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Independent testing laboratories directory.

The following lists independent testing laboratories, along with address, contact person and areas of expertise.

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. 300 Kenmore Blvd. Akron, OH 44301 (216) 434-6664 fax (216)434-8668

Contact: Jerry Leyden, President; Tom Knowlos, VP, Chemical Services; Mac Wilborn, VP, Physical Testing; Harry Bader, VP, Latex Services; Mark Trevorrow, Mgr. Tech. Services; Bob Samples, CEO

Technical Service: Physical and chemical testing; certification; compound development of dry rubber and latex; compound analysis, testing and formula reconstruction; product and process development; litigation services; market research services; and FDA GMP 510(k) QA/SQA assistance

Alloy Extrusion Company 4211 Karg Industrial Pkwy. Brimfield, OH 44240 (216) 677-4946 fax (216) 677-4950

Contact: James G. Anthony, President Technical Service: Complete developmental and pilot facilities for CV curing

American Standards Testing Bureau, Inc. 40 Water St. New York, NY 10004 (212) 943-3160 fax (212) 825-2250

Contact: Charles Coleman, Serv. Mgr.

Technical Service: Complete analytical, formulation, laboratory, engineering and R&D services to the rubber industry

Bowser-Morner, Inc. P.O. Box 51 Dayton, OH 45401 (513) 236-8805 fax (513)233-2016

Contact: Robert J. Rosencrans, Mgr., Product and Materials Testing Lab

Technical Service: Simulated environmental testing, chemical analysis, mechanical and physical testing

Buffalo Testing Laboratories, Inc. 902 Kenmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14216 (716) 873-2302

Contact: E.J. Kris, Technical Director

Technical Service: Rubber testing, physical and chemical

Canadian Technical Services 29 Shaft Rd. Rexdale, Ontario, Canada M9W 4M3 (416) 242-5829

Contact: Paul Nessim, President

Technical Service: Formulation and developing rubber compounds, project study, feasibility reports, plant layout, QC and process control procedures development

Clark Engineering Services 821 E. Front St. Buchanan, MI 49107 (616) 697-4250

Contact: Kathleen W. Smith, Supervisor, Materials Engineering

Technical Services: Physical testing of rubber including stress/strain tests, time-dependent tests, destructive tests, durability, as well as acoustical, vibration, hydraulic seal and hose testing, chemical anaylsis of rubber

Collaborative Testing Services 340 Horndon Parkway P.O. Box 1049 Horndon, VA 22070 (703) 742-9107 fax (703)481-0375

Contact: Janine L. Leete, Program Manager for Rubber & Plastics

Technical Service: Specialize in interlaboratory testing programs which meet the criteria established for an external proficiency testing program. Tests available include: tensile properties, hardness, Mooney viscosity and vulcanization characteristics (ODR)

Cooper Elastomer Technology (formerly Cameron Elastomer Techn.) 29501 Katy Freeway Katy, TX 77494-7801 (713) 391-4600 fax (713) 391-4640

Contact: Bruce Parker, Tech. Mkt. Mgr.

Technical Service: Severe environment testing of elastomers at elevated pressure and temperature in multiplicity of gas and liquid environments, life prediction testing, physical property measurement including dynamic theological testing, thermal analysis

Custom Scientific Instruments, Inc. 13 Wing Drive Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 (201) 538-8500

Contact: Hank Piekarski, Vice President Technical Service: Equipment design

Delsen Testing Labs, Inc. 1024 Grand Central Ave. Glendale, CA 91201 (213) 245-8517 fax (818) 247-4537

Contact: John Moylan, President Technical Service: Mechanical testing, physical testing, environmental testing, electrical testing, flammability testing, polymer analysis

Detroit Testing Laboratory, Inc. 7111 E. Eleven Mile P.O. Box 869 Warren, MI 48090-0869 (313) 754-9000 fax (313) 754-9045

Technical Service: Physical testing; rubbedplastic/composite; thermal analysis; theology; and a number of environmental simulation testing; wide variety of testing services through ten specialized departments

Hauser Laboratories 5555 Airport Blvd. Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 443-4662 fax (303) 441-5803 (800) 241-2322

Contact: Mike O'Sadnick, Client Services Technical Service: Materials testing, polymeric analysis and identification, formulation analysis, EPA 9090, expert testimony

Heraeus DSET Laboratories 45601 N. 47th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85027-7042 (800) 255-3738

Contact: Norma Walp or Paula Maybee, Customer Service/Sales

Technical Service: Outdoor (realtime) weathering in Arizona, Florida and Louisville, KY; outdoor accelerated weathering (EMMAQUA, EMMA-QUA+); Xenon Arc weathering; instrumental color, gloss, visual evaluations, physical, optical, mechanical and thermal analysis

Hill Top Research, Inc. P.O. Box 429501 Cincinnati, OH 45242 (513) 831-3114

Contact: Ralph Anderson, Group Director and General Manager

Technical Service: Safety and efficacy testing of products - dermatological, microbiological, toxicological, clinical pharmacology, sensory evaluation

Hodges Transportation/Nevada Automotive Test Center P.O. Box 234 Carson City, NV 89702 (702) 882-3261 fax (702) 882-3264

Contact: Kelly Baker, Mkt. and Comm.

Technical Service: Research, testing and development of tire carcass and compound materials; performance evaluations for wear and durability; dynamic analysis; real time force and moment measurements

Institute for Research, Inc. 8330 Westglen Dr. Houston, TX 77063 (713) 783-8400

Contact: Dr. Ben Mosier, Director

Technical Service: Contract R&D, autoclave testing of elastomers, formulating and blending rubber and elastomers; physical and chemical testing of rubber, dielectric constant and strength, dissipation factor, thermal analysis (DSC, DT, TG, SEM), electrical and optical methods of analysis

International Testing Laboratories 580 Market St. Newark, NJ 07105 (201) 589-4772

Contact: Dr. M.M. Sackoff, Executive Director of Laboratories

Technical Service: Physical testing, chemical testing, instrumental

IT Corporation 17605 Fabrica Way Cerritos, CA 90701 (714) 523-9200 fax (714)474-8309

Contact: James Martin, Cust. Service

Technical Service: Hazardous waste/environmental analysis, general analytical chemistry, water parameters, gas analysis, industrial hygiene

Kimball Lane Research Facility P.O. Box 268 Kennebunk, ME 04043 (207) 985-2442

Contact: Laurie Cohen, Mgr. Spec. Proj.

Technical Service: Prototypes, small batch processing; market research; compound feasibility studies

Laucks Testing Labs, Inc. 940 S. Harney Seattle, WA 98108 (206) 767-5060

Contact: J.M. Owens, Lab Director

Technical Service: Chemistry, microbiology and technical services

Matrecon, Inc. 815 Atlantic Ave. Alameda, CA 94501 (51 O) 521-1762 fax (51 O) 521-4963

Contact: Dr. Henry Haxo, Vice President, Director of Research Technical Service: Compound design and testing; assessment of fillers; evaluation of roofing; compounding; testing of pond liners; research and consulting on polymers, failure analysis

Microfibres, Inc. 1 Moshassuck St. P.O. Box 517 Pawtucket, RI 02860 (401) 725-4883 fax (401) 722-8520

Contact: Ray Rzepecki, Tech. Director

Technical Service: Dye lab, quality control, research product development, technical service, compounding (for company products only)

Natural Rubber Inspection Service P.O. Box 786 Red Bank, NJ 07701 (908) 842-9200

Contact: Clifford Raisch, President

Technical Service: Inspection and weighing of crude rubber

Nebraska Testing Corp. 4453 S. 67th St. Omaha, NE 68117 (402) 331-4453 fax (402)331-5961

Contact: John Burnett, Manager Technical Service: General physical testing of rubber products

ORTECH International 2395 Speakman Drive Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5K 1 B3 (416) 822-4111

Contact: J. Leidner, Manager

Technical Service: Testing of mechanical properties, chemical analysis, compounding, evaluation of environmental aging, process development, failure analysis

Peak Technical Services, Inc. 221 Peekstock Rd. Kalamazoo, MI 49001 (616) 345-0882

Contact: Robert Karabensh, Manager

Technical Service: Conformance testing SAE J-200/ASTM D-2000; immersion testing; compression tests; accelerated aging; rheology; compound development; lab batches and process expertise; ozone aging; low temp. testing; chemical testing; molding of rubber goods; GM approved lab

Pelmor Labs, Inc. P.O. Box 309 401 Lafayette St. Newtown, PA 18940 (215) 968-3334 fax (215) 968-6415

Contact: Lillianne Falco, Lab Manager

Technical Service: ASTM testing, formula development; research and application for polymers; consultation

Princeton Polymer Labs 501 Plainsboro Rd. Plainsboro, NJ 08536 (609) 799-2060

Contact: Dr. E. Allan Blair, Exec. VP

Technical Service: Compounding, testing and synthesis

Rexham Analytical Services P.O. Box 1377 Matthews, NC 28106 (704) 847-9171 fax (704) 845-4335

Technical Service: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of elastomers, adhesives, paints, pigments dispersions, coatings, solvents and plasticizers

Rutherford Research Drawer 249 Rutherford, NJ 07070 (201) 933-2091

Contact: Dr. A.R. Blanck, President and Technical Director

Technical Service: Research and development, design, testing and analysis, consulting, electrical and physical measurements, failure analysis, testing equipment, conductive rubber

Schenck Pegasus Corporation 2890 John R Rd. Troy, MI 48083 (313) 689-9000

Contact: Kim Bloxsom, Product Line Manager

Technical Service: Fatigue, life cycle, durability testing of elastomers

Scientific Process & Research 67 Veronica Ave. Somerset, NJ 08873 (908) 846-3477 fax (908) 846-3029

Contact: Ron J. Klein, Vice President

Technical Service: Computer aided engineering software for troubleshooting of extrusion problems; design extruder screws and dies for process optimization; manufacturers of these pieces; testing and development laboratory

Scientific Tire Systems, Inc. 4410 La-Burnum Dr. Akron, OH 44319 Mail: P.O. Box 217 Greensburg, OH 44232 (216) 896-4100

Contact: Donald F. Avila, President

Technical Service: Legal services, forensic analysis, consulting

Singleton Laboratories (Division of United Energy Services) 1413 Topside Rd. Knoxville, TN 37777 (615) 970-2299 fax (615) 970-2312

Contact: J. Floyd Best, Lab Director

Technical Service: Physical and chemical testing, compound analysis, simulated environmental testing, flammability testing, research and consulting on polymers

Skeist Incorporated 375 Route 10 Whippany, NJ 07981 (201) 515-2020

Contact: Arnold Brief, Vice President

Technical Service: Consultants to the polymer industries; multi-client, technoeconomic and custom marketing studies: polymers, monomers, plastics, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, sealants, films

Smithers Scientific Services 425 W. Market St. Akron, OH 44303 (216) 762-7441 fax (216)762-7447

Contact: Dave Schwarz, Lab Manager

Technical Service: Full service in rubber from testing to consulting; compound development and testing; forensic analysis; holography, tires

South Florida Test Service (Division of Atlas Electric) 17301 Okeechobee Rd. Miami, FL 33015 (305) 824-3900

Contact: Stephen G. Lane, President

Technical Service: Environmental testing of weathering (natural and accelerated); some physical testing

Standards Testing Labs P.O. Box 592 1845 Harsh Ave. S.E. Massilion, OH 44648 (216) 833-8548 (800) 833-8547 fax (216) 833-7902

Contact: Douglas M. Garven, VP, Marketing and Technical Services

Technical Service: Complete tire testing, including resiliometer, endurance,

tread separation, steer/camber angle, cleated wheel, cut-growth, rolling resistance and high speed; also tire strength, bead unseating, load/deflection, footprints, profiles, hydrostatic burst, sections and cord pulls; complete photographic/video capabilities in-house; forensic testing, accident reconstruction, failure analysis and consultation; designing and manufacturing of tire and wheel testing machinery and computerized controls; also, test other rubber parts such as air springs, marshmallows, engine mounts, tire valves, tire repair materials, sealants and filling materials; complete closed circle track testing facility for tires, vehicles and components

Tenco Environmental Laboratories 1152 Junction Ave. Schererville, IN 46375 (800) 643-1835 fax (219)322-0440

Contact: Robert Hoole, Mktg. Director

Technical Service: Full service environmental laboratory services for air, water, wastewater, industrial waste

Truesdail Laboratories, Inc. 14201 Franklin Ave. Tustin, CA 92680 (714) 730-8239 fax (714) 730-6462

Contact: Bronwen J. Cleary, Mktg.

Technical Service: Provide a wide variety of materials testing properties, including chemical analysis, mechanical properties, fungus resistance, ozone exposure, weathering, salt spray, immersion

Twin City Testing Corp. 662 Cromwell Ave. St. Paul, MN 55114 (612) 645-3601

Contact: Arnie Kurmis, Project Mgr.

Technical Service: Physical properties testing; chemical analysis

United States Testing Co. 291 Fairfield Ave. Fairfield, NJ 07004 (201) 575-5252 fax (201)575-8271

Contact: Dominick Lepore, Sales

Technical Service: Mechanical, electrical, thermal and flammability properties testing of all kinds of elastomers, plastics, metal, wood and stone, per ASTM, ANSI, Fed. and Mil. specs

Wells Laboratories, Inc. 25-27 Lewis Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306 (201) 653-6036

Contact: Saul Frances, Exec. Director

Technical Service: Fungus resistance tests, biodegradability

Western Technologies Inc. 3737 East Broadway Rd. P.O. Box 21387 Phoenix, AZ 85040 (602) 437-3737 fax (602) 470-1341

Contact: Phillip Feliz or W.R. Meier Jr.

Technical Service: Engineering evaluation and consultation, geotechnical and environmental engineering, chemical/analytical, and construction materials testing and inspection

X-R-I Testing 1961 Thunderbird Troy, MI 48084 (313) 362-2242 fax (313) 362-4422

Contact: Richard W. Thams, President

Technical Service: Non-destructive testing lab; metallurgical testing
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