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Independence I.Q.

1. If the Liberty Bell is cracked, write A in space 2. If it isn't, write O.

2. If Paul Revere warned the people that the Spanish were coming, write T in spaces 6 and 13. If it was the British, write F.

3. If Independence Hall isn't in Denver, Colorado, write H in spaces 1 and 11. If it is, write A in space 1 and B in 11.

4. If Old Glory is a good name for our flag, write L in space 16. If it isn't, write E.

5. If patriots poured molasses into Boston Harbor, write N in spaces 7 and 12. If it was tea instead of molasses, write O.

6. If Daniel Boone did not winter his troops at Valley Forge, write P in space 3 and T in 10. If he did, write I in 3 and O in 10.

7. If the first capital of the United States was Portland, Oregon, write Q in space 9. If it was New York, write R. If it was neither, write J.

8. If Thomas Jefferson did hot write the Declaration of Independence, write R in spaces 8 and 15. If he did, write U.

9. If Benjamin Franklin wrote the Declaration of Independence, write Z in spaces 5 and 17. If he didn't, write Y.

10. If Betsy Ross is said to have made the first flag, write J in space 14. If it was Molly Pitcher, write K.

11. If the "shot heard round the world" was fired at the Alamo, write M in space 4. If it was fired at Lexington, write P.


Happy Fourth of July.
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Author:Moran, Margaret C.
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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Independence I.Q.

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