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Independence Day and GB.


Pakistan jubilantly celebrated its 73rd year of independence on 14th August 2020. Where on one hand, the 22 billion people of Pakistan celebrated it enthusiastically, on the other, 22 lakh populace of Gilgit-Baltistan speculated it with the feelings of inferiority complex and resentment-GB has been rewarded with a constant limbo status and disputed territory for its unconditional accession and loyalty with Pakistan, after a revolted self-help victory against the Dogra Raj in 1948.

Today, after more than seven decades since independence, the state of Pakistan could not grant an unambiguous status to GB. This is either due to the intentional unintentional loopholes in legislations and verdicts on its status, or 'one-step-forward-two-steps-back' political shenanigans by state to keep GB out of its mainstream part.

Pakistan should not shrug off this issue anymore, for an unprecedented sense of marginalization and resentment is getting piled on the populace, especially among educated and media-savvy youth of the region, being relatively much more politically aware and conscious of their deprivations than their predecessors.

People of GB have always been sincerely patriotic, loyal and ready to render sacrifices like any other Pakistani. Hence, the state should also take this 'prolonged limbo' as a matter of great concern and strive to resolve all the legislative and constitutional imbroglios regarding GB before budding of any grim scenario.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 21, 2020
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