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Increase productivity: it's simple - dare to dream.

Enhancing the work environment does not have to cost a lot of money. Yet it can make - great deal!

A Great Deal is what Glen Bostrom did for his employees when he had his staff have trial use of several brands of ergonomic chairs. He feels his employees' productivity and happiness are enhanced by their participation and use of product.

Pat Crowe-Segal feels she has improved her employees' health, morale and satisfaction by having them participate in their own taste and selection of music and dress code.

Glen Anderson hopes to humanize his new workspace by drawing on his past ergonomic research and development experience in development of an orchestra chair.

Dare to dream. . . workspace environment improvements like:

* Balance warm and cool colors to create harmonious energy.

90% of most North American offices are plain, unfriendly "corporate gray".

* Place furniture and accessories with an ergonomic awareness and sensitivity for greater comfort in the office. Include an antiglare CRT screen, a headphone set, an air freshener and small fan, a foot stool, a backpillow and/or a proper ergonomic chair.

95% of new chairs are never adjusted correctly. Employees cradle telephones in their necks. Keyboards, CRT's, copyholders and chairs are often placed at improper and uncomfortable heights.

* Welcome plenty of plants into your office to help keep the air clean. Ask your office supply dealers about air cleaners.

Stagnant air can create eye problems, headaches and more.

* Personalize your workspace with pictures, plants and accessories in your favorite colors.

Personal touches can humanize a sometimes cramped, noisy and confusing workspace to create a sense of stability.

* Increase productivity.

Down time for doctor visits relating to back, eye and neck problems costs!

* Reduce fatigue and eye strain.

Short and long term disabilities can be costly and have permanent affects.

* Improve employee health,

morale and satisfaction.

Healthy, happy employees are productive employees. Workers compensation can be costly.

* No more NO's!

From the time we are five until the time we are 18 years old, we are told "no" - on average - some 148,000 times. As adults in the workplace, employees may be afraid to request ergonomic enhancements for fear of being told NO. Don't take NO for an answer! Your comfort affects your productivity and the bottom line!

We have a lot more control over the office environment than we think. But to make healthy changes workers must first develop an awareness of the way they use their bodies in the course of a work day. Management will be more inclined to invest in well designed equipment if it realizes how back pain (and other ailments) can affect productivity.

Become aware of your staff's bodies. Dare to dream your living workspace theme!

Susan C. Guild is an office furniture professional who is actively planting the seeds of awareness of the importance of wellness in the work environment. She initiated Concepts for the Living Workspace as a marketing, and sales approach incorporating an holistic look at the office. Dare to Dream is a tool to help managers and employees develop an understanding of the importance of comfort in the workplace relative to employee well-being and the bottom line!
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Title Annotation:tips to enhance the work environment
Author:Guild, Susan
Publication:Canadian Manager
Date:Sep 22, 1991
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