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Incumbent pols could get 'mown' down.

I am writing on the recent government shutdown and looming debt default in this country.

This is absolutely uncalled for and ridiculous how our members of Congress, especially the tea party, are acting like spoiled brats.

This is a no-win situation which the American people may end up losing big in the long run and no one wins. I think that Congress should not get their paychecks until they fix the mess and no retroactive pay once the shutdown ends.

Also I think that if Medicare and Social Security is harmed then those involved should hope that they are unopposed if up for re-election next year because their butts will be grass and the American people are going to be the lawnmowers.

Just remember that this may end up being a domino effect with us heading to the Great Depression of 1929 or worse.

In closing just remember what I said in a recent letter -- Bill Cosby saying about being voted in and we can vote you right out to the unemployment line.


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Title Annotation:Editorials
Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
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Date:Oct 13, 2013
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