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Incidents from the past can come back to haunt people.

Kylie Smith was 14 when she became involved in a fight and ended up being convicted of assault.

She said she was with a friend when a girl she had known from primary school, who had been drinking cider and vodka from a bottle, started swinging the bottle at her.

Kylie (left) says she was forced to defend herself and ended up pushing her to the ground.

Three days later, she was arrested.

She denied kicking the girl but claimed police told her to admit the offence - which would mean a reprimand and being allowed home - or end up going to court.

Kylie admitted the kicking and was cautioned for assault. But four years later when she began working as a social care assistant, she found the police had retained information about the caution.

She got a job but a Criminal Records Bureau check meant her employment was terminated. She took the complaint to the Information Commissioner, who ordered the caution to be expunged. In another case, John Webb, 45, from Hull, who now runs a successful business and was in the Army for 20 years, applied for clearance to work with children and a minor conviction surfaced from West Midlands Police records dated 1978 when he was 16.

He admitted attempted theft and minor criminal damage of a fairground slot machine, relating to the use of metal discs cut to the size of 1p and 10p pieces. He was fined pounds 25.

"On receiving this CRB disclosure I felt surprise, shock, horror and disgust at my being portrayed as convicted of attempted theft and criminal damage," Mr Webb said.

"I had no idea that this incident would have come to light after such a long period of time.

"Although I accept what happened in the incident was wrong, I consider that by today's standards what I did would be considered more of a juvenile prank."

He added: "I think it is unfair that this information is retained and also that there is no relevance in keeping it."

"I had no idea that this incident would have come to light after such a long period of time John Webb


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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Nov 2, 2007
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