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Increased overseas coverage on Newswire ASAP.

Increased Overseas Coverage on Newswire ASAP

Seven wire services have been added to Newswire ASAP, the full text online database from Information Access Company (IAC) that offers daily coverage of U.S. and world news.

The newly-added wires are: Agencia EFE (Spain); Comtex, Market Consensus Surveys and United Press International (USA); OPEC News Agency; TASS (U.S.S.R.); and Xinhau News Agency (People's Republic of China).

Available through Dialog Information Services, Inc. (File 649), Newswire ASAP is the only database currently on Dialog to feature selected news stories from Agencia EFE, Comtex, TASS and Xinhua.

To stay abreast of new developments, online users may take advantage of the Dialog Alert service to monitor daily events, such as the emergence of a new company or product line, the issuance of a quarterly earnings report, or the newsworthy activity of a particular person.

"We are pleased to add such an extensive selection of global news services to Newswire ASAP," comments Morris Goldstein, president of Information Access Company. "With crucial developments unfolding in the Gulf, in the Soviet Union, and throughout the European continent, there is no other database providing users with news and commentary that reflects such a diversity of critical perspectives.

Morris added, "Sources like OPEC News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, and TASS offer unique viewpoints on national and regional economic news. In addition, two of our new American wire sources, Comtex and Market Consensus Surveys, add tremendous value to our database by providing insights into U.S. corporate events and market behavior."

At the present time, Newswire ASAP may be accessed only by users in North America. However, daily indexing and the displayable text of newswire material is readily available to users outside of North America on another database from IAC--Newsearch (DIALOG File 211).

Coverage for most of the new wires began in February, 1991. Older newswire content includes PR Newswire (from 1985), Japan Economic Newswire and Reuters Financial Report (from 1987), and Newsbytes News Service (from 1989). Another wire service, Tokyo Financial Wire, was added to Newswire ASAP last month.

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Publication:Information Today
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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