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Incidence of Salmonella in free ranging iguanid lizards of Southern California. (Abstracts).

Considerable study has been devoted to investigating the incidence of Salmonella in the gut of captive reptiles, however limited data are available for free ranging populations. This study investigated the frequency of Salmonella in cloacal samples drawn from five species of southern California iguanid lizards: Sceloporus occidentalis longipes, S. g. graciosus. S. o. orutti, S. magister uniformis, and Uta stansburiana. Sceloporus occidentalis was the principle species of investigation. In samples drawn from 96 specimens, 55% (N = 33) of females, and 41% of males (N = 63) tested Salmonella positive. No positive tests were found in cloacal swabs taken from S. graciosus (N = 20), nor U. stansburiana (N = 10). Salmonella was found in three of four specimens of S. orcutti.

When juvenile lizards are omitted from the frequency calculations for S. occidentalis, Salmonella presence was found to differ significantly different between the sexes (P<0.05). Further, Salmonella-infected female S. occidentalis longipes were found to be significantly larger in body mass (P<0.02), than non-infected females. Males appear to be larger as well, however the differences were only significant at the 0.10 probability level. Causality for the difference in body size is explored and is proposed as a topic for future study.
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Author:Burkhart, Jeffery; Fauntleroy, Ron; Spencer, Kelly
Publication:Bulletin (Southern California Academy of Sciences)
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1U9CA
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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