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Inclinometer takes on heavy-duty applications.

Variohm EuroSensor has expanded its range of inclinometers with the IS-120 single-axis tilt alert switch for tasks where inrange and out-of-range inclination or level position needs to be safely monitored.

The switch uses reed switch technology with SPST (Form A) action and is designed for vertical axis installation, operating a contact closure at < - [10.sup.0][??], with contact release at < + [10.sup.0][??].

Aimed at heavy duty applications, the fully sealed IS-120 has an IP65 rating and is built to withstand the high levels of shock and vibration found in off-road automotive or heavy industrial equipment - but it is also suited to lighter duty use. Applications include safe level position monitoring for truck bonnets, robot arms and storage vessel closures where its mercury-free construction suits contamination-safe installation.

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Title Annotation:Technology
Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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