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Independence of the judiciary.

Summary: At the present moment, the judiciary is Egypt's line of defence in its capacity as the only authority among the three state authorities to have retained its entity intact.

The Egyptian Gazette staff While the executive and legislative authorities have witnessed drastic change since the outbreak of the revolution, the judiciary seems to be relatively steadfast.

However, much has been said about the judiciary's lack of complete independence, which it is worth as an authority that rules by law and observes the profound value of justice.

The integrity and honesty of the bulk of judicial practitioners are beyond question, but we dare say that securing the full independence of this authority should stand out at the top of the agenda of the next president.

Some cases here and there have raised of late questions as to the 'political role' of the judiciary. One such stark instance has been the recent constitutional court verdict that ordered the parliamentary election law that brought an Islamist majority to Egypt's first post revolution parliament as being unconstitutional. The ensuing dissolution of parliament has prompted doubts basically regarding the timing of the verdict not the verdict per se.

The court was expected to examine the case in a matter of months if not years according to the precedence of the late l970s and l980s. So the aforementioned ruling that considered void the Islamist-dominated parliament a couple of days before the start of the presidential run-off where the old regime and the Muslim Brothers are struggling to take the lead must be implicative.

Respect for the judiciary is paramount in a country struggling to lay the foundations of democracy and reinforce the sovereignty of law. So, the independence of the judiciary away from any form of affiliation to the Justice Ministry or governmental bodies will help incarnate the role of the judiciary as the shield of this nation.

More importantly, the refinement of the functioning laws from any loopholes and defective contexts would act as a catalyst in making possible the independence of the judiciary.

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Publication:The Egyptian Gazette (Cairo, Egypt)
Date:Jun 23, 2012
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