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Incentive Strategies for Defense Acquisitions Guide.

Incentives should exist in every business arrangement because they maximize value for all parties. DoD needs to adopt strategies that attract, motivate, and reward contractors to encourage successful performance. Using commercial practices will enhance DoD's ability to attract nontraditional contractors. This guide amplifies existing policy regarding use of incentives in defense acquisitions. It explores cost-based and non-cost-based incentive strategies. It clearly defines use of performance objectives or product functionality vs. detailed requirements to seek best value acquisitions. It answers these questions:


* Why are we concerned with contractual incentives?

* What elements contribute to an effective incentive strategy?

* How can we build and maintain an effective environment for a successful business relationship?

* How can we build the acquisition business case?

* How can we build an incentive strategy that maximizes value?


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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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