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Incinerators play a big role in filthy air.

Incinerators play a big role in filthy air THE West Midlands is "losing the fight against filthy air" (Birmingham Mail, September 2) because the region has been ignoring the adverse impact of incinerator emissions on health and only sees traffic emissions.

Infant mortality rates are an indication of the health of a community and six of the ten councils with the highest infant mortality rates aggregated for the six years from 2009 to 2014, out of the 348 councils in England and Wales, are in the West Midlands.

Nine of the ten highest councils either have an incinerator or are adjacent to an incinerator and the tenth council adjoins a council with a major cement works.

In 2011, the former Health Protection Agency promised a study into a possible link between incinerators and infant mortality, but that study remains unpublished and also unreported in the West Midlands' media.

Michael Ryan, by email

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Sep 8, 2016
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