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Incoming VP adds advocacy plank to society mission statement.

Incoming VP Adds Advocacy Plank To Society Mission Statement

The Society's mission statement, which sets forth our goals and purposes and acts as our benchmark for the development of programs, has had four major planks: one relating to our responsibilities in securing and disseminating information, one on the support and stimulation of research, a third on providing aid to people with MS and a fourth on the need to conduct fundraising.

An important fifth plank has now been added:

"Develop and promote public policy to support individuals and families affected by multiple sclerosis."

This addition was initiated by Martha Keys, the Society's new vice president, Public Affairs and is a reflection of her strong commitment to advocacy and her knowledge of how policy changes occur.

Ms. Keys, a former Congresswoman from Kansas, brings a record of distinction to her new position. She served in the 94th and 95th Congresses, where she was a member of the Ways and Means Committee, Sub-committees on Health and Public Assistance and the Select Committee on Welfare Reform. She has also acted as special advisor to the Secretary of HEW and Assistant Secretary of Education in the Carter Administration.

As a Congresswoman, Ms. Keys worked successfully on several disability issues and later served as a member of the Presidential Commission (Greenspan) on Social Security Reform that resulted in important changes in the law in 1983.

We welcome her to the Society.
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Title Annotation:Martha Keys, vice president, National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Publication:Inside MS
Date:Jun 22, 1990
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