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Inca X Mobile launches iNowCU, home monitoring and surveillance with real-time alerts to mobile devices.

Low-cost, simple-to-install application turns home PC and webcam into remote surveillance system broadcasting alerts to most mobile devices

LONDON, UK, May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Inca X Mobile, developer of advanced mobile applications, today announced the launch of iNowCU (, an application that turns any personal computer with a webcam into an intelligent motion-detection and surveillance system that uses highly bandwidth-efficient peer-to-peer technology to broadcast real-time alerts and video footage to a wide variety of mobile devices. Available for a free five-day trial, users can purchase the full version of iNowCU for as little as US$20.

Once installed through a simple and user-friendly point-and-click interface, iNowCU monitors one or more locations with up to four webcams and broadcasts immediate alerts when movement is detected within the field of view. The alerts are delivered to a mobile device either as still images or video clips, and can also be emailed to a distribution list of choice. Users can also access the real-time camera feeds at any time from their mobile phones or another PC.

iNowCU has already been tested in over 50 countries and across all five continents. The application is compatible with most webcams and most mobile devices, including virtually every model from Windows Mobile, iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

"The key point to note with iNowCU is its simplicity, allowing even non-technical users to get up and running in no time at all," said Inca X Mobile founder Phil Bishop. "Couple this with the fact that it gives anyone the ability to turn their basic home computer setup into a remote surveillance system, and you have a compelling application available at quite a low cost."

A small download, iNowCU can be set to run in the background to provide real-time alerts. The system is easily configured and can be accessed and configured from both PC and mobile via an encrypted and password-protected connection. This allows the application to be adapted on the fly and for various situations.

"There is a huge range of possible applications for iNowCU, from people who would like to keep an eye on doors or windows while they're away for the weekend, to teenagers who want to make sure their siblings aren't sneaking into their rooms when they're at school," added Bishop. "People should simply try it and see how it could work for them."

iNowCU is available for a free trial download at: Full installation instructions are provided.
 Technical requirements

 - PC running Windows XP or Windows Vista 32bit
 - High-speed, always-on Internet connection such as ADSL broadband
 - One or more USB webcams
 - Virtually any mobile device, including Windows Mobile, iPhone, Nokia,
 Sony Ericsson and Motorola


 - Single webcam version: US$20
 - Multiple webcam version supporting up to four webcams: US$29

 About Inca X Mobile

Founded in 2003, Inca X Mobile is focused on the rapidly growing market for enterprise and consumer mobile applications built on Microsoft's .NET Framework and Compact Framework for Windows Mobile devices. IX-M is a new platform for Windows Mobile and .NET that simplifies the development of Internet-aware Windows Mobile client applications and can also reduce data-transfer requirements by up to 90%. Built on IX-M, the mobile home-monitoring application iNowCU is an example of the kinds of product that can be developed on the platform. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Media and analysts contact: Danny Sullivan, inmedia Public Relations, Tel (UK): +44 (0) 141 404 6478, Tel (US): +1 613 686 5657,; Leo Valiquette, inmedia Public Relations, Tel: +1 613 234 7227 ext 226,
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:May 28, 2008
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