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Index 2014 preview: the first of a two-part look at what some exhibitors will bring to Geneva next month.


Booth 2131

The 3M Personal Care Division (PCD) is a market-leading provider of "Solutions For Life" into the personal hygiene market. PCD develops, produces, markets and sells high value compo * nents to manufacturers of personal hygiene products globally. Product solutions include fastening systems for baby diapers that provide a secure fit, stretch systems for adult-hygiene products that allow wearers to lead more active lifestyles, solutions for feminine hygiene products that provide improved comfort, and a line of solutions for the beauty care industry. Partnerships with key accounts, a reputation for quality, service, performance, innovation, ethics and a deep understanding of customers' and consumers' needs are what sets 3M Personal Care Division apart in the marketplace.; www.3.M.ettimsonalcare


Booth 2114

International technology Group Andritz will be presenting its latest nonwovens solutions. Andritz Nonwoven provides with its worldwide compa n ies Andritz Assel in -Th ibeau, Andritz Kiisters, and Andritz Perfojet turnkey solutions for spunlace, needlepunch, wetlaid/wetlace and finishing.

Andritz pools its expertise in market approach, technology, R&D, manufacturing and service for the benefit of its customers. The technologies of Andritz Asselin-Thibeau, Andritz Kiisters, and Andritz Perfojet complement each other in process solutions for a variety of applications. In all processes, Andritz technologists have been working on resources efficiency with regard to electridty, gas, water, chemicals, air management, carbon footprint and operators.

Andritz Perfojet offers a full range of solutions in spunlace with two proven line concepts. For highest capacities, the neX-line spunlace eXcelle is the preferred solution; this unique design combines the latest generation of IT card and Jetlace Essentiel hydroentanglement unit. This top-speed spunlace line is the best choice for commodity products like wet wipes, producing lightweight fabrics at very high capacities. For medium capacities, the neXline spunlace aXcess is the right choice. This spunlace line is equipped with one Varioweb in-line card with three doffers in corn bination with the Jetlace Avantage hydroen tanglement unit.

Merging the in-house expertise in wetlaid and spunlace technologies, Andritz Kiisters has successfully implemented the wet-lace process in the nonwovens market. Wetlace is an ideal process for the production of flushable wipes, from 100% natural and/ or renewable raw materials without chemical binders. A flush-able product needs to have the following properties: adequate strength while in use, best dispersibility at drainage, made from natural fibers that are fully biodegradable. Intense networking between the Andritz technical centers in Graz, Krefeld and Mont-bonnot has led to an innovative and integrated process concept from just one source, creating products that of course meet the latest EDANA/INQA flushability guidelines from August 2013.

In needlepunch technology. Andritz Asset in -Th ibeau achieves excellent technical product characteristics with a remarkable reduction in fiber consumption at the same time by integrating the double carding isoweb technology with proven ProDvn concept, the Dynamic crosslapper, and A50 needlelooms into the neXline needlepunch. Thanks to the quality of its equipment and products, Andritz grows in its needling business continuously, noting numerous orders for the supply of neeclleloom for the production of random velour for automotive applications recently.


Booth 1378

Atex offers a variety of nonwovens and solutions to a wide range of converters and manufacturers. With the development of new and often unexplored nonwoven solutions, Atex is committed to keeping innovation as a strategic mission. The vision of Atex is to deliver quality and technically advanced nonwoven products by focusing on research, technology, quality and certified production processes to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and innovative solutions.

Flexibility and a global market strategy complete this commitment. Multibeam technology fine filament spunbond, composites, meltblown, treatments, modified PP polymer nonwovens and spun-dyed webs are options currently available. Atex constantly seeks to identify niches or large markets to deliver unique products, which allows the group to remain a leading competitor in the market.

Alex has two locations in ltaly (Milan and Borgo Ticino) and one location in the U.S. (Gainesville, GA). After the installation in 2012 of a new state-of-the-art production line at the Gainesville facility, Atex has the ability to produce both in the U.S. and in Europe spunbond polypropylene in a wide range of weights, colors and treatments tailored to meet customer requirements. The solutions Atex offers are mechanically engineered for many end uses and advanced applications. Atex also produces microfibers, meltblowns, composites, elastic nonwovens and wipes products.

Atex group's continuous innovation for the wipes, hygiene, medical, building, textile and many other markets is focused on offering competitive and modern solu dons with particular attention to the environment and capability of recycling all components.

ISO 9001:2008 certification confirms the Atex group's commitment to a quality management system, with the goal to enhance customer satisfaction by consistently providing a quality product that will meet or exceed specified requirements.


Booth 4121

Autefa Solutions delivers turnkey lines as well as individual machines for nonwovens manufacturing. Application fields include the production of artificial leather, filter products and paper-machine felts, automotive felts, geotextiles, floor coverings, felts for insulation and nonwovens for the hygiene industry.

Autefa Solutions will inform visitors to its booth about material efficiency, energy efficiency and the processing of renewable and recyclable fibers. INDEX focuses on lines for the manufacturing of fibers such as flax, bamboo, coconut and ramie. For this application the use of the aerodynamic web forming machine Airlav Card.

K12 Direct from Autefa Solutions is particularly effective here. It is a short and compact machine and enables a gentle fiber treatment. The renewable fibers are used to create voluminous, three-dimensional nonwoven fibers that are then processed into composites, for example with propylene or polyester in the top and bottom layer. The Aiday Card K12 Direct is suitable for the production of top quality webs in a weight range of 80- 6000 gsm. Due to the direct transfer from the chute feed to the Aiday Card, without an additional opener, the fibers are gently opened and formed into the nonwoven fabric.

All machines and installations from Autefa Solutions are equipped with efficient and high performance drive systems. The air control of the individual machines is continuously optimized. By using modern drives and achieving lower load on the filtration plants, energy is saved.

With the lines and machines of Autefa Solutions existing installations can be modernized. Thus the production facilities are more flexible and a better product quality is achieved. Customers benefit from these advantages in order to meet the growing demands of the global markets to remain competitive.

Autefa's Webmaster Card works on the basis of a patented double doffer system between the two main card cylinders and offers two main advantages. It maximizes the production of the cards and improves the blending and fiber distribution on the second cylinder, facilitating improved product quality even at high production rates.

The Crosstapper Topliner is another key machine in many nonwoven installations. The Crosslapper Topliner increases the product quality in new installations or as a replacement in existing lines. The crosslapper increases the weight of the product and improves the MD/CD ratio and the web strength.

With Webmax, minor draft corrections can be made between the card and the Crosstapper. In this way the so-called smile-effect, namely the increased weight of the fabric in the edge areas, created by material shrinkage through drafting and speed accelerations, can be prevented via the Webmax compensation system. This results in a considerable saving of raw material.

The needle loom Stylus is equipped with the innoyativeVariliptic drive system, which enables high production speeds while also ensuring a gentle needling of the nonwoven fabric. This is particularly important during the first process step, the preneedling. The Variliptic drive system optimizes the surface of the nonwoven fabric, while also protecting fibers and minimizing the needle wear.


Booth 1016

Bayteks Tekstil San. Ve Tic A.S. was established in 1992 and has become one of the largest nonwoven, PP yarn and carpet manufacturer in Turkey with a capacity of 22,000 tons per annum for nonwoven fabrics. The company has been listed in The Second Top 500 Industrial Companies List since 2006. Bayteks is focused on new products, new developments and new trends in the market and is ready to serve its customers' needs with its, state of art machines for SMMS, PPspunbond, PET spunbond and meltblown. Different applications are also available and include: hydrophilic, hydrophopic, antibacterial, flame retardants, UV stabili7ed; printed fabrics; and laminated fabrics. We will be exhibiting our materials for SMMS, PP spuribond, PET spun bond and meltblown as well.

Beautiful Nonwoven

Booth 2259

Beautiful Nonwoven Co., Ltd. specializes in producing PP spun-bond nonwovens, SSS, SMS, SMMMS, SSMMS and compounded nonwovens such as SFS, SF by coating; heat-sealed, hot-melt or ultrasonic lamination. It also can provide special treatments on its nonwovens to make them super soft, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, absorbent, flame retardant, UV stabilized, repellent, antistatic and anti-bacterial. It also offers further processing products such as shopping bags, insulated bags, car covers, landscape materials, as well as disposable medical and protective products such as surgical gowns, surgical, drapes, sterilization wraps, surgical kits and packs, face masks, coveralls and adult diapers.


Booth 4470

Bibielle Spa will highlight its unique and exclusive technology for manufacturing high quality PA 6.6 fiber and yarn. BibleIle's fiber is the ideal product for manufacturing high quality nonwovens. In particular, Bibielle is. able to monitor the tenacity, elongation and elasticity making the variables independent among them. The crimp of the fiber is also unique in 3D and it can be modulated according to the needs of use. These features arc suitable on all of BibleIle's wide range of products starting from 15 d/tex and up to 420 d/tex.


Booth 2381

Bicma Hygiene Technologie GmbH is a privately owned German machine builder serving customers worldwide. Being an expert in the hygiene market for almost 20 years, Bio-na is well-known for high quality machines and equipment to manufacture baby diapers, light blco products, adult shaped pads, adult diapers, femcare products, Lulderpads, meat pads, pet pads, nursing pads and similar products.

Bicma has a strong customer-oriented attitude. Outstanding attributes of the company are competence in the hygiene-market, flexibility and power of innovation. A key strength of Bicma is the ability to find smart customized solutions for the customer's individual requirements, even for niche products and new developments.

Nana will its latest developments. Features listed are available for new machines and also as upgrades for existing lines and include: Flexible hybrid machine for the adult incontinence market, combining adult diapers, adult shaped pads and underpads on one highspeed or medium-speed machine; technology to produce ultrathin high-performance cores made of SAP with low amounts of fluff, or no fluff at all; baby diaper machines in thre performance levels for all product concepts which are in the market including narrow chassis with low-waste or zero-waste shaped elastic cars, or narrow chassis with T-shape ears, or classical anatomical shape; zero-waste anatomic add-on ears also available for adult diapers; elastic belts for adult diapers, Z-folded and with easy-open fixation of the fold; and in line flexoprinting on topsheet.


Booth 2138

Bostik has issued a bold challenge to those who plan to attend INDEX 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. With the theme "Your Challenges, Our Solutions," the adhesives solutions company asks disposable hygiene product producers to bring their performance and operational issues to the show. Bostik will leverage an extensive range of advanced adhesives--including some to be introduced at INDEX--and its industry expertise to create innovative, flexible solutions for each challenge.

The theme ties in well with Bostik's recently launched new corporate brand, which will be showcased at INDEX. The brand features a gecko and the tagline "smart adhesives." The gecko is renowned for its bonding abilities that allow it to ding to almost any surface, run up polished glass and support its entire body weight with a single toe. Together, the gecko and tagline reflect Bostik's leadership position in developing intelligent and innovative adhesive solutions that are robust, efficient and adaptive.

"As an industry thought leader, we keep ahead of emerging trends and new challenges that are on the horizon for our customers," says Courtney Korselt, global communications and inmanager, global nonwovens business unit. "Our show theme, along with our new corporate brand, reflects our reputation for finding smart, innovative, flexible solutions that enable our customers and the industry to adapt rapidly and perform expertly."

Korselt invites show attendees to bring their challenges to. booth 2138, where they'll also be able to learn about the latest developments in core, elastic attachment and stretch solutions. "Just look for the gecko," she says.


Booth 4114

Burckhardt of Switzerland AG is a family owned, Swiss company operating all over the world as a leading producer of perforation rings, perforation tools and perforation machines manufactured upon customer request. This in different sizes and diameters, with needle density up to 150 needles/cm2 and holes from 20 pm up to three mm in diameter.

Its latest development--the HotSpeed perforation unit--was engineered upon multiple customer requests for the perforation of PP-bread-bags and other films. With a speed of 300 m/min and temperature of 400[degrees]C the HotSpeed unit accomplishes the job in a perfect, quick and user-friendly way.

Burckhardt's specialty in the nonwoven industry is the two-dimensional (2D) as well as three-dimensional (3D) perforation of nonwoven material. This is mainly used in the hygienic and diaper 'industry. Latter application increases the surface allowing the nonwoven to absorb more liquid in a faster way. 3D hot perforation is a high-end type of perforation and uniquely invented by Burckhardt.

Burckhardrs in-house lab offers the following perforation services: Perforation up to a width of 1580 mm for consulting projects, product research and development, pilot run and pilot production, and contract perforation.

Burckhardt is also a leader in fibril- lation. The Burckhardt system can be mounted in most of the fibrillation lines and for the change of fibrillation bars the roller does not have to be dismounted. For normal fibrillation the company can offer needle bars with a pin-density from 4-70 needles/cm The latest development of the pa tented "Shark" system enables customers also to fibrillate elastic tapes.

CCS--Cellulose Converting Solutions

Booth 2341

CCS (Cellulose Converting Solutions) will focus on its latest novelties, exclusively designed to prioritize high efficiency levels and low waste. These include a new adult pant machine, a baby diaper machine able to run T-shape products with zero-waste or low-waste ears up to an 80-20% ratio SAP-fluff core, a new generation of high speed fern care machines (lady, panty, light inco) and new adult brief and under-pad machines.

In addition, there will be the presentation of one of GCS's latest machines during which it Will be possible to observe it from a new and unique perspective. It will be possible to interact with the machine and check its features up close, being able to firsthand Witness its high quality and innovative tech nology.

Chang Hong Machinery

Chang Hong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading 0. DM manufacturer based in Taiwan. The R&D department develops advanced technology concepts to design a variety of non-woven products and machines such as mask blanks, ear loop masks, tie tape masks, nonwoven facial masks, shoe covers, surgical caps, bouffant caps, anti-dust veils, CD. sleeves, photo album pouches, filter bags, ice packs and reusable handbags as well the designing and manufacture for slitting machines and ultrasonic machines. The company has specialized in the design of nonwoven related machines for over 20 years. Through continuous developments and improvements by its great design ability, Chang Hong Machinery insists on quality and customer satisfaction first. In the future, it says it is working toward the goal of simplifying design and customization processes.

Chang Hong Machinery maintains a sales network all over the world. The chief markets are the U.S., Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, China and Hong Kong. Its main nonwoven machines include a mask blanking machine; mask earloop welding machine; mask tie tape welding machine; slitting machine; surgical cap making machine; handbag making machine, and an ultrasonic welding machine.

CPM Wolverine Proctor

Booth 1402

As one of the leading global thermal processing system manufacturers, CPIVI Wolverine Proctor have acknowledged the growing customer demand and prerequisite for dryers with the lowest overall operating cost, and optimized product consistency, coupled with traceability. Their service of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries, has also enabled advance technology crossover to be applied to fiber diving.

CPM Wolverine Proctor will highlight it recently launched High Efficiency fiber diying system. The new range of different fiber processing dryers and ancillary equipment, aimed at producers of rayon, nylon, olefin, acetate, acrylic and lvcocell fibers, have new and improved features.

The control and monitoring system allows for real time recording of all process parameters; automated control of humidity/atmosphere in each drying zone; auto idle mode to eliminate energy wastage during longer periods of unanticipated down time; and auto reminders for scheduled maintenance and run time logs.

Mechanical upgrades include a conveyor chain system requiring no lubrication', minimal maintenance, and down. time; new product seal material tolerant to heat and chemical conditions; selection of highest efficiency drives available; low maintenance/long life components; and a nonstick wet feeder belt material.

Major operational benefits include lowest steam consumption/ton of finished fiber available today; lowest power consumption/ton of finished fiber available today; and lowest operating cost/ton of finished fiber available today.


Daroitex srl offers highspeed longitudinal slitting machines for nonwoven spun bond materials. The company is highlighting its longitudinal slitting machine suitable to make spunbond strips of minimum .18 mm. Options include scissor cutting dc vice(rotating blade with different diameters accordingly with the kind of fabric); simple cutting by rotating blade (rotating blade with different diameters accordingly with the kind of fabric); cutter; and full automation (without operator) with customized PLC program.

Technical characteristics include special motorization with directional inverter with constant reading of diameter of roll; adjustable and automatic control of roll compactness; electronic metering with automatic stop at the length required; and lateral movement of expandable shaft for easy unloading of bobbin.

Technical details include working width up to 1800 mm standard; winding speed up to 500 mt/min (according to the kind of fabric); unwinding roll diameter 1.800 mm standard; winding roll diameter 700 mm standard; minimum cutting size 18 mm; adjustable shaft to support the unwinding roll with diameters on demand 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6".

DBM loannou

Booth 4449

DBM loannou based in Athens, Greece is participating for first time as an exhibitor.

The company produces high quality LDPE polyethylene bags serving the persona] care sector and also sells LDPE films for diapers and underpads back sheets. The company started production in 2002 exports nearly-100% of its products.

DBM loannou produces all kinds of drawstring bags suitable for cotton pads, cotton pleats, cotton swabs and cotton balls as well as for sanitary napkins. Also it is producing strap handle bags for baby and adult diapers as well as underpads wicket type for automatic packing.

Wet wipes of three packs are packed in its wicket bags, as well as sanitary napkins wicket bags are produced to the specific customer's specs. In addition, DBM loan nou represents the biggest film manufacturer in Greece that produces high quality printed or unprinted LDPE suitable for the backsheet of adult diapers, under-pads and baby diapers.

The company prints by tlexography up to 10 colors with high definition. The films are coextruded and have low tolerances. Apart from the above DBM loannou supplies PP plastic boxes of all types including flip top for packing cotton swabs. DBM loan nou's motto is "a supplier that you can trust that will care for all your needs with quick deliveries, personal attention to every aspect, excellent and stable pricing policy, and close cooperation."


Booth 2010

DiloGroup will provide comprehensive information about the numerous applications of nonwoven fabrics illustrated by various products and their methods of manufacture. As general contractor DiloSystems projects complete production lines for different nonwoven products and applications such as floor coverings, automotive fabrics, geotextiles, filter media, synthetic leather and natural fiber felts. DiloSystems also offers installations for the production of disposables, which are used in cosmetics, medicine and hygiene.

The DiloGroup has already delivered more than 260 complete production lines for the nonwovens industry. Continuous development in its technical centers ensures that Dilo lines are designed with functionality for the future. As a strong partner for the nonwovens industry, we achieve maximum throughput of the projected installations with highest machine efficiency and product quality.

In recent years, numerous new fibers have been created, which increase the opportunities for nonwovens. In this regard, there are also new applications for carbon fiber fleeces. To meet these challenges, during the last year Dilo installed a laboratory line with a working width of 0.6 m with specially adapted suction and filter technology for small-scale evaluation of all fibers including the processing of carbon. In addition to three production lines with industrial working widths of 2.5 m to 3.5 m, DiloGroup has this new lab line where small amounts of special fibers and very expensive fibers can be tested regarding pro-cessability and application.

The excellent quality of DiloGroup's worldwide service is well known. It supports its customer base with the aid of 49 foreign representations and subsidiaries in Shanghai, Moscow and Istanbul as well as Dilo Incorporated in Charlotte, NC. Since 2013 the Moscow representation stocks spare parts avoiding customs clearance delays. DiloGroup's office in Shanghai will also offer this service in due course.

Dr. Schenk GmbH

Booth 4160

Dr. Schenk GmbH offers inspection and measurement solutions for automated quality assurance and production process control, a key success factor in the making/converting of nonwovens for a multitude of markets including hygiene, medical care, personal care, civil engineering, automotive and filtration.

Dr. Schenk will highlight the advantages of using existing inspection cameras to gauge nonwovens including reduced cost and space requirement paired with more reliable measurements for the complete material width and no extra safety efforts--something a standard scanning gauge cannot provide. Discuss production needs and quality goals with the inspection expert and find out how EasyInspect and -EasyMeasure for nonwovens can optimize production.

Dr. Schenk's EasyInspect for nonwovens uses MTDA technology (multiple image defect analysis) to inspect nonwovens with multiple optical channels on one single scan line. One defect is seen from different perspectives. The defect information from the different channels is combined, ensuring the most comprehensive defect classification and material qualification. This also means that the inspection is independent from material stretching effects that make exact defect identification difficult in other systems.

MIDA clearly distinguishes yield -relevant defects from in-elevant defects or material structure, ensuring that faulty material does not reach the customer and good material is not scrapped needlessly.

Dr. Schenk's EasyMeasure offers complete monitoring of material homogeneity, grammage and formation for a low variation coefficient of the production. It provides this information for the full material width with more than 65,000 gray levels. The material can be divided into areas of user-definable size, offering scalable material resolution, ideally suited to displaying large area issues like material cloudiness and other large-scale in homogeneities in high resolution and great detail.

Low investment costs and small tine space consumption through a single scan line are further benefits of the inspection with Easylnspect and EasyMeasure.


Booth 1382

Falu AG has developed a new model for the production of cotton swabs: the FALL! CB 1. This machine has an increased productivity due to higher speed and is capable of running up to 3000 swabs per minute. Compared to the older models it has a new design, is more ergonomical and has reduced maintenance costs. Its improved quality control system removes the swabs with the missing tips, the vacuum extraction unit removes the loose fibers and has .a better control and management of the process through a proven controller.

The CB 1 can be upgraded with an extra diving system, which is an additional heating option, especially for countries with high humidity. Falu's other new development involves the draft unit that can be attached to the CB 1 model, which enables the machine to run with cotton sliver up to 5 gsm instead of the standard 1.4 gsm. The main advantages of this system are less sliver breakage, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs of cotton sliver raw material.


Booth 2550

Fatra is one of the biggest processors of plastics--PVC, PE, PP and PET--in Central Europe and holds a significant share in the plastics industry in the Czech Republic. The company's hygiene division manufactures breathable films and laminates.

At INDEX Fatra vill present its Sontek F breathable PE film and Sontek L breathable laminate. Both materials are designed for use as a backsheet in the manufacture of disposable sanitary products such as baby and adult diapers, sanitary towels etc. The materials can be embossed and printed in up to eight colors using state-of-art flexog, raphic technology. Breathability and other parameters can be adjusted according to customer specifications.

Fatra will also demonstrate its extra soft breathable laminates, low gram mage breathable laminates as well as achievements in medical and hygiene sectors.

FiberVisions & ES FiberVisions

Booth 2119

FiberVisions and ES FiberVisions will present fiber platforms driving innovation in traditional and new nonwovens markets. Under the motto "Focused Innovation--Global Leadership," the polyolefin and bicomponent fiber specialists will demonstrate how unmatched product performance and processing, and a customer-centric approach, are helping to address demands and trends in the consumer end-markets of diapers, wipes and feminine care, as well as in the growing non-consumer markets of filtration and technical applications. The fiber platforms of FiberVisions and ES FiberVisions create new advances and support customer-inspired developments in the areas of hygiene, filtration, automotive, composites, construction, wipes, paper and more.

The companies' customer-driven R&D focuses on generating new fibers that help reduce system cost while enhancing performance and sustainability. Visitors to the booth can find out more about the potential to achieve: Softer nonwovens, due to the variety of deniers, sizes, finishes, additives and shapes on offer; stronger nonwovens, due to the inherent nature of the raw materials compared to other fibers; extensible nonwovens due to the different "crimps" and fiber extensibility designed into fibers; hydrophobic or hydrophilic nonwovens, due to the finishes and additives offered; lofty/bulky nonwovens, due to controlled geomeby and shaped fiber technologies; cost sayings, due to lower basis weight nonwovens that are possible with the fibers, without sacrificing performance and aesthetics; global reach, with four dedicated FiberVisions manufacturing sites around the world, and with the ES FiberVisions JV extended footprint another three manufacturing sites add to the global reach; and single sourcing with the broadest product portfolio of any polyolefin staple fiber supplier.

FiberVisions and ES FiberVisions will exhibit for the first time alongside their sister companies from the lndorama Ventures Group. The core competencies and synergies between Trevira, Wellmannt Auriga Polymers, FiberVisions / ES FiberVisions and the Indorama parent company enable availability of knowledge and resources to best support customers with tailored fiber innovations and solutions. FiberVisions / ES FiberVisions offer a one-stop-shop for polyolefin material and fiber-related needs, and in combination with the sister companies the extended offer includes world class polyester fibers. Together, the companies offer a comprehensive platform for polyolefin and polyester fiber needs. "Significant growth capital has been invested in FiberVisions and ES FiberVisions over the, last five years, which is enabling us to strengthen our innovation and support capabilities to support progress in the nonwovens'markets," says Gary Spitz, CEO, FiberVision & "Under the umbrella of our strong parent company, Indorama, we will continue to nurture deep customer relationships, and deliver cost-effective solutions that meet specific performance requirements and trends toward lightweight fabrics, more environmentally-friendly processing and materials with added functionalities."

In late 2012, Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL) commissioned a new bicomponent line in Rayong, Thailand with the capability to produce PET core staple cut bicomponent fiber. A new bicomponent line in Suzhou, China was launched in October 201.3. Additionally, an upgrade to the existing Covington, GA semiworks line will be completed in first quarter of 2014. The upgrades will allow the line to be used as an innovation and scale-up tool as well as to produce new specially bicomponent grades. ES Fi-berVisions is the only -global bicomponent fiber supplier handling all bicomponent fibers for FiberVisions, JV partner jNC Corp. and lndorama VL, enabling the combined production capability to offer a very strong range including PE and PP 'sheath in combination with PP or PET core. In addition ES FiberVisions drives a truly global RD approach, which includes having developed bicomponent fibers based on specialized polymers that put this unique company constellation at the forefront of the industry.

Filcon Fabrics

Booth 1332

Filcon Fabrics is a division of Nippon Filcon Co. Ltd. Nippon Filcon is a leading nonwoven production mesh conveyor producer and has developed the most advanced spinbelt for all spunmelt producers. The corn pa ny's newly designed Spunpro technology is engineered to drastically reduce fiber dust; minimize web defects and rejects; offer stable performance under 1000m/min, 8gsm web production; offer stable run-ability through out its lifetime; maintain highest resin drop contamination resistance; and deliver the fastest pin seaming available on the market.

Fraunhofer Institute for industrial Mathematics

Booth 2657

The simulation tool HDYST is an efficient software that simulates elastic filaments or fibers in turbulent fluid flows. On the basis of the so-called Casserat-Rod theory FIDYST addresses in a very general way the simulation of the dynamics of thin, elastic objects. Therefore, there is a huge application field for this simulation software, but a high impact has FIDYST in its use for the optimization of production processes of technical textiles.

In the field of technical textiles FIDYST has been licensed and applied by several industrial companies in order to improve their design of the machines in the production process of nonwovens. Typical application examples are spunbond and meltblown processes. Hereto, the industrial partners used the simulationresults of the fiber dynamics in order to optimize the design or geometry, respectively, to improve the quality of the nonwovens. One feature that is very useful to redesign the geometry of the plant is the analysis of interactions of the fiber-wall con tacts. This feature was introduced in the software tool FIDYST in 2013 and is based on an on-going PhD thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics. Although .a manufacturer of technical textiles benefits from the new features of FIDYST and its application to his production process. Based on parameters studies with FIDYST the company developed a new product that needs less raw material but shows the same product properties.

The core of FIDYST is implemented in C++, the graphical user interface is realized with the framework Qt. The simulation tool FIDYST is completed with libraries developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics that handle the import and export of the CFD data and a viewer that visualizes the simulation results of the fiber dynamics as well as the underlying CFD simulation results. Hereby, the CFD data is specified in the so-called EnSight Gold case format such that FIDYST can be used in a workflow with any software tool simulating the fluid flow, e.g., FLUENT or CFX. One highlight of the software is the automatic detection of walls so there is no need for further pre-processing or generating of separate meshes for the fiber-wall contact. It is also possible to use transient CFD data, such that moving walls can be simulated in a very easy way. For the specification of the material properties a graphical user interface exists that assists engineers to set up a fiber dynamics simulation. Although the software is delivered with a manual and a beginner's guide the tools tips are very helpful to look up the underlying material models and to get quick help. Finally, the fiber dynamics simulation results can be exported to study them further.

Freudenberg Nonwovens

Booth 2127

Freudenberg Nonwovens is presenting innovations in wound care at INDEX 2014. With over 30 years' experience in the medical sector, the company is well prepared to tackle any challenge. A comprehensive portfolio for traditional wound care is complemented by solutions for ostomy applications. Freudenberg Nonwovens systematically focuses on innovations, from antibacterial finishing to the use of chitosan fibers in advanced wound care products, and offers tailor-made solutions.

In the past knitted fabrics were mainly used to care for wounds; today, though, it is hard to imagine wound care without nonwovens. Freudenberg and its longstanding know-how have been instrumental in bringing about the transition to functional nonwovens as the base material for wound care. The company is not only presenting the latest developments in traditional wound care at INDEX, but is also showcasing numerous innovations in the field of advanced wound care, where the wound environment must be kept moist. That is why Freudenberg primarily uses highly-absorbent fibers. The material adapts perfectly to fit the wound bed, Which makes life much easier for chronic wound sufferers in particular.

One major innovation is the use of chitosan fibers. In combination with hydroactive nonwovens, this biopolymer brings new perspectives for the healing process and is already proving its worth in practice.

"Our experts have extremely extensive material know-how. We process all types of fibers and offer several options for individual solutions in addition to standard products," says Dr. Oliver Hener-ic, business segment management medical Europe at Freudenberg Nonwovens. "That makes us the market leader in ostomy applications, for example, and we are also pressing ahead with the latest developments in transdermal applications in the U.S."

Research into transdermal solutions is based on cooperation with japan Vilene Company, a Freudenberg joint venture partner with extensive know-how in this segment.

General Nonwovens

Booth 2249

General Nonwovens is a producer of polypropylene spunbond, polyester spunbond nonwovens, SMS barrier fabrics and air through bonded nonwovens. Besides polyester spunbond fabrics, General Nonwovens will be exhibiting HyGen brand products targeting the hygiene industry. These include recently developed airthrough bond top sheet, airth rough bond backsheet, ADL fabrics, spun bond top-sheet as well as SMS barrier fabrics for legcuff applications.

Other brands are FilterGen for filtration products, TexGen for coated and laminated fabrics as well as home textiles, AutoGen for the automotive industry, AgriGen for agriculture and horticulture applications, IndiGen for industrial and technical textiles and NIediGen for fabrics for the medical industry.

"General Nonwovens investments made for production of carded through air bonded nonwovens and SMS fabrics are well accepted and widely used in the hygiene industry," says Alican Yilankirkan, business development director of General Nonwo-vens. "New investments are in the pipeline."

General Nonwovens is looking forward to meeting their existing customers as well as the new ones who .are interested in its products at Booth 2249.


Booth 1570

GDM. will present an extended -range of new products focused on different customer needs in terms of product and production requirements. The

new offerings will address clear market demands: Performance, Flexibility and Scalability. The new lines characterized by performance will prioritize overall equipment effectiveness thus minimizing the unitary product cost.

Customers needing Frequent material and size changes in their production process will find the solutions focused on flexibility interesting. These lines are designed to reduce the impact of size change activities and to allow for easy raw materials set-up. The new lines characterized by scalability are designed for customers interested in evolution capability in terms of production capacity or product development.

GDM will also present new solutions for high-speed baby diaper converting lines as well as for baby training pants. The company will also introduce new innovations in the Field of core formation technology and new product features both for baby diapers and adult incontinence briefs. The show will also present the opportunity to unveil GDM's new integrated stacker and bagger. The new packaging solution is characterized by a compact and ergonomic design allowing CDM to offer turnkey solutions for mid-range production capacity lines.


Booth 1426

Glatfelter's exhibition theme invites visitors to "imagine greater possibilities" by capitalizing on the company's full-service capabilities, which the company says include being the world's only supplier offering both airlaid and wetla id technologies. Attendees will have an opportunity to discover how Glal felter's industry-leading new product development teams and robust R&D platform are helping customers take their new products from concept to reality with innovative, highly specialized solutions backed by one of the industry's most diverse portfolios. And how, through integrated research and development facilities, Glatfelter is reducing cycle time to help clients speed their new products to market.

Glatfelter's Advanced Airlaid business unit (AMBLI) offers tailored products for the feminine hygiene, baby care, incontinence products and personal care wipes market segments. At INDEX, AMBIU will feature its incontinence care products, displaying a specific range of cores for this purpose with features like odor control and aesthetic customization capability.

Glatfelter will also present the core system eCore/iCore, which was especially optimized for adult incontinence products. This highly effective construction, provides desirable textile properties including flexibility, thinness, high strength and a smooth surface combined with high absorbency.

For emerging markets, Glatfelter AMBU will present its new ultra-thin core for the design of feminine hygiene and light-incontinence products, bringing a high-performance low-cost -solution to market. Key to the success of Glatfelter and their customers is the company's non-stop commitment to excellence through efficiency, quality, safety, service and environmentally friendly products and processes.

Glatfelter encourages attendees to visit Booth 1426 to learn more about the highly specialized solutions that can help clients deliver cutting-edge products that are more effective and desirable to end consumers.


Booth 4110

Gneuss has reported strong growth in the business section Process-ingTechnology with its highly efficient MRS extruder. Since the last NDEX exhibition, the company says the Multi Rotation System extruder has established itself as one of the key technolol..* for processing PET reclaim without pre-drying. About 40 of these extruders have been sold for sheet, fiber and repelletizing applications in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The extremely high devolatil-izing and decontamination performance of this technology has convinced more and more processors. Due to the patented combination of single screw extruder with a multiple screw section, the extruder is particularly rugged, as well as easy to operate and maintain.

One majoradvantage of the MRS Extruder is that it permits the processing of PET without pre-dning but by using a simple water ring vacuum system to process the PET to a high quality product. This is achieved by means of its patented processing section. Based on a conventional single screw extruder, the Multi Rotation Section (MRS) is a drum containing eight satellite single screws, driven by a ring gear and pinion transmission. The barrels cut into the drum are approximately 30% open and provide optimum exposure of the melt.

Due to this design, the devolatilizing performance is approximately fifty times greater than that of a conventional single screw extruder, and this at a vacuum of only 25 to 40 mbar. By avoiding the need for a high vacuum system and pre-drving, the MRS is an extremely economically efficient alternative to conventional technologies. Further arguments in its favor are the simple and rugged design, small footprint and flexibility. These are advantages, which convince not only PET processors.

Even fiber coated with spin oils and other contaminants and with high residual moisture level can be fed directly into the extruder without any pre-treatment. Bicomponent (core / sheath etc.) staple fiber can for example be manufactured using the same input material and two different vacuum levels on two MRS extruders to deliver two melts with differing viscosities to the spinning beam.

All model sizes, from the MRS 35 for 35 kg/h to the MRS 200 for 2000 kg/h, have now been built and are in successful operation in various applications worldwide. These are not only PET processing applications, but there are also some references in polyamide and polyolefin processing.


Booth 1240

GPF is the leading elastic nonwoven fabric supplier based in Asia, supplying our patented additive-free elastic nonwoven worldwide to baby and adult diaper manufactures for applications such as baby diaper stretch ears, inco elastic side panels, elastic waistbands, and panels for pull-up pants.

GPF is presenting its latest development--Cozvflex--during INDEX. Among other products in the family, Cozyflex is the highly stretchable laminates with premium softness, and provides the unique cozy tactual sensation to meet product comfort demands. Also, high stretchability of the material is designed to meet the requirements of various product components, such as side panel to pull-ups, baby diaper stretch ears and fastening tapes. Plus, all products are available with breathability feature in cost-effectiveness.

GPF supplies additive-free elastic nonwovens for personal care applications including facial masks, inco/baby diaper elastic material, plaster backing sheet, beauty mask sheet and packaging material. Brands include Easyofit, Bioasafe, Elaxus, Joyflex, Op-tiflex, Texflex, Elaxtab, Duflex and Cozyflex.

Hangzhou Creator Machinery Manufacturer

Booth 2579

Hangzhou Creator Machinery Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is one of the top three manufacturers of machinery for hygiene products in China. The company's focus is on creation and cooperation, and on providing quality after sales service to its customers. with technical support provided by its Italian partner company Ade srl. After more than ten years of development, Hangzhou Creator Machinery Manufacturer has achieved a good reputation in China and abroad by providing top rated equipment and service. Main products include pull-on adult diaper machine, pull-up baby diaper machine, adult diaper machine, baby diaper machine, sanitary napkin machine, under pad machine and material lamination machine.

H.B. Fuller

Booth 2461

As a market leader, E. B. Fuller is committed to perfecting adhesives for the global nonwoven hygiene market. And, with more than 30 years of technology leadership, we know what matters to customers. That is why our Full-Care brand offers more than high-performance adhesives.

Our commitment to innovation brings together the people, process and products that answer and solve some of the industry's biggest challenges. At INDEX, we will be connecting with attendees and showcasing our latest Full-Care adhesive solutions that do not just bond hygiene products together, but improve their performance overall. Our Full-CareT brand offers more than just high-performance adhesives to manufacturers of baby diapers and adult incontinence, feminine hygiene and other nonwoven products. Full-Care helps deliver the lighter, thinner, low odor solutions customers want, and the end-to-end support businesses need.

As the trend for thinner cores expands globally, attendees can talk to us about how different parameters impact on core integrity in diaper design. By covering the vital role that adhesives can play in achieving core integrity and highlighting other key influencers which impact on the core, we can provide a perceptive view of the different elements impacting on final core performance.

To bring in-demand hygiene products to market, you need a partner that offers global research and development capabilities and supply assurance. A partner with superior technical expertise and the problem-solving power to optimize your total cost of ownership. Discover more about our wealth of technical knowledge and experience. Learn more about how we are driven to improve our customers' performance and dedicated to making customers successful. We invite you to come and talk to us at Booth 2461. We're H.B. Fuller, and we're connecting what matters.

Heng Chang Machinery

Booth 4111

Heng Chang Machinery Co., Ltd (HCH) is a top-ranking proles-sicmal manui-icturer of complete production lines for disposable hygiene products with one of the the largest production scales in China and the world. In the past few years, Hal actively implemented internationalization development strategy. At present, products are used by domestic high end users, and others exported to Europe, America, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

HCH offers the INK500/600/80OPPM zero waste elastic ear baby diaper machine; the BT600PPM baby training pant machine; the CNK300PPM adult diaper machine; the NK500/600/800/100OPPM classic (lie cut baby diaper machine; and the A E800/1000/1200/1600PPM sanitary napkin mach


Booth 2159

As a global leader in adhesives for the hygiene market, Henkel will be showcasing their latest advances in technology and solutions focusing on current key issues of sustainability, core integrity adhesives and odor solutions as well as their market leading range of Technomelt DM range of adhesives.

"Sustainability is now the driver of many our innovation programs," says Ron McKinley, business director of nonwovens and tissue adhesives in EIMEA. Visit us at our stand to discuss the vast amount of work that we have been doing in this area and how it can benefit the productivity, efficiencies and environment for you, our customers."

As sustainability leaders, Henkel aim to pioneer new solutions for sustainable developments all along the entire value chain in the market. By the year 2050 the world's population is expected to grow to nine billion and the growing acceleration in global activity will lead to rising consumption and resource demand. Competition for the available resource will thus intensify in the coming decades.

"We want to create more value for our customers and communities that we operate in while reducing our ecological footprint." To achieve this, we need innovations, products and technologies that can improve quality of life while using less input materials. "More with less," says McKinley. "We are the leading supplier and pioneers of cool, low temperature adhesives and the olefin hot melts providing lower coating weights that we are now supplying are excellent examples of this work."

Diaper companies, both large and small around the world, are all working on producing thinner and thinner diapers but with improved absorbency performance. As sustainability is one of Henkel's five corporate values, this core reduction strategy by their customers fits directly into their market strategy. They have invested in novel, innovative measuring equipment and are using their links with allied suppliers and key players to this industry, both in applications and production, to make further developments on their current proven range of core adhesives.

As production speeds increase and the dramatic reduction in the supply chain delivery times bringing the products to market then odor questions have become more of an issue. Henkel are, once again, is an active adhesive supplier in this area and using. their full resources to ensure that low odor adhesives can be supplied. This work encompasses activities with raw material suppliers, analytical work, panel tests, pilot line studies and even looking at their own production processes.

"I am satisfied that we are fully leveraging Henkel's tremendous R&D capabilities to addressing this odor issue in baby diapers," says Andy Swain, technical manager at Henkel R&D in EMEA.

As a global company with full line-speed coaters in all major continents, Henkel can provide unmatched R&D capabilities in the adhesive industry to provide solutions to assist customers develop and improve their products in a competitive market.

"Visit Booth 2159 to discuss your specific requirements with our team of specialists from around the world," says McKinley.

Hills, Inc.

Booth 1654

Hills, Inc. of West Melbourne, FL, welcomes visitors to its display at Booth 1654. Hills will present its latest innovations in fiber extrusion technology. Commercial equipment sales span applications in spunbond, meltblown, staple fiber, continuous filament, monofilament, and solution spinning equipment. Hills is the recognized leader in multi-component fiber technology the result of its innovation and perfection of precise metering/distribution systems in its spin packs as well as its unique polymer temperature separation systems. Virtually any imaginable multi-component fiber cross section including sharp images of logos, etc. for identification purposes can be produced with the Hills technology.

Hills spunbond machines use the latest slot draw technology resulting in the highest filament spinning speeds, tailored fabric properties, and unparalleled flexibility in polymer selections, fiber cross sections, and fiber sizes (commercial production of deniers from less than 1 to more than 10 are possible). Hills' meltblown die technology is based on its unique thin plate, split die systems, which allow the commercial production of excellent bicomponent fibers. This unique technology also gives Hills the ability to manufacture virtually any size and length of spinning orifice for commercial production of unique melt blown products such as high rate nanofibers and use of viscous meltblown polymers. In addition to applications of Milk' equipment in worldwide production facilities, Hills is also an international leader in equipment for research and development applications with installations at various renowned laboratories and institutions as well as numerous private development facilities.

In addition to being on hand to discuss fiber extrusion equipment projects, Hills will display several examples of unique nonwoven fabrics produced with its technology. These include artificial leather and "woven like" spunbond fabrics produced with islands-in-a-sea and other multi-component fiber cross sections, extremely lofty spunbond fabrics, spunbond fabrics with superior MD/CD properties, nanofibers from islands-in-a-sea, various types of filtration media and various stretchy fabrics from spunbond and meltblown production.

Many Hills equipment projects result from intensive joint development with customers in Hills' Fiber Extrusion Laboratory facilities. These facilities include multi-component 0.5-meter spunbond and meltblown equipment, multi-component continuous filament equipment, and small machines for screening and development of an extremely broad range of raw materials. Hills representatives will be on hand to discuss how its laboratory facilities can be used or customized to meet the needs of its customers to develop or demonstrate new raw materials, processes, and fiber/fabric products. In addition to the foregoing, fabrics will be on display from a newly commissioned one-meter homopolymer meltblown line at Hills, and Hills representatives will discuss use of this Line to commercially add nanofibers to customers' fabric substrates.


Booth 2154

Hip-Mitsu, an Italian company based outside Venice, is highlighting its innovative Smart Coat System at INDEX. By using the Smart Coat adhesive system instead, of tradition hot melt technologies, the company can demonstrate how users can achieve significant cost savings on their production lines. For example, for each single production line, over a 10-year span you can save up to [euro]3.43 million on a baby diaper line, up to [euro]2.49 million on adult diaper, up to [euro]4.54 million on underpad and up to [euro]4.49 million for in line BTBS.

Hip-Mitsu's Smart Coat System produces products with better structural bonding absorbency and softness. Smart Coat is just being introduced to the hygiene market after two years of use under real production conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by 3 pilot end users, including one of the major global players. It has also passed validation tests caned out at Fameccanica's Competence Centre.

Smart Coat can be tested under real production conditions at Hip-Mitsu's Competence Center, specially designed for hot melt application on poly/nonwoven, up to 600 mimin working speed, correspond i lig to approximately 1,200 milli in for a baby line or 600 pcs/min for an adult line.

Hip-Mitsu has had more than 2,000 machines installed worldwide since 1994, and is one of the most qualified producers of melters and dispensers for hot melt adhesives. Hip-Mitsu are the worldwide leader with respect to the number of systems installed for the pay/nonwoven lamination with hot melt adhesives, focused on the production of BIBS (Breathable Textile BackSheet); in Europe 88% of BTBS film producers are exclusively using hot melt systems made by Hip-Mitsu.

Icat Adhesives

Booth 4314

Icat srl formulates pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives for the nonwoven industry in its two European facilities: Perugia, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. Technology, innovation and experience are the values of Icat, which has been devoted to the development of gluing solutions for more than 30 years.

Icat is one of the main European firms producing hotmelt adhesives for hygienic disposables, the plants and the technological means of the firm are able to offer innovative products and meet all the neecls of the market.

Icat Adhesive, to meet the new demands of the market, offers a new size of pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives. The plastic film coating of new technology replaces the coextruded protector in HMPSA with low viscosity, arid provides the following performance characteristic: Fusion homogeneity between adhesive and plastic film; resistance to high temperatures (typical in summer); and it is suitable for the new application technologies (i.e. spyro systems, [omega], etc.).

Icat offers a full range of innovative adhesives for nonwoven hygiene products including baby diapers, femcare, adultcare and petcare. Its complete range for nonwoven products is both innovative and convenient due to experience as well as continuous updating of technology according to the evolution of the market.


Booth 4152

Investkonsult Sweden AB work as consultants, brokers and matchmakers highly specialized in the nonwovens and disposable hygiene industries. Since we are focusing on the nonwoven and disposable hygiene industries only, we have gathered a broad and deep knowledge regarding technical developments and world market trends in these sectors. We also serve these industries with objective valuations of equipment. Over the last 4 decades we have developed an extensive and ever-growing network of contacts within the nonwovens and disposable hygiene sectors - thus our matchmaking capabilities are outstanding.

This year we are setting up a joint venture with Jajoo Hygiene Pvt Ltd in lndore, India together with our Indian partner jajoo Surgicals. The plant was officially inaugurated in Februaty 2014 and we have now commenced commercial production of underpads, booster pads and maternity pads for the domestic market. Investkonsult has provided the technical knowhow for the joint venture whereas the jajoo. Group is using its vast marketing network to sell the products. At INDEX we and the jajoo group are present in our booth to meet with old and new customers to discuss nonwovens and disposable hygiene in general as well as sharing our experience of setting up a joint venture in India in particular.

Isra Vision

Booth 1648

For more than 23 years, Isra Vision has been producing cutting-edge web and surface inspection systems for various types of nonwovens and other related industries. The company's market-leading portfolio of high-tech standard solutions covers all requirements throughout the entire process chain to reduce production costs and to ensure shipments of only flawless materials. Isra systems are used in a broad range of industries worldwide and are supported by a global service network. Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, the company employs over 600 staff at 25 locations worldwide.

In the nonwovens sector, spunbond materials with a minimum grammage of just 8.5 g/sqm, has an extremely demanding inhomogeneous structure--a real challenge for automated inline monitoring and quality control. Despite this, Isra's optical inspection systems reliably detect defects down to 200pm on webs at any speed, even higher than 1000m/min. Typical defects include insects, holes, contaminations, hard fibers, hard spots and formation defects.

This performance capacity is made possible by using highly developed technical components and patented technology which greatly differ from other solutions: Usage of the most rapid cameras available, operating at frequencies higher than previous models by a factor o14, made possible by the company own in telligent "Smash" high performance web processor as a cornerstone of the highly efficient system. In combination with a revolutionary light concept comprising of individually controllable white LED illumination and the easy-to-use but reliable software and classification concept, this is the reason why manufacturers worldwide rely on Isra in order to meet customer's high quality demands.

Users receive a detailed defect log from the system, which includes important data and information for quality management. This is the basis for process optimization arid increased production efficiency The data quality is ensured due to sophisticated classification technology At the end of the production line, the integrated quality check module comes in: Quality data leads to correct decisions, allowing defective rolls to be sorted out rapidly and reliably and replaced by spare rolls from the intermediate storage. The rewind manager generally allows rendering even imperfect rollers marketable, e.g. by removing flies subsequently. This consistent conception ensures that defective products will not leave the facility.

System solutions by Isra Vision even pass the acid test of spunbond production and support manufacturers in producing-perfect quality. For users, the technology is the key to continuous inspection and to optimizing production along the entire process chain.


Booth 2655

ITV-Denkendorf, part of Deutsche Institute fur Textilund Faser-forschung (DITF), presents selected highlights of nonwoven and fiber related research. Since the last INDEX in 2008, ITV has strengthened its research on micro- and nanofiber webs. A 500 mm laboratory melt blown line is available in clean room facilities for research and customer trials. Installed with the latest invention to produce meltblown fibers down to 400 nm range.

Innovative web compounds can be consolidated at the ITV using hydro entanglement. The installment will be upgraded in 2014 by adding a calender and ultrasonic bonding equipment. The focus is on filtration webs for medical and technical applications, testing of new polymers and nonwoven web production in the lowest um range. Latest developments provide meltblown materials from PPS and PEEK for high temperature applications. Dry spinning, electrospinning and lm wide centrifuge spinning equipment is installed to produce fibers down to the 100 nm range. This technique is also used to create finest nonwovens from non-thermoplastic polymers like aramide or polyimide.

An automized software tool for analyzing fiber diameter distribution in nonwoven webs is available. Carding, needling and ther-mobonding for staple fibers is available for trials. Needle looms in 500 mm working width, lapping technology with Wave Maker and a thermobond oven is installed at the ITV. Bicornponent filamentspinning at the ITV provides, bonding fibers with extra high heat deflection temperature. EFRE Fiberspring uses this new fibers. Supported by the EU, Fiberspring is a research project aiming on replacement of FUR foam in upholstery applications. Insulation materials as well as filtration substrates can be produced.. New efforts focus on retrieval of carbon fibers from composites and conversion into new webs.

The research at DITF is supported by comprehensive chemical, analytical and textile testing laboratories within accredited labo ratory facilities.

ITW Dynatec

Booth 4045

ITW Dynatec will be representing its Surge technology, winner of the Most innovative Technology Award 2013 at the IDEA show in Miami and also applied for the INDEX '14 award in the category innovation in machinery of special relevance to the nonwovens industry.

Choice is at the cornerstone of Surge. For the first time in history, end users have online metering options for variable volwne adhesive application. Surge allows end users to apply different volumes of adhesive to different areas of their products, and that leads to the second, most critical promise, of Surge: substantial and quantifiable savings. Because end users can now apply the precise amount of adhesive necessary for each part of the product, without investing in cost-prohibitive applications systems, they can produce higher quality products, with less waste, and significantly less adhesive.

Until recently, nonwovens end users had only one option: use one metered adhesive volume across the entire substrate or use more equipment. If an end user wants to apply 2.5-3.5 gsm on the perimeter, to achieve a high bond strength, then 2.5 to. 3.5 gsm volume had to be applied all across the substrate as well; easily switching to a different volume application was never possible, not without investing in at least twice the equipment, and the cost of which may far outweigh the potential adhesive savings. As a result, overuse of adhesive has been the norm: precision adhesive application has simply not been possible.

Surge is a patented application method that can apply heavier volumes of adhesive exactly where they are needed and lighter volumes everywhere else, all with only one system, one hose and one applicator. The results are exactly what the nonwovens industry needs to gain a competitive edge. Surge creates extensive raw material (adhesive) savings; requires less capital equipment, which means energy sayings and reduced maintenance and offers flexible, precise capabilities on a metered platform.

KNH Enterprise

Booth 4015

Kang Na Hsiung (KWH) Enterprise Co., Ltd., is a Taiwan-based nonwovens and personal hygiene products makers; and has been dedicated to innovation for decades. Across its nonwoven technology platforrn KNH is developing a new types of absorbent materials and functional materials that will be launched soon. In addition, KNH recently opened a new operating facility in Chengdu, China to meet demand from the growing hygiene industry. At the same time, KNH's spunlace and thermal bonded materials are helping to promote further softness and environmentally friendly product characteristic concepts into hygiene applications. KNH also announced plans to invest in pioneering medical, baby and incontinence care products designedto bring added value to consumers.


Booth 1415

One century dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commissioning of equipment for complete textile waste recycling lines, in the past 20 years, Laroche has been deeply involved in the scientific development of the textile waste recycling technology, achieving great progress and helping discover new sustainable tailor-made applications for better and cheaper products taking care of the serious environmental problems and the shortage of raw materials.

Laroche is also proposing complete turnkey airlay nonwoven lines to process a wide variety of raw material producing a huge range of nonwoven felts. Laroche application fields include: Open-end using recycled fibers; nonwoven felts for building insulation, automotive, bedding, furniture and floor coverings; geotextiles, sound and thermal insulation, and horticultural applications; natural fiber products (nonwovens and yams); short staple bast fibers for spinning nonwoven and paper; disposable products; pillows and toys stuffing and technical products.

Laroche provides a full range of engineering, development and support services for turnkey projects. In Cours-La Ville, France, a 2000 square meter demo room equipped with tearing line, dosing, opening and blending line and three airlay nonwoven lines are extensively used for process and product development. Customers are welcome to use these facilities to develop their new products. With two manufacturing plants and after sales support, Laroche serves highly satisfied customers in more than 70 countries.

Lenzing Instruments

Booth 2304

Lenzing Instruments is an Austrian developer and producer of quality and process control systems for nonwovens, staple fiber, filament and plastic film. In times of growing competition and higher demands for proven quality, less customer claims and even shorter delivery times, an optimized production process becomes a must. The requested degree of process optimization can be obtained by applying the corresponding quality and process control systems from Lenzing Instruments.

The NOS 200 offers unique process control of the fiber orientation. The illuminated web is scanned by a CCD camera and the evaluation of the resulting images gives feedback about the MD:CD ratio, meaning the ration of fibers in the Machine vs. Cross direction of the web. Out of the MD:CD ratio, correlations can be drawn. to the strength of the web, enabling an online, nondestructive monitoring of the nonwoven strength.

In the field of liquid strike-through-time testing and rewet testing, Lenzing Instruments has been setting standards with their two instruments Lister AC and Wetback. Often used in combination, the operator tests the liquid strike-through-time of a nonwoven coverstock with Lister according to WSP 70.3/WSP 70.7 and the rewet properties of the same nonwoven coverstock with Wetback according to WSP 80.1.0/WSP 70.8. For tests with liquids of lower conductivity, Lister LC is the choice.

The water permeability of fleece and geotextiles can easily and automatically be determined with GE-TE-FLOW, which is .one of a kind when it comes to the compact housing and the short test duration. With the new user-friendly GE-TE-How software, the operator has a versatile tool for results analysis. GE-TE-Flow complies with EN ISO 11058 and the results can optionally also be evaluated according to ASTM D4491.

Vibroskop 400 and Vibrodyn 400 measure the linear density (den/dteX) and tensile properties of single fibers and monofila-ments. Vibroskop and Vibrodvn have, since their development in the 60s, set standards all over the world and are highly appreciated for their accuracy and automated operation. The versatile evaluation software provides extensive data analysis.

Lenzing Instruments' new system for realtime online monitoring of aesthetica I and physical defects of the nonwoven web will offer producers revolutionary evaluation possibilities. Lenzing Instruments is an independent company of the Textechno Group.

LTG Aktiengesellschaft

Booth 4010

Beginning 90 years ago in 1924 by the founding fathers of air technology and air conditioning technology, LTG Aktieng esellschaft based in Stuttgart, Germany was and still is ahead of the market with trend-setting innovations. Be it the space lab, the space station Columbus, the Cheopspyramide, highspeed trains, office buildings, concert halls, historic buildings or production processes in a variety of industries, if the goal is to make improvements for humans and products with air, the company designs tailor-made solutions that are greeted with enthusiasm.

In a laboratory that is equipped with state-of the-art technology, LTG engineers use the latest software simulation tools and measurement techniques, airtlow simulation .and acoustics optimizations with models for new developments in air technology for the sake of humans and products. This is also the place where solutions for customer-oriented problems are designed with LTG Engineering Services. The latest development is the Mobile Filter System, which enables individual analysis and optimization right on customers' premises.

At INDEX LTG Aktiengesellschaft presents its innovative LTG Filtration Technology, a modular system of components to collect, convey, filter, separate and compact. These components optimize and reduce cost in production processes, improve product quality, keep the air around the work space clean .and help to recover valuable materials. Plus they are known in the market for quality, due to premium materials, long reliability and economical operation..

One main component of the LTG Filtration Technology is the CompactDrum Filter type CDF. It is characterized by its high performance, compact design, and a low-maintenance operation. One module of this fine filter comprises of several filter drums that are continuously cleaned through rotating nozzles. 'the modules may be arranged in line or piled up as required. Thus, they may meet any power and room requirement. "Splitting" of larger filter units into smaller ones ensures easy transport and handling on site.

What is special about this product is that the air is guided from the inside to the outside. The dusty air is ted through the filter drums from the inside so that the dust deposits on the inner surface from where it is continuously being removed. Thus 100% of the separated material may be recycled or disposed of. Continuous regeneration also provides a constant course of pressure within the system. The expelled air is clean. Therefore, the filter may be used directly within the production area. The filter's exterior surface including all drive and control elements are located on the clean air side and thus protected from pollution.

If multi-stage filtering is required the Compact Drum Filter may easily be supplemented with a prefilter. This rotating, continuously cleaned filter disc is particularly suitable for exhaust air with a high fiber and particle content of various materials, sizes, and shapes. Through rotating nozzles the filter drums are continuously cleaned. Thus, the filter output is kept steady at all times.
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