets. The spunbond line enabled Teknomelt to produce its own composite fabrics without outsourcing the necessary materials and was able to serve the hygiene, medical and construction markets directly

In 2012 and 2013 Teknomelt increased production capacity and focused on adding new products by investing in finishing processes. For agriculture up to 16 meters wide fabric production and for sorbent market new finished production machineries started production. One of the most important investments for 2013 was setting specially designed parts to the meltblown line to produce wipe products for general and industrial use. Teknomelt began another production line aimed at the hygiene and medical markets. With the new production line Teknomelt is now able to produce SS, SMS, SMMS and SIVIXS fabrics.

In 2014 Teknomelt has reached 6000 square meters of manufacturing space and is able to produce single and multi layer fabrics. For the sorbent market it produces meltblown (M, MMM, SM, SMS) pads and rolls in various dimensions together with other finished products and wipes, for the hygiene market including topsheet (S,SS), leg-cuff (SS,SMS), for medical (SMS,SMMS,SM)(S), for home textile, furniture, promotional products and construction (S,SMS), filtration and facial masks (meltblown,SMS), automotive and other 'various markets.


Booth 1538

Texsus SpA is specialized is the production of high loft ADL (acquisition distribution layer) made by air through bonding technology, as well as soft topsheets, absorbent cores, multi-layer nonwovens and soft wipes. At Index Texsus will present its new strategic plan focused on the expansion of its European production site. The [euro]25 million investment in Pistoia plant (Italy) in-dudes the construction of a new building for over 10,000 square meters. This will make space for two evolved airthrough bonding lines, which will be fully equipped with an automatic packaging system and spooling option.

Texsus is committed to bring quality and innovation to its partners and for this reason will present several new products in Geneve. Water holding Acquitex is an innovative high loft ADL suitable for fluffless and thin baby diaper structures, which is able to enhance liquid acquisition and distribution properties, along with surface dryness and water holding. Absortex is an absorbent core produced by an innovative engineering process without fibers. Absortex core has several advantages compared to existing pre-made cores as including flexibility and the ability to manage high amounts of SAP in a thin layer to assure extremely high absorption levels. Softex is an extremely soft topsheet available in stripes, 3D dots and flower designs. They can also be treated with a wide range of natural treatments such as aloe vera, vitamin E, silk protein and cotton extract. Lastly, Wipex is a soft and trendy nonwoven to be used for wet and dry wipes.

Three Wood Machinery Industry

Booth 1008

Three Wood Machinery Industry will show the new in line making elastic waistband baby diaper machine. The line adopts a servo control system, modular design, and has a number of invention patents, including in line making full waist surrounded by elastic ribbons system, simple process and high stability. Elastic waist width can reach to 280-300mm, making the wear fit and comfortable.

Three Wood has also upgraded its baby pants machine, equipped with the Italian BTSR elastic unwinding system with constant tension control for each ribbon. Realizing non-stop change elastic ribbons, utilization rate was 100%, the stability of the whole machine is higher and offers cost savings for the end user.

Three Wood has also introduced a new adult diaper machine with unique core structure. Both T type and classic products are compatible and can meet different customer's requirements.

Tianjin Glory Tang Technology

Booth 4183

Tianjin Gloiy Tang Technology is a subsidiary of Glory Tang (Group) and is a supplier of PLA fibers, nonwovens and end products. Our PLA products are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We have direct source for PLA raw material and along with a professional R&D team we have senior level and experienced engineers in the field of PLA. Tianjin Glory Tang Technology operates its own factory with advanced and unique equipment for PLA.

In 2014 Tianjin Glory Tang Technology introduced PLA bicom-ponent fiber; PLA hot-through-air nonwoven; and PLA thermo-dot(calender) bonding nonwoven. The regular PLA product portfolio includes: LA fiber, spinning grade; PLA fiber, fiberfill grade; PLA short cut fiber; PLA micro fiber; PLA dope dyed fiber; PLA monofilament; PLA FDY/DTY; PLA yarn; PLA film; PLA spunbond/meltblown / sptmlace. Solutions to: Flushable wet wipes; PLA dust-free paper; PLA tea bags and coffee filter; PLA baby wipes; PLA baby diapers; PLA female sanitary napkins and pads; PLA adult diapers and liners; PLA weed control mulch; and PLA pet training pads and wipes.


Booth 2119

Trevira will present polyester and bicomponent fibers for nonwoven applications in hygiene products, filtration, insulation, construction, the paper industry, composites and other materials. Trevira's range of staple fibers for nonwovens includes: Bicomponent fibers for thermal bonding, used in hygiene products such as napkins and lady care, as well as in technical nonwovens, e.g. for insulation and filtration materials in the automotive sector; and short cut fibers for airlaid and wetlaid applications, e.g. hygiene products or the paper industry. A part of this range is also available as bicomponent, PLA (Ingeo) and permanently flame retardant fibers.

Trevira also offers customized fibers for special customer applications. Permanently flame retardant fibers for nonwoven applications, e.g. for insulation, filtration and also as filling fibers for bedding are available.

PLA fibers (Ingeo) represent biodegradable (compostable) fibers made from renewable plant compounds and are currently available in various versions. Trevira is producing different types applicable for spunlace, wetlaid and carding applications. Possible end uses are wet wipes (e.g. cleaning cloths), hygiene products and technical nonwovens.

Trevira also supplies special types for hydro-entangled nonwovens that are not only employed in the manufacture of wet and cosmetic wipes, but also increasingly in technical end uses. Trevira's product range for technical applications is completed by a vast range of flat and textured filament yarns, either in raw white, spun-dyed or yarn-dyed. They include permanently flame retardant types and hybrid versions with a low-melt component as well as elastic yarns and suit all kinds of specific technical applications.


Booth 2331.

Basic success factors in the nonwovens industry are innovation and the resulting variety of products. Three companies--Trut-zschler Nonwovens & Man-Made Fibers, Trutzschler Card Clothing and Voith Paper--will share booth 2331 to present new and proven technologies for efficiently producing high quality, differentiated nonwovens.

Trutzschler Nonwovens & Man-Made Fibers presents two tailor-made, new components: the highly productive Streamliner, an air-trough dryer with highest drying performance, and the automatic surface winder BWT 203-30 which is especially designed for spunlacing lines.

The Streamliner drum dryer stands out due to its high evaporation capacity and a production speed of 400 m/min in hydroen-tangling lines. This dryer type ensures a substantial increase in productivity by lowering energy consumption by up to 30% at the same time. The new, spiral design features an optimal air guidance and is of particular interest in the production of spunlaced nonwovens with a high residual water content.

The product range Bastian added the new, fully automatic horizontal slide winder BWT 203-30 to the portfolio. This circwri-ferentially driven winder is an energy-efficient, operator-friendly winding solution for spunlace lines with a reduced erection and start-up time.

Another focus will be on complete production lines from fiber opening, web forming and web bonding down to winding. Voith Paper, the cooperation partner, will answer all questions about wet-laid nonwoven plants for flushable wipes and other final applications. Basically all fibers can be wet-laid on the Hydro-Former, provided they are dispersible in water and do not exceed a certain length in relation to diameter. Recovery and preparation of these fibers also belong toVoith Paper's core competences.

Trutzschler Card Clothing has broadened the product range of surface treated metallic wires. Wires with code "B" are now available expressly for hygienic applications for the use on cylinder, random roller and doffer. The new doffer wire NovoDoff with 450 ppsi is designed especially for hydroentangled light weight nonwovens and is most suitable for long-staple fibers, due to optimized transfer properties.



Booth 4160

TIR engineering firm offers textile technology consulting and as well represents the Swedish company Optivac in Europe, which sells vacuum extraction systems for chemical finishing of nonwovens. Principle of vacuum technology: After diving the textile fabric in a liquor bath, vacuum sucks off the excess liquor from the web. This leads to a very uniform product distribution over material length width and cross-section. Uniformity in product distribution allows to optimize the amount of chemicals at a much lower moisture content in comparison to padder processes. This saves tremendous energy costs in the subsequent drying process.

TINE Group

Booth 2158

Following the acquisition of the Libeltex Group, TWE Group cemented its position as a global leader in ADL supply in personal care. With an intelligent restructuring program quickly executed the combining of the group's core strengths of lean manufacturing, customer orientation and innovation have now become the key recipe for success. The challenge for the new larger company was always to be 'one face to the. customer."

In the constantly changing world of incontinence care, (thinner cores, softer touch, cost efficiency) flexibility to adapt to your customer's needs is of paramount importance. With a fully equipped diaper test center in-house and state of the art conversion equipment across Europe and Asia, identifying, creating and producing the right smart ADL solution for customers has now become a quick and effective process.

Using both Chembond and TAB technologies the TWE Group have many tried and tested 'off the shelf' products for traditional 50:50 baby diaper and 35:65 adult diaper ratio cores. Paratherm and DryWeb ADL materials are used extensively across the globe. For the new thinner cores we have developed a sophisticated multi-layer ADL called SlirnCore. This material is a proven success used in the right combination with other raw materials and the TWE Group can support customers in this aspect.

TWE have also identified the growing trend for a soft backsheet and have now fully converted lines designated for this material. Combined with the right substrate it delivers a luxurious soft touch sensation that will be the next major trend in European diapers.

As innovation drives the TWE Group, the challenge is to continue to create new innovative products that will help customers improve performance, drive through the sustainability message and be a solution for a 'total cost in use' concept. New technologies and products have already been patented which incorporate new exciting features, taking the fluid management systems to a whole different level.

UPM RaumaCell

Booth 2261

UPM RaumaCell offers environmentally friendly fluff pulps for air-laid applications under the brand name Biobright Air-Laid and for producers of sanitary napkins, baby-diapers, incontinence and other absorption products it offers Biobright. Special grades are produced upon customer requests. At Index UPM RaumaCell will introduce fluff pulps manufactured from wood fibers of sustainable, legal and certified origin. FSC Mix Credit, TCF (totally chlorine free) and unbleached fluff called Biobrown pulps are also available.

Valco Melton

Booth 2455

Celebrating over 60 years of experience, Valco Melton has become one of the world's leading suppliers of adhesive application and quality assurance equipment. The company's line of nonwoven systems and components apply important market principles to produce a wide variety of patterns and widths for all hot melt adhesive applications associated with most hygiene product manufacturing requirements. Industry specific research has brought the latest and most advanced technology to increase production speed, reduce maintenance costs, and to maximize flexibility necessary for the changing demands of the market.

Valco Melton will be presenting its Air-less Perfume Dispensing Systems for the nonwovens market. Specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of the industry, this odor control system adds a subtle scent to the end product without altering any of the skin-care properties. With Valco Melton's odor dispensing system, achieve up to 80% savings on your diaper or hygiene product manufacturing processes.

Show attendees will get the chance to see how Valco Melton's Air-less Perfume Dispensing Systems compare to traditional perfume or lotion dispensers. Key benefits include: Up to 80% reduction in perfume usage. On traditional spray dispensing systems, 60% of the perfume is atomized to the environment; no product contamination; no compressed air required; works and adjusts to any line speed; up to 1,5 billion cycles life time.

Valco Melton will also be exhibiting several other application solutions for precision converting including its Mito Multi Pattern Applicator, FlexSpray Adhesive Guns and FlexCoat Slot-Coating Applicators.

Engineered to allow simultaneous application of different adhesive patterns on the same substrate with only one applicator head, the new Mita Multi Pattern Applicator features an integrated Nozzle Changeout System for fast and effortless pattern changes between swirl, melt-blown elastics and slot-coat configurations. MITO Applicators are available in metering and pressure-fed configurations with width ranges from 25mm to 1600mm.

Valeo Melton's FlexSpray Adhesive Guns, which features a new air heating system that increases thermal efficiency and reduces cabling needs, offers a cost-effective solution that provides a highly accurate adhesive application and reduces initial investment in additional spare parts inventory.

The company's FlexCoat Series Applicators offers another ideal solution for slot-coating applications within the nonwovens industry and can be configured for continuous or intermittent coatings up to 500m/min and 1200mm lamination widths. Its new adjustable blade presents an effective low cost solution that allows lamination in both directions and can be easily removed for ultra-fast shim changes

Va porjet

Booth 1238

Vaporjet Ltd, a leading nonwoven spunlace producer, is refreshing the face of traditional spunlace. Vaporjet will present its new product range including the new 3D embossing technology; 25 gsm spun lace for diapers and different applications; and A wide range of colored spunlace.

The spunlace in different colors have been developed mainly for household cleaning wipes but as it happens, has brought much interest for other items as well.

Vaporjet is continuously seeking for innovative spunlace solutions and uses a wide range of fibers including polyester, polypropylene, viscose, Tencel, micro-fibers, cotton and a variety of alternative fibers and bi-components.

The use of special additives and double sided fabric for different applications is part of our innovative product portfolio. Vaporjet Ltd is FSC and PEFC certified and offers spunlace made of biodegradable fibers. By producing with natural gas, recycling the entire waste and most of the water in process, Vaporjet maximizes its product quality while minimizing its eco footprint.

Vaporjet Ltd is a privately owned company established in 1995, manufacturing nonoven spunlace roll goods and serving leading international customers in the industry for both branded and private label products. Equipped with state of the art machinery and extensive experience and know-how, Vaporjet Ltd offers every customer, spunlace uniquely developed to fit its specific needs. Vaporjet's Spunlace is sold all around the globe for different applications including baby care wipes, cosmetic wipes, feminine hygiene, diapers, household and medical industries.

VIRE Automation

Booth 4210

Italian firm VIRE Automation has for more than 40 years manufactured packaging machines (stackers and baggers) for the complete range of sanitary disposable products including baby, lady, adult and light incontinence diapers.

VIRE designs and manufactures high productivity machines, dedicated to non-stop production 24/7 at the highest quality standards. We offer strong, efficient, technologically advanced machines with long durability proven by the experience of hundreds of customers around the world.

The machine range covers all the performance needs from the small company that requires a cheap medium-speed machine, up to the big industrial groups who look for the top performance.

The deep study of the manufacturing process and the perfect control that the operator has on it permit us produce high quality packages that match with the best customer's expectations. Ergonomics and safety are taken into great consideration in the design of the products and make all machines very simple and easy to use. This reflects also in the perfect control that the end user has on the whole process, on the quality and the repetitiveness of the product.

A team of engineers is always ready for technical assistance, for on-site intervention or teleservice connection by internet. The aim is to build with customers a long-lasting partnership, with continuous support and professionalism. Since 2007 VIRE Automation has been part of BUCCI Industries, a large industrial group made of five companies in Italy and seven in the world including France, Germany, USA, Taiwan, Japan, China, Brazil). Belonging to this industrial group has laid the foundations for a further widespread presence of VIRE in the world, with the possibility to have even shorter time for technical intervention or commercial assistance.

Vision Device

Booth 4230

Vision Device is an industrial company that builds artificial vision systems and has been operating since 1988.Vision Device services the automotive, pharmaceutical, glass, packaging, paper and hygiene industries. DiaperCHECK is a product designed for inspection of baby diapers, adult diapers and lady napkins. The system is able to perform controls at a very high speed (450 mr) and can be interfaced with a lot of devices such as FIFE guide. Software is very powerful, easy to use and manages a lot of statistics and reports.

VMI Care

Booth 4215

Machine manufacturer VMI Holland BV, based in The Netherlands, succeeded again in developing a new machine for the cotton pad industry. VMI Care, the division of VMI Holland BV that specializes in machinery for the cotton pad punching and packaging industry launched an automatic web un -winder with in splicer. The VMI Joiner unwinds cotton web rolls and connects the two cotton rolls automatically.

The VMI Joiner is part of the successful cotton pad producing machinery range of VMI Holland BV, which includes the ACE 300 and the VMI Profiler. The ACE 300 punches and packs cosmetic cotton pads in a variety of shapes in various bag sizes. The VMI Profiler is an embossing system for making decorative patterns in cotton web. Due to the success of the ACE 300, VMI Holland I3V continued to automate the line. The ACE 300 already decreased the need for operators and the addition of the VMI Joiner contributes to this. This means that one operator can easily control two ACE 300 punching & packaging lines.

There are more advantages to this innovation. The automatic splicing system entails fewer unscheduled stops as there will be less waiting time for connecting the rolls. Moreover, tape is no longer necessary to connect the two cotton web rolls and therefore the risk that tape will end up in the final product is eliminated. "The VMI Joiner is the next step in automating and improving the complete production chain for cotton pads," says Peter Alink, sales manager of the VMI Care division. "This innovation will lead to a higher net production capacity".


Booth 4060

Founded in 1994, Web-Pro Corporation specializes in producing top-quality roll goods for medical and hygiene applications including. It offers spunlace nonwoven, PE breathable/non-breathable films, and PE laminated films for applications, such as medical gauze, wet wipes, makeup removers, facial masks, industrial wipes, PE laminated films for underpads and protective clothing, and color-printed PE films for baby diapers and adult incontinence use.

"Protecting the Earth" is Web-Pro's responsibility and belief. Insisting on providing customers with clean and safe products, Web-Pro adheres to the manufacturing practice with minimal pollution, as well as an energy saving, low carbon emission, and sustainable approach. Web-Pro products conform to REACH, Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 standards. In addition to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certificate, Web-Pro has recently attained ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems) certification on December 18, 2013.

Web-Pro featured products at Index will include recycled household and industrial wipes, extra soft spunlace, high-bulk embossed spunlace, and highly breathable and super soft PE film with registered color printing.

Web-Pro Corporation is a leading spunlace manufacturer in Asia, with total spunlace production capacity of 20,000 metric tons per year. Web-Pro became a member of EDANA on December 1, 2013. With recent completion of PE film and PE lamination capacity expansion, and new production facility project underway in 2014, this new investment is another demonstration of Web-Pro's commitment to maintain its leadership position in the nonwovens industry in Asia.

Weitmann & Konrad

Booth 4235

The privately owned company Weitmann & Konrad (WEKO) has been active in its business areas for more than 60 years. Situated in the direct surroundings of Stuttgart, Germany and with more than 140 highly qualified employees worldwide we are developing in close contact with our customers solutions for the nonwoven industry. It is our ambition to combine production safety with economical resource consumption and careful material handling. The result is a flexible and individual solution for the non-contact liquid application for the conditioning, refining and finishing of material webs. The non-contact WEKO-fluid-application-systems (WFA) spray liquids on the material web precisely metered and reproducible. Through the so-called rotors, a stream of micro-droplets is formed; via adjustable sliders they create a uniform liquid application. The modular plant, consisting of the liquid supply WEKO-Flow and the rotor carrier WEKO-Sigma can be adjusted flexibly to the given requirement. Change-over and cleaning times even at use of chemicals are minimal.

Wellman International

Booth 2119

Wellman International Limited, a subsidiaiy of Indorama Ventures PLC, are pleased to feature, at index 2014, new fine fiber production capability of 1.7 dtex and below, manufactured from European PCR feedstock.

This capability strengthens Wellman International's significant business platform in personal care and fluid management constructions and facilitates the supply of product to broader and more specialized technical areas. Markets where fineness is particularly important for the delivery of performance and consumer expectations and which now can be served with a European accredited and validated sustainable fine fiber option.

As a solution provider, Wellman International will also feature at Index, OUT specialty fiber ranges for areas such as incontinence, femcare and filtration applications, with focus on higher surface area, moisture management, high bulk and superior resilience and innovative fiber blend solutions.

At Index, the value of the Wellman profile fiber range is being recognized at the Index Awards, as nominated in conjunction with partner DART Gmbh, in the 'Finished products made from or incorporating nonwovens' category for Fibalon, an innovative and highly efficient filter for water purification in swimming pools, spas, aquaria and other water systems.

Wellman international will exhibit as part of the Indorama Group with other group member companies--Fibervisions, ES Fibervisions, Trevira GmbH, Auriga Polymers and IPI Thailand.


Booth 4346

Xerium is a global manufacturer of forming belts, aprons, fabrics and bowed rolls for nonwoven fabric producers. With our innovative Huyck.Wangner and Stowe Woodward products, manufacturers are able to run their machines longer and faster with less maintenance, fewer interruptions, and reduced energy consumption, even in the most demanding applications.

Huycon Belt Technology: Specifically designed to produce top quality webs, from robust industrial, to highly critical medical and hygiene applications. The range for spunlaid technology is completed by designs for carding and airlaid lines. Also available with V2 seam technology for rapid seaming and marking freeness.

Huybond Fabric Technology: Engineered for the most demanding hydroentangled and spunlaced applications, Huybond fabrics deliver superior performance with excellent contamination resistance, high fiber support, web wlifonnity, and excellent mechanical stability.

Huycoil Assembled Fabric Technology: This high performance spiral fabric technology is ideal for machines producing airlaid, as well as certain long-term nonwovens producers where elevated temperatures are used. Huycoil fabrics are manufactured from a variety of polymers to match machine requirements including; high molecular weight polyester, PTFE fluorocarbon for contamination resistance, and PPS. Huycoil fabrics are easy to install, deliver superior dimensional stability and excellent guiding and tracking.

Vari-Bow Roll: Advanced bowed roll technology from Stowe Woodward and Mount Hope provides precise control of materials produced in web or sheet form. Van-bow is ideal for machines where different weights, grades and types of materials are produced.

Yenta! Huada Nano Materials

Booth 4469

Huada will introduce its recent technology breakthrough of nano-grade color masterbatches, produced by the well-developed nanotechnology. At the same time, we'd like to introduce our new facility--Yantai Huacia Nano Materials Co., Ltd.--which covers 80,000 square maters and is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of nano materials and new types of small scale nonwoven and fiber testing equipment. At the show Huada will highlight its nano-grade color masterbatches specifically focusing on introducing the distinctive features on how the nano-grade color masterbatch will prompt fiber spinning stability and how to improve fiber tensile strength above 20%. Functional masterbatches will also be on display, such as nano anti-bacterial masterbatch, softening masterbatch, soft and slippery masterbatch, and anti-static masterbatch.


Booth 2111

Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Zuiko is an industry-leading manufacturer of converting machines for diapers, sanitary napkins and other disposable hygiene products. Offices in Brazil, Thailand, China, and the U.S. help support customers' needs throughout the world. Zuiko has been busy developing new technology since the last Index exhibition. Visit Zuiko to learn how its cutting-edge technology and newest highspeed pants and tape diaper lines can help your business.
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