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Inca's Death Cave.

Inca's Death Cave

Bradford Wheler


9780982253861 ebook price: $4.99, 394 pages

Inca's Death Cave is an unusually fun novel about modern archeology. Technology plays a huge role in archeology today and the novel is filled with technology. One of its key weaknesses is just a bit too much technology but the story does require the details to work.

Before I get into the real review about the ebook, I would like to point out that the formatting is specific for tablets. You will find a number of reviewers who might lambast the publisher for poor formatting but this isn't the case. The ebook uses many photos that won't translate well to an ereader so formatting the text specifically for tablet reading does make sense. Those using an ereader will lose a bit with the graphics and will have to adjust the font size because this is a function required to adjust a tablet formatted ebook to an ereader. As with all books produced by small presses there are a few minor editing errors but they are easily forgivable. Many books produced by the major publishers have more editing problems.

Cornell professor Robert Johnson and his PhD student Abby are hired by a multi-billionaire tech industry entrepreneur to follow the archeological clues he stumble across about a 500 year old Inca group rebelling against the Spanish control of their land. Archeology is the billionaire's hobby and the archeological expedition is a perfect way for him to test out his newest technologies.

The story has no real surprises. It is a tale about the field problems that archeologists have working in third world countries and navigating around criminals, local/international corruption and the problems of trying to pull together scattered clues from multiple sources to find ancient artifacts and what happened in the past. What is surprising is how well this story translates into a well-rounded and enjoyable novel that is well worth the price. It is an easy recommendation for those who like history and technology. It is also a solid light adventure read for someone wanting a book to relax with. The one thing that needs to be remembered is that the book is formatted for tablet reading. The book should still be a fun read on an ereader but to fully appreciate it a tablet would be preferable.

S.A. Gorden, Reviewer

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Author:Gorden, S.A.
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2015
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